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Found 2 results

  1. So this year have you been naughty or nice? Whether you have or haven't, what is your most ultimate Christmas gift you could receive this year? Just a little bit of Christmas fun... Be bold, be clever, be greedy.. No matter what, write your ultimate Christmas gift. Will Santa bring you your wishes this year????
  2. Hello everyone! So 1.35 has been out in beta for a bit of time now, and I thought I would take the opportunity to speak about this update, as well as previous updates and updates in the future! Update 1.33 saw a lot of exciting new features, some including many more trailers and configurations such as buyable HCT's, flatbeds, brick trailers, etc. As well as two new ports to link us between the base map and Scandinavia! And not forgetting something which is small but I really looked forwards to... Rain drops behaviour on glass improvement, I know that is a small change but in my eyes, it made the first person view much more realistic! Not longer after, we saw the release of 1.34, which may have been a smaller update, but definitely one that excited a lot of people! The release of a shiny new truck: MAN TGX Euro 6. I have personally loved this truck since it got released! And now we are in the 1.35 beta time, with many exciting updates such as the Germany rework - part 2, fresh new roads in France, more special transport routes, wiper improvements, external market, more trailer configurations including the new DAF trailer (seen below), and lets not forget... SARDINIA ISLAND! I personally love all this new scenic roads in Sardinia, SCS Software have really gone all out with detail and the results are simply breath-taking! So this moves me on to your views and opinions... Firstly, what do you all think about the 1.35 update, have you been testing it out in SP? I really love the new additions and reworks in 1.35 and I truly hope the full version is released and supported by TMP very soon! And secondly, what would you all desperately love to see in future updates? I personally would like to see reworks done in other parts of the base map such as the UK and maybe even bring Northern Ireland and Ireland into the game, as well as maybe smaller updates such as the ability to make your windows go up and down in cab view, this would just add that extra bit of realism into the already awesome game! Thanks for taking your time to read this! Callum P.s. Poor quality photo... I know... I am bad at media
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