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Found 18 results

  1. I'm Brazilian and I'm fascinated by American trucks. I follow several YouTube channel of truck drivers from america I have observed in many videos and actual images of the American trucks the enormous amount of external lights in the cabin and in the trailer of the truck It would be very interesting a dlc of extra lights for cabins and would really be very interesting with the new update of trailers themselves have option to add lights to trailer
  2. Sun Light

    New Trailers Lights

    I haven't seen any thread on the subject so i'm gonna post it : Suggestion Name: Add the light dots on the new trailer's lights Suggestion Description: SCS has added new trailers over the past years, first with the Schwarzmuller DLC and now with the krone/goodyear event. while looking at the last added in game, it raised the problem that, in multiplayer, the lights are not visible. Unlike the old trailers, the new don't have red and orange light dots visible at any distance. the shwarzmuller cutrain trailer lack only for the night light (blinkers and stop lights do have the light dot, and thus it's not that bad), but the new krone/goodyear trailer doesn't have any. and that's a problem because it is not visible at night unless you squint hard, and are completely impossible to see with other trucks' head lights. My suggestion is then to had a few of those dotty boys on the new trailers to allow them to be visible like they should. Any example images: better, i got GIFS In all of the following gifs, all lights except for stop lights are on (blinkers, rearing and night light). ▼"Classic" trailer (perfect) ▼Schwarzmuller trailer (it's fine but having the night lights would be nice when blinkers and rearing are off) ▼Krone/goodyear trailer (litterally nothing) note that these gifs were taken in single player but they appear exaclty the same on other trucks in multiplayer. Why should it be added?: For security reasons. simple as that, not being able to see what the truck infront ahead is up to is dangerous.
  3. Merhabalar , Yeni gelen güncelleme ile tır'ınızda renkli ışıklar veya ışık üstüne ışık eklemek yasaklandı biliyorsunuz.Bu sebepten dolayı permament ban yedim ve nasıl cezayı düşürebilirim diyenler için bir rehber niteliğinde. Öncelikle steam'dan Euro Truck Simulator 2 oyunumuzu başlatıyoruz. Eğer birden fazla saveniz [Profil] iniz var ise ban yediğiniz tırın olduğu profili seçiniz. Oyuna giriş yaptıktan sonra f7+enter yaparak en yakın servise gidiyoruz. Bir önceki fotoğraftı gösterdiğim ışık veya aydınlatmalardan 1 ' ini kaldırıyoruz.[Üst üste olan hepsinden 1 tane kaldırmalısınız] Kaldırdıktan sonra parçacıdan çıkış yapıp tırımızı park yerine çekiyoruz. Park yerinde iken tırımızın kapsamlı fotoğraf / fotoğraflarını çekiyoruz ve bir yere kaydediyoruz. Kaydettiğimiz fotoğrafları lightshot araclığı ile internete yüklüyoruz. Yüklediğimiz fotoğraf linkini kaydediyor ve www.truckersmp.com adresine giriyoruz. Girdikten sonra ban itirazı/temyizi kısmına geliyoruz. Tırımızı değiştirdiğimizi ve aşağıdaki linkte kanıtımız olduğunu belirtiyoruz. Unutmayın ; §2.11 - Yasaklar neye göre veriliyor ? İlk 3 yasağınız oyun moderatörüne bağlıdır. 4. banınızda 1 ay. 5. banınızda ise 3 ay. 6.ban kalıcıdır ve geri dönüşü yoktur. Önceki banınız 12 ay ' dan önce geçerli olmuş ise sarı/soğuma cezası olarak kabul edilir.
  4. Olizandrey

    Interface and lights.

    2 IDEAS. 1st idea: A "Nearby players" interface, which didn't take up that much space. Something more elegant, or even a build-in screen, into the cabin, showing around 5 closest players. Would look and work like the nagivation screen in the dashboard. I would also love to know how fast other players are driving. It's a simple number, showing "60 m/h" for instance. Makes it easier to drive in convoys, and you can watch out for someone coming up behind you with max speed. Could be really helpful, and sounds easy to implement. 2nd idea / thought: Is there a particular reason to why the roof orange warning lights are a big mass of steady light, until you're very close? And why do they flash so wild? I would love an improvement on the range, where you could see the rotating lights flashing, as far as when you can see the truck. That's just a few of my ideas, but thank you for reading.
  5. SuperMouse

    X2 Speed during Night

    Suggestion Name: X2 Speed during Night Suggestion Description: During the night from 7PM to 7AM the speed should be at X2 si that less time in game is night driving Any example images: No Why should it be added?: At the moment there is a 50% chance when you join it will be dark and drive in the dark. Most people prefer driving in the day when they can see. If they implemented a system where from 8 o'clock the speed of time was twice as fast until 7 AM then more time will be in the day, making the game more enjoyable. I think it would work as journeys normally give a long period of time to deliver anyway as well as when you sleep the time doesn't change so you'll still have time to deliver your cargo.
  6. grundi2601

    Is this allowed save editing?

    Hey, I've simple question: Is it alowwed to drive with the Scania Mod (Blue/Green headlights)? http://prntscr.com/j4bjqd I'm not shure because of recent save editing rule changes... ~grundi
  7. Protax

    New blinking lights and beacons?

