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Found 2 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Personal server for friends! Suggestion Description: (en&ru) I propose to create personal servers for my friends. Server features: - to turn on and off collision - passenger car - police car - car traffic (uploaded to the creators of the server) - enable speed limits - select the number of people from 10 to 50 (for convoys) Предлагаю добавить создание личных серверов для друзей. Возможности сервера: - включать и выключать коллизию - легковые автомобили - полицейские автомобили - автомобильный трафик (прогружается на создатели сервера) - включение ограничений в скорости - выбор количества человек от 10 до 50 (для конвоев) Example images: Why should it be added?: It is a long time ago everyone wants to drive with traffic and friends, such a small cooperative mode.
  2. TnTDavila

    mod new map

    Suggestion Name: mod new map Before I begin I would like to thank you for your dedication and participation for non-profit that you offer at TruckersMP. As the title says: mod new map. Suggestion Description: I would like you to add the unofficial mod from Spain, we are many users from this same country and we are anxious to be able to officially collect our land in TruckersMP, just as we like to visit other cities in Europe. I think that not only Spanish users would like the idea of being able to drive their truck or add in their routes to Spain. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Pride the users of this country and other countries, many yearn to play on Spanish roads. Thanks for the inconvenience of reviewing my suggestion and I hope it is useful for the evolution of TruckersMP. PD: I would like all users who see the suggestion, contribute with their grain of sand with your opinion about it. Against more we are better, then apart, it is a collective use that affects all Atte: tntdavila
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