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Found 4 results

  1. Yes guys, We have an issue or good news (both can be) that DOUBLE TRAILERs I think its going to be hard for most drivers. We have lots of reckless drivers with 1 trailer, so what about the second trailer? Are we going to see more crashes? at the corners, turns, while overtaking... We have to be more carefull about that. Long trailers need more patient! Think about Duisburg-Calais road.
  2. Have I lost my mind? Have I gone crazy? No. I am a new user. All I want, is to be able to drive around people who exercise common logic. The other day I overtook a truck without trailer (I did it by the book) but the guy rammed me a bit later for no apparent reason. I ended up repairing my truck, trashing the cargo, and gaining neither experience points nor money... I guess the guy who rammed me thought the server belonged to him... (His name tag was this: ??????) I don't want to commit resources to continuously record video. I'm tired of children and/or trolls who use this service in order to spend their worthless (and waste our precious) time. Please consider turning this into a payed service so that we will be able to keep unwanted people out. Think of it as a nightclub that has a doorman who keeps problem-makers out. I'm talking about a symbolic payment, say, 1 euro every month, through PayPal. I believe that anyone who owns a gaming PC and games, but says they can't pay 1 euro a month, is a liar. A PayPal payment will ensure both anonymity for the user and the ability for the server admins to ban idiots for good... Please, please make it a payed service.
  3. Guest

    Duisburg Repair shop

    So today I was in Duisburg and located at the repair shop there. As usual as we all know there was a massive pileup and people where asking for admins to respond there and report this and that and all but here is the thing and it really comes down to being " STUPID " When we are at a repair shop or any place of that nature the entrance is limited with space. So we know the " NON COLLISION " zone is a safe place to be stationary. However once you cross that hump it is game on. Why do these people fight like hell to get out onto the roadway. The only thing they are doing is showing how dumb they drive. Take your time, be patient and respect those who cant respect what is around them. Yes we might be a little late getting out but chances are you will go speeding down the road anyways. When leaving a repair shop make sure you are no close to someone as we all know if you are what the end result will be. My suggestion for those who do not have a lot of money. When you get to the repair shop hit your quick save button. ( 1 ) Options ( 2 ) Keyboard and Buttons ( 3 ) Scroll down until you see where it says quick save and also quick load. Set whatever key you want as a quick save and also as a quick load key. Doing this will help you when you do not have money to repair your truck or just starting off in the game. This option has saved me multiple times right before a wreck or something that I know was going to cost me some money. I hope this advise will help you in your career on ETS2 and good day to those who read this
  4. I have played MP for two days and about 3 hours play time and already got banned. I am really disappointed by the admins, what i really did was to complain to a god damn maniac that probably drove over 120km/h (i drove 80km/h) and drove straight up on my trailer got 82% damge on the trailer and 34% damge on my truck. I think this is really unfair, for us drivers that actually trying hard to follow the law and be nice to others drivers we are the one that get kicked in the ass. and also there should be an 90km/h speed limiter on every server unless its a (drive how the f*ck you want server) that almost every driver in MP drives like that.
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