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Found 6 results

  1. ...to review/finish a complaint report with proper video evidence? like are there any statistics somewhere?
  2. How long does it take to be judged an appeal ban? I'd like to know how long it takes to judge.
  3. Hello! I was wondering, i have tried to find an answer, but without luck. Is there a reference to how long after a trip with a recording, a report should be issued on the websitepanel? Eg. i take a trip today, see and record an infraction, and i dont get a report sent until in a month, will the report then be dropped on the floor, due to the time passed until, i actually make the report? Or will it be handled, as any report ever? If so, does it matter how long it takes, for this to happen? Its just a question i thought about. I normally myself, try to make the reports as quick as possible, after ive filmed something/someone. But sometimes i take multiple days until i get time enough, to do it. And then i just though, if someone took really long, or forgot a part of a clip in the chaos
  4. Hello! When I start the game(multiplayer) I get a window with options(directx,opengl, etc), I choose, click "start", the picker hangs the window disappears, it takes several minutes and runs the game itself.
  5. Server Space! This is a big issue! I really do not understand why the server space is either too high or way too low. I think that having the server space at 3000 is a better idea. This will allow people to join without having to reload the game each time the server denies connection due to space. I just think that 2000 is way to low for EU#1. Sorry to sound pushy but I was waiting a whole hour the other day before there was room. This is ridiculous. -Lucas -Thanks - Dzieki
  6. Hello. I have 6 levels of long-distance freight, but all I see is 500 km transports. I need a longer ride as well!
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