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Found 8 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Like/Dislike reputation system Suggestion Description: Every player may estimate another player by changing their reputation by 1, but only once, with a possibility to change the decision in the future. So a player's reputation is the number of players liked them - the number of players who disliked him. It should work the same way as on YouTube with videos. The reputation shouldn't be updated real-time so that players couldn't know who and how estimated them, but in several hours or a day they could see what the community thinks about their behavior on the road. There must not be negative consequences for players because of their reputation. This system must be a carrot, not a stick. The reputation score should be displayed very shortly in the TAB menu and every player should see their own score right after connecting to the server. The one who first of all should see the score is its owner. Any example images: Why should it be added?: There is a stick represented by the ban system which punishes players for bad behavior. But there is not a carrot yet. Players lack the motivation to drive carefully, to drive beautifully. They install many different parts on their cars to show off, they speed among other drivers to show off. They mostly don't even realize if the other drivers feel uncomfortable with them nearby. But the reputation system could help them to get what behavior on the road leads to real respect by the community. Players could show how good they are as drivers. Not mere words but real numbers would indicate it. And it does not really matter if they ask their friends or VTC members to increase reputation. Even so, they would care to not lose it.
  2. Funox


    How can you get reputation? This may sound stupid, but I really don’t know. I got 1 reputation and I have no idea how I got it.
  3. Hi, I'm new in this Forum, but I am used to TruckersMP website in general. One day i wanted to became a translator but i couldn't because i had no forum activity, so I'm starting to use it. I wanted to know how the reputation system works here, now mine is " What is a Truck?". Thanks for your help .
  4. Hello, I'm active on several forums, with every forum a other system for reputation. My question is: How does the system work on this forum? And how do I get it higher? Thanks for any replies!
  5. Hey, I just recently joined the forums and I am excited to be here. I saw that many veterans etc. replied to my posts and I was wondering when I looked at their profiles, they have this +16 community reputation. I was wondering how you can get this or something like that. I know how the truck cargo works but about this community rep. I am not sure of. Could you guys tell me how it works. Thanks
  6. Hi people, I'm new here and I've seen many veterans who have a good reputation in the forum with posts and comments. I would like to know how I could have more knowledge about the forum, how to make good posts and others, like take a tour . Thank you
  7. Guest

    How Can I Get Reputation

    Guys How Can İ Get reputation Points Really Want To Know...
  8. I have joined TruckersMP forum and i need to get use to the enviroment. Doesnt anyone know,why my Cargos are zero? Does it start counting,since now after i created a account in the forum?
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