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Found 35 results

  1. hello just came to me for the first time this error i will be glad someone has a solution to this problem
  2. Здравствуйте. Решил я сегодня зайти поиграть. Все было нормально, но после 30 секунд как я зашел на сервер меня кикает за ненадежное соединение. Что могло повлиять на это? Не уж то это антивирус? Скриншот кика Антивирус стоит Bitdefender. Может он блокирует трафик на сервера TruckersMP? Помогите пожалуйста
  3. Hello, so I've decided to reinstall truckers mp after I've upgraded my PC and when I enter the server Simulation 1 I get kicked after about 5 or 10 minutes. It says something about unreliable connection. Is there any fix or should I just wait for another update? Edit: Now I've change to the other Simulation server and the connection constantly breaks when I arrive in a city.
  4. Hi, Me and my Friend have made a Triple Trailer, which is collection of B-Double + HCT (Picture). We have seen Rules before doing it and it should be not against Rules. But still want to ask if its possible to drive without Kicked or Banned. On The Trailer we had mixed 2 Trailers combination, HCT and B-Double. Thats allowed on The server ( Using non-default trailer combinations (trailers must have space between them and not clip into each other)) And it contain not more than 3 trailers. 2x full-size trailers (HCT) and 1x Mid-size Trailer, (Trailer form B-Double) So that should be not against the Rules. ( Trailer combinations must only contain up to 3 cargo carrying trailers (dolly trailers do not count towards this). 3 full-size trailers are not allowed to be used in ETS2 due to the autokick system. And the Trailers Chain Type is HCT. So i can use it Legally? or? Thanks in Advance!
  5. Suggestion Name: Re-Login on Game-Servers after a kick. Suggestion Description: There could be 2 variants. 1. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with "Re-Login" and you get logged in back to the server, you was previously - OR 2. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with Drop-Down menu and you can Change the Server Any example images: no one, unfortunately... Why should it be added?: Who dont know this. You are going shortly AFK to do make food or going to toilet and you was too slow and got kicked. So, you are playing now 6 hours without pause and dont want to loose the current Playtime in Steam - you are currently forced to play offline or restart the Game and loose the current playtime.It would be a nice Feature, so we dont loose our current playtime Kind regards, Maurice "MauriceLPs" K.
  6. Suggestion Name: Lowering ping to 300 for auto kick Suggestion Description: Lowering the average ping to kick people at roughly 300 to stop laggers causing issues Any example images: Why should it be added?: Whilst my connection isn't always perfect as members from AHL could testify for. When doing the AHL 1 year convoy there was a lagger that caused a lot of issues and split up the convoy. Why this should be added is to cause less hassle for people playing with a more reliable connection. For people who might complain it's due to where they live if you are in America don't use a European server if you have high ping because it makes the gameplay less enjoyable for everyone else Hope everyone reading has a good day, Thanks coolio859,
  7. Augusto386

    Me patean !!!

    Buen día soy nuevo aquí y ayer, gracias a mi servidor, edita mi camión, querría saber qué es el objeto que no debo poner, que por culpa de esto voy comprando 2 camiones, desde ya muchas gracias.
  8. Hello everyone, I was wondering why I get kicked when taking a Dozer from the Heavy Cargo Pack on mp, I know that Special Transport DLC is not compatible and not alloud but then why do I get kicked when I take this cargo? Because I never had any problem with it...
  9. MirEso