    First and foremost, I want to apologize if this is in the wrongful section. I had issues deciding weather or not this was a "general discussions" matter or a "help" matter. If this is wrongfully posted where it should not belong, I'll be more than fine with a staff member moving it to a diffrent section. Never the less. A couple days ago, my friend sent me a snapchat video from ingame where he was operating a MAN. On his truck, he had put flashing/blinking lights on his door by his doorhandle. And he also had a new beacon. I asked him if this was something he had bought in terms of DLC or not, but he denided and told me this was a new update on both SP and MP. After purchasing the truck, I could simply not seem to find anything simmilar in the repair shop. So I decided to reach out to the community. I've been inactive for some months and I'm just getting back at truckin'. I just can't seem to find any updates about it (At truckersmp and SCS's website). I found the lights to be pretty awesome and I'd love to add them to my rig. Edit: It was something simmilar to this by his grill: https://youtu.be/ZvvTLW-8hyo?t=1m2s Any help in this matter is highly appreciated. Best regards, Protax
  8. Surely it has happened to you that someone damages you so much the truck that it takes to start, this happens during the night, in the game if you do not wear the lights set at night they take you off the server in fifteen seconds. This is solved, stopping in a seuro place that does not bother anyone, and try to start it. Once you start, all done, enjoy the trip.
  9. Suggestion Name: Addons of "Special Transport"-DLC at TruckersMP Suggestion Description: Lights, beacons and more Any example images: NO Why should it be added?: I know it will be a pretty hard task to port the "Special Transport" DLC to TruckersMP...and I understand this issue after playing the DLC for a couple of hours. But what if the DEVS only port the addons such as; beacons, blinking grill-LEDS, beacon-bars and the "Special Transport"-skin to TruckersMP? This would be a great thing to start with, without downgrading the vanilla-game to enter TruckersMP. Any other suggestions or thoughts? Regards, Joey [aka Team NLD Gaming]
  10. SgtBreadStick

    Light Rule For Winter Mod

    Suggestion Name: Light Rule Change For Winter Mod Suggestion Description: Change the light rule from 19:00-7:00 to 15:30-8:30 something like that. Everyone follows this rule even without Winter Mod. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Because of it getting dark earlier for those with Winter Mod basically a temporary change to the light rule until Winter Mod is removed and the old rule is back simple.
  11. Suggestion Name: Add a reflector which reflect rear lights at the interior Suggestion Description:In multiplayer,trucks which is in our back light our interior at 1st camera.It looks unrealistic.Mp team can add a face to reflector the light which comes from back.I think if you add that face to CB radio model, it fits every truck easily. Any example images: None Why should it be added?:It has been mentioned at the suggestion description.
  12. CaptainKostaZ

    Car Lighting

    Suggestion Name: Xenon Car LightingSuggestion Description: I suggest adding Xenon Lighting on cars.Any example images: Nope.Why should it be added? Because it would be more cool for eyes to see xenon lighting.
  13. Spectuume

    Problem z oświetleniem ulicznym

    Witam, Mój problem dotyczy braku działania oświetlenia ulicznego w grze. Nie jest to bezpośrednio związane z MP więc zamieszczam pytanie tutaj. Mój komputer nie posiada najlepszych specyfikacji, więc chciałbym się dowiedzieć jakie ustawienie wpływa na działanie w/w elementu. Pozdrawiam
  14. tiddles

    Custom Lights not working

    I have added some custom lights to my truck. When I go to the option screen I cannot see a setting to get them to work. Can I configure them so they come on separate to the truck lights or do they not work, and are just for show? I have attached a screenshot to show them. It is the two on the bull bars, and the ones across the roof on the light bar. Thank you
  15. aaaMArtin

    Temporary flashing yellow lights

    Suggestion Name: Add temporary flashing yellow lights at all traffic lights. Suggestion Description: Currently there are tons of accidents happening due to the unsynced traffic lights. I know you are working on fixing it, my suggestion is simply to make all traffic lights flash yellow in the meantime. This way people (at least some more) will follow the signs instead, yielding at appropriate times. I'm not sure if this would be equally hard to do as to fix the current situation, because if that's the case, then you can simply ignore this suggestion. Any example images: Kind of speaks for it self. Why should it be added?: To avoid accidents in busy intersections, and make drivers more cautious. Thanks for reading
  16. Suggestion Name: Traffic Lights to Amsterdam Highway and Europort Suggestion Description: We have really great traffic and crash rate at Amsterdam and Europort when more than 1500 players online and it's been a necessity these days. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Atleast it would reduce crash amount. And this mod wouldn't take much amount of bytes and could be distrubuted in ets2mp installer package. That would be great if implemented. Thanks for reading, I hope this suggestion would be accepted and could be implemented.
  17. aaaMArtin

    Traffic lights not synced?

    Hey guys! I have been playing with a buddy of mine, and our trafficlights are no longer synced! Anyone else noticing this? Also, they appear to be faster, as in the original game. Nonetheless, the update is great, but this has caused several accidents, and people are blaming eachother! Greetings!
  18. aaaMArtin

    Headlights from other trucks

    Mod Version: Version R3 Controllers Used: Xbox 360-controller Description of Issue: I can no longer see the headlights of other trucks in multiplayer, and as in headlights, I mean the light reflection on the roadsurface. I know this feature was introduced in version, but it seems to have been removed or it is simply a bug. Basically, this makes trucks much harder to spot during night driving, especially around bends and such, so I was hoping to see it return, as it was a great addition. How to reproduce: Drive around at night in multiplayer, and you will only see their lightsource, not the reflection on the road. Screenshots / Videos: Taken from your facebookpage where you announce this exact feature. Basically, how it is not at the moment. Thanks!