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Found 11 results

  1. What do most people use to steering on ETS2 or ATS. I use a joystick, but thinking of going back to mouse control.
  2. Hello, After launching ETS2 with Truckersmp my mouse stops moving/the game freezes in the login-screen. I've already reinstalled ETS and TruckersMP, it didn't solve the problem. Thanks in advance, seadoggo.
  3. Malden86


    Good evening Yesterday I installed the new Plays.tv app (Beta). It works well and in my case better than the previous version. The problem that I noticed is that when it is recording in the background, I am not able to use the mouse (activate it via "right click" ) after I press "Tab", in order to go to the Options or report someone. As soon as I disable the Plays.tv, I can use the mouse as usual. Does anyone knows how to solve this in case the found a similar case in the past? Is it a problem from Plays.tv app and therefore has nothing to do with TruckersMP? Is this a bug that shall be reported to TruckersMP so that they can look into it and improve? Many thanks ---------------------------------- Just to clarify: - I had the previous version of Plays.tv and never had this problem. This is in relation to the NEW Plays Beta app. - The mouse works during the game. It is JUST when I press TAB to see the players list/menu, that I can not get the mouse to show up so I can go to the options/report someone. Therefore, I suspect the problem is only in regards to TruckersMP, as ETS2 shows the mouse. - I have changed the keys before, but this is not related to that in my opinion. It is just when I need to activate the mouse (right click) to be able to use it with the players list/menu from TruckersMP.
  4. Hi everyone, When i press a key to write in chat, the letter is written but also function of key in game runs. Example, if i press m in chat,m writes also map editor opens. To sum, chat doesnt stop keys in gameplay. Moreover, when i want to use tab player list, i click mouse right, yellow pointer appears, but pointer doesnt move, camera turns. A hidden pointer(nothing seen) selects players in list sometimes. I am confronting this problem for last several updates of tmp (i dont remember, not ets 2 versions, tmp versions)
  5. MOUSE DOES NOT WORK IN MULTIPLAYER If i start the multiplayer launcher, the game opens directly and I can not select the server. So I am right on the menu and the next problem is that I can not move my mouse. I have tried everything possible and ask for help thanks for suggestions !
  6. help! i start ets2 mp game but i cant move my mouse when started at all
  7. When I press 'TAB' my mouse doesn't come up and when I move it, it's just like if I was moving the Persons view around(to see left or right). How do I overcome this issue?
  8. Hey I download and install the TruckersMP BUT when i start the game with the multiplayers mod i click on launch ETS 2 and after black screen with the sound of the classic ETS 2 and after i can check and choose my save BUT my mouse doesn't work ! I think before normaly i have the list of server and choose one but i don't have this window. I need your help please ! Ps : I've only one DLC it's going to East Bye Zetla
  9. Hi, when starting MP ETS2 - log In works OK - Profile screen appears. Mouse Pointer is shown - mouse will no more be dedected, hence no use of mouse possible after logging on. ETS2 1.17.1 incl DLC East & Scandinavia no further maps & mods enabled
  10. Hi ! When the new update was released and installed I got a problem with my steer and mouse that when I turn my wheel to the left the mouse is also going left ? And before it wasn't doing this? I can't find a option to solve it. Does somebody know how to solve it? Thanks ThaJeroen
  11. Hi Mod Version: Version 0.1.2 R2 Controllers Used: 360 pad Description of Issue: The mouse works when I launch the mod so I can click on "play" but just after login, it doesn't respond anymore. I seems to work properly on single player. Restarting Steam fix the problem. How to reproduce: I don't know. Seems random. I do nothing special.
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