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Found 2 results

  1. When I drive through the C-D I get to see on occasion that certain players believe that TMP is an NFS but with trucks, and therefore when someone goes slower that he, believes he has every right to surpass him and sometimes they do it in the worst possible ways as for the right-by-grass or where it is should but almost throw the truck on top of the other one that goes well and sees how it is thrown and by avoiding an impact spins and ends up crashing into the defenses or grass , gentlemen we should be aware that not all players will walk to the allowed max or making runs and are within their rights, if you like to go to the max, ok it is your right but you must respect others please, you have to remember that this is an MP and there are other players who do it their way and without running; What if time or have suffered for this action and be clear, do not hesitate, report to the player who is acting as "Troll". comments if you've seen or been affected by this kind of actions so well known and so infamous that they are those of: "Bad Overtaking" or "Reckless driving".
  2. I have played MP for two days and about 3 hours play time and already got banned. I am really disappointed by the admins, what i really did was to complain to a god damn maniac that probably drove over 120km/h (i drove 80km/h) and drove straight up on my trailer got 82% damge on the trailer and 34% damge on my truck. I think this is really unfair, for us drivers that actually trying hard to follow the law and be nice to others drivers we are the one that get kicked in the ass. and also there should be an 90km/h speed limiter on every server unless its a (drive how the f*ck you want server) that almost every driver in MP drives like that.
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