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Found 3 results

  1. Hello TruckersMP. I am here today to present to you an online radio station that I happen to own, UpBeat. UpBeat is a "universal" online radio station aimed towards the teenage+ audience. We have been open for well over a year; to be exact, the 21st of December will be our 20th month of operation. Ever since we first opened, our main goal has always been to provide non-stop entertainment around the clock for you to sit back and enjoy, or in this case, drive to. So far, we've done quite alright at keeping to such an ambitious objective. We're now reaching audiences of 1,100+ per day! Of-course none of this would have been possible without our current and previous members of UpBeat staff, some truly talented people. Personally, (and I may be a bit biased) I think that the UpBeat community is absolutely amazing, but currently a large proportion of our users are from one place... That's why we're aiming to get the word around a little more and potentially expand even further. You can get involved with UpBeat in a variety of ways! - Tune in to the fantastic radio entertainment we have to offer. - Take a read of our daily news articles. - Join the discussion on the UpBeat Forums. And of-course, if you're interested in joining UpBeat - you can take a look at our open job applications. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you around! - Jack & The UpBeat Team UpBeatRadio.net
  2. Guest

    Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you for taking the time to read this posting that I have created. Now ever since this recent Heavy Cargo Pack DLC came out I have seen some amazing stuff happen on Euro Truck Simulator 2 server #2. Over the last few days I have seen some drivers slow down for me, actually stop at the red lights as I pass through or allow me room to pass and other kindness gestures while trucking down the roadway. This is what I like to see. we all know we are going to have some people on here who just do not care about those who are trying to play this game legit and will ram us every time they get the chance. However to those drivers over the last few days who have slowed down for me or allowed me to pass safely I would like to stay " Thank you for showing respect " and it means alot. Example a few days ago I had just turned onto the entrance ramp to get onto the interstate and I was hauling one of the heavy cargo trailers. If I remember correctly it was like a metal container. Anyways I was struggling to get up the hill and all. I noticed a truck coming down the interstate and what he did stunned me. This player has came to a stop on the side of the interstate long enough to allow me to get on the interstate and then slowly gain speed. What he did right there was pure respect. Did he have to slow down no but out of kindness he did. He saw I was struggling to get up the hill and up to speed but once all was well he passed me. Over the last few days I have seen a lot of kindness going around the map and I would like to say to anyone who is that type of driver " Thank you for showing respect and actually driving normally. You have my respect and I hope to see you again sometime on the game " TEXAS TRANSPORTS LLC FIREFIGHTER3861
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