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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I am not new to ETS2 Or truckersMP that much, however this is my first forum post. I wanted to see what trucks people recommend, the best ones, or ones that people use. I also know by experience to avoid calais and duisburg on highly populated areas, however, what are some other areas that possibly should be avoided when high population is present? Thanks In Advance, Looking for tips & Opinions and getting to know you all. Poetic
  2. Hi everybody! I have a question for you guys what do you think is the most fun in this game and especially in TruckersMP to do? AI. Cruise with your friend from england to Italy or begin a convoy of friends?
  3. Hi, my name is Ollie, I am a player of TruckersMP and I love it, Until I see one thing in my mirror. SKODAS! They are always used to block/grief and just in general irritate, even VTC's are now just using trucks as Convoy Control vehicles. The Skodas have such a negative reputation in the TruckersMP community, but I want to hear what you think. Here is a post which I made in the TruckersMP Discord: No one enforces the Skodas being banned on C-D, they come under useless traffic. Why is it I was speaking to some players and an Admin said, a truck without a trailer is useless traffic on C-D, and so are Skodas, so why isn't in enforced, we don't need the stupid things, all they do is cause drivers who are trying to acctually drive trucks, on a trucking game get rammed and overtaken by Skodas causing crashes, I think they should be banned personally. PLEASE VOTE ON THE STRAWPOLL LINK BELOW WITH WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THE SKODAS, I THINK IT NEEDS TO BE SORTED AS IT IS JUST BECOME RIDICULOUS NOW. Vote Here: I HAVE REMOVED THE POLL. PLEASE READ MOST RECENT COMMENT. THANK YOU. Thank you for reading, Ollie - Events Manager for Tango Transport VTC.
  4. Just wanted your thoughts on the Renault Magnum, any comments regarding its looks, driving etc.
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