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Found 3 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Turn off random events by default Suggestion Description:By default, random events are turned off to ensure safe driving, and players can manually turn them on. Any example images: https://prnt.sc/mje5a1 Why should it be added?:Sometimes random events are turned on by default when using new archives or when using single-player archives. It is easy to create a collision after forgetting to turn off the random event and being turned on. For example, random events are very dangerous when driving on a Calais trail or in other player-intensive areas. You may collide with other players because of the avoidance event. All random events should be turned off by default and can be manually opened when the player wants to open.
  2. Ptterz

    Random events

    Hey, does everyone see the same random events along the road or are those only visible to each player when playing multiplayer?
  3. [GA] Luther

    Random events in ETS2 and ATS

    Will the new update coming up random events will be synchronized to the players as it is done with the traffic lights or will it be like the rain, out of sync?