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Found 2 results

  1. Communicating can be very hard in this game because its hard to understand who is doing what and language barriers do not help. This can be a big issues in pile-ups and traffic jams. I am suggesting that series small icons can be used to send short common messages to tell people what you are doing, these messages would be : -I Have High Ping / Poor connection, -I Have High Truck Damage or Cannot start my engine. -I am waiting for my Air Pressure to increase, -I am waiting for a friend / Convoy -I am allowing you or waiting for someone to overtake me. Some of these icons will automatically appear as an explanation to other drivers telling them why you are not moving. So instead of your messages getting lost in a sea of spam or your voice being drowned by horns and angry payers these simple icons will do the talking for you! The activation of the icons should be a single easy to reach key with 2 quick key-binds for your most used icons, for example if you are used to running low on air or breaking down whilst moving these icons need to be activated quickly so you can set these to a key you want. I'm sorry about the bad visuals it was done on PowerPoint xD
  2. I see many people saying they can't move & asking for help, well i'm here to save your day If you press your brake at the same time as opening game chat they will stay locked on until you repress the brake My brakes aren't on, i still can't move!!! Well look at your truck dashboard display, do you have a similar icon or two icons lit up If so, put the truck in Neutral ( N on the display & the in game GPS ) & floor it, you should see some kind of air pressure display going up. Note some trucks have a gauge instead of a display When the light goes out, you can move again, however i recommend you build it all the way up otherwise you will be stuck again as trucks won't move with low pressure!! Trucks with gauge are Mercedes, Renault, MAN, Volvo ( Classic ) & DAF XF105 Trucks with digital display are Volvo ( New ), DAF XF ( New ), Scania ( All of them ). I'm not sure about Iveco
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