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Found 10 results

  1. When we play ETS2 MP (or normal) we see a number of things when taking a shipment, of which there are always 2 relevant: money and skills to occupy, Some prefer the money over the skills that delivery requires to make it perfectly.... or the other way around; And you? ... Which of the above points you are looking for when making a delivery??.. or do you see other aspects? Don't forget to comment below.....and happy trucking
  2. So Its nearly 2k20 and that means that its nearly been a year since I actually played the game and once I do open my ets2 is THAT MY ACCCOUNT WITH ALL MY XP AND MONEY THAT I GRINDED FOR IS GONE so I was just wondering maybe i can get a modded account and play on that instead or maybe there is a way i can get my old account back (I reset my windows recently so no old files are left)
  3. Hi Everyone, I started to play ETS2 MP again, but I don't understand one thing. Last time when I played with it, I could make a lot of money with caravans, but now I can only make a few Euros per job. Was there an update, or something is wrong on my side? Thank you for every answer, Patrik
  4. Hi, I just wanted to ask if its possible to together in American Truck Simulator, what I mean is having the same job and driving to the same destination. Its always a hassle to search a job that everyone has.
  5. Rumak


  6. Pszepraszam ale czy mógł bym odkupić albo oddbanować mojego permban ??? ProSze !!
  7. Hello guys. I decided to "cheat" money because I am very nervous of the players which are "trolling" and after every delivery i must go to visit the service to fix my truck. So i was reading the topics which contains a cheat engine but no one helped me to cheat money. Also i watched a videos on youtube but also no one helped me ( all videos are made on single player ). If someone have "cheated money" would you help me with this. I have Cheat Engine 6.5 version.
  8. Hello, I just recently started playing ETS2MP. I love it. I am well experienced with ETS2SP and I decided to use my pre existing account to play on ETS2MP. However, everytime I enter a city somebody gives me ~€60 million. I keep going back to an old save everytime I start playing a gain but this is really annoying and defeats the point of trying to level up. Is there anyway to stop this from happening? Thanks!
  9. Mod Version: Alpha.Controllers Used: XBOX 360 controller for windows + Keyboard.Description of Issue: Switching between ets2 multiplayer and singleplayer caused the other A.I drivers I hired to continue to play and earned me a lot of money. check the images attached for more information. You can see that AI drivers all have a rating of 10.0 when I have a rating of only 5.8. . How to reproduce: Start multiplayer using the launcher_ets2mp.exe file and later quit and play singleplayer from steam app.Screenshots / Videos:
  10. Just added multiplayer and following to instruction to sleep or F7 to get back the jobs in the job market, i did it and i gained $3.6 mil in the space of the games sleeping time and my other crew guy has a 10.0 ranking from 1.7.
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