    The true title was meant to be 'Why SCS and TruckersMP should have been banned from making games'. Let's get straight into it. Server issues no one actually care about. The difference between position shown on player's screen vs server's reality is many times TOO BIG (even tho both players have decent connection) Kicking or how to bully your own community. This is the reason why everyone in team of TMP should be fired. Who came up with the idea to force players to turn on their lights in strict hours although the sun's up. It look silly! Imagine that you play with wireless keyboard and mouse, you log in, realize that your keyboard ran out of juice the second you hit the road and boom, kicked! This is just stupid bullying over rules you * made up! Get your minds straight. I understand it's really important for players not to drive as ghosts but this is stupid. Limits or everyone likes cars but SCS and TMP don't care about it. Let me show you the bitter truth! You had EU1 with realism. You made EU2 with cars and unlimited speed. You realized people like it more then your * 'realism' You added speed limit to EU2 because you *can't stand that people like something else then trucking 90km/h You give us arguments that there are less accidents, of course because all the normal players QUIT WHY haven't you made EUx server just to see if people would rather drive with speed limits? BECAUSE YOU KNEW THE ANSWER If you are so sure about the accidents rate, show us charts! Come on, do it. Show me the accident rate BEFORE and AFTER speed limitation. You have none? Oh my bad, wait NO. You made your heads on something based on your subjective feelings and force it upon your community as facts and reasons you make your decisions. That's what I call hypocrisy! If your report system worked, you would have all the data I'm asking you to show, but it doesn't work so you are left behind with 2 things: Unlimited power over your own product Wrath and anger over people who enjoy driving cars (200km/h on highways, overtaking, and all the other entertaining thigs) I usually drive on CD road 200kmh with overtaking and no accidents. I can even add a video for you to prove it. It's not about speed, it's about community. Your childish attitude mirrors in your players. You force your community to play by your rules just like a little kid that wants all his little friends to play with trucks, even tho they want to play with cars. You are a shame. SCS I'd explain myself very briefly. I added a whole A4 page to their forum about what should be changed, what should be added. I'm not going to post the link here unless someone asks for it, but the answer to my ideas and suggestions (which would have been a real enrichment for both community and wallet of SCS) was unexpected and came from one of their testers: 'The game is fine as it is, I don't think anything should be added' Tell me what kind of company doesn't give a * about it's customers and only thing in it's eyes is profit and milking the same old game over and over again by creating paid DLC maps which aren't that hard to make. I doubt they pay more then 7k for one DLC to make and milk their fans in one of the worst ways. I am very angry with you, you ruined my all time favorite game just because YOU want to play it by your own way. Shame on you
  10. Hallo Trucker MP Team, ich habe ein Problem mit dem Volvo in American Truck MP. Immer wenn ich eine Lackierung aus dem "American Truck Simulator - Classic Stripes Paint Jobs Pack" nehme, werde ich aus dem MP gekickt mit der Aufforderung, mein Paint Job zu wechsel. Nach dem wechsel der Lackierung, kann ich dann wieder ins Spiel ohne gekickt zu werden. Diese Problem ist nur bei dem Volvo, bei den anderen Trucks funktionieren die Lackierungen. MfG Michael
  11. I was wondering how i could appeal a discord ban? I looked around and could find nothing!
  12. skoda araba aldığımda serverdan atılıyorum, hiçbir modifiye yapmadım sadece arabanın rengini mavi yaptım yine de atıldım. neden kaynaklanıyor olabilir.
  13. When I Have %50 damage over, Sometimes My engine is turning off. And system says "Please turn on your lights if you will not you will be kicked in 15 seconds" I kicked many times for this reason. Please fix this problem.
  14. Hello, so far everything has been up and running, but after a new update, I am kicked from the server (all servers) with the message: You have been kicked from the server. Reason: Invalid accessory set detected. Sorry. You're not a Game Moderator! (NetTruck) I don't know what can I do right now.
  15. So I was sitting in the yard of a garage, front towards the garage, with a trailer. I checked the minimap and saw that there was no immediate traffic outside the garage, and proceeded to back out into the road. I was in good control of the trailer, aiming it properly towards the empty lane from which I was going to continue my journey. I was also in good control of the traffic situation, as there was none. Suddenly, I get kicked for "reckless driving". Look, I get it, I could've easily have turned around inside the yard of the garage, but why bother kicking someone in such a mellow and well controlled situation? I wasn't speeding, wasn't blocking, and certainly not being reckless. I got hit by others recklessly 3 times on my last journey, but no kicking occured in any of those situations. I see people ramming others on purpose in the entrances of pickup yards all the time without getting kicked. My questions here are as follows: Is this regime of randomly kicking on principle a common theme amongst moderators? Is it a common problem there may be some desynch in the network, leading to me seeing a completely different traffic situation than what the moderator saw? Should I always drive in fear of doing something wrong, even when I'm not?
  16. Čau chci se zeptat ohledně toho že mě to již několikrát kicklo s Heavy Cargo Pack DLC návěsy/přívěsy. Normálně ale na videi z Youtube jsem tyto návěsy/přívěsy vyděl. Nechápu. Prosím poraďte jestli vůbec je to možné mít takové návěsy/přívěsy. Jsem měl plán na firemní konvoj, ale zatím se mi to nedaří nějak udělat :-CC. A omlouvám se ta to že píší návěs/přívěs nepamatuji si rozdíl.
  17. So I'm not using any mod Just the Heavy Cargo DLC and I'm being kicked
  18. Bububaer114

    Werde gekickt

    ich komme nicht mehr rein auf Europa Es ist immer ein Kick, ich glaube, Hallo Hilfe
  19. Hello, i picked up a Heavy Cargo in MP and i got kicked, bcs "invalid accessory set detected". What can i do? I want to play with Heavy Cargo DLC.
  20. So the feature was added to kick players with headlights off, But this feature is active during the day.
  21. Can I do freecam+f9 on ETS2MP ? (Going freecam and summoning my car where my freecam is)
  22. Surely it has happened to you that someone damages you so much the truck that it takes to start, this happens during the night, in the game if you do not wear the lights set at night they take you off the server in fifteen seconds. This is solved, stopping in a seuro place that does not bother anyone, and try to start it. Once you start, all done, enjoy the trip.
  23. Hi, I want to make good looking XMAS truck. I have buyed DLC "Christmas Paint Job" and I started making my truck. I put chroma lights (I dont know if I wrote it well, it's about those lights on the bottom side) Kick ss: https://imgur.com/a/8WMIC Truck ss: https://imgur.com/a/RkAlJ & https://imgur.com/a/EbS8f Why its kicking me? Because I have too many of these lights from the side down? My general DLC: Cabin Accessories(I have accessories installed in truck), Christmas Paint Jobs, Going East, Metallic Paint Jobs, Wheel Tuning Pack Best wishes and happy new year!
  24. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Keyboard + Mouse Steering Description of Issue: Kicked from the server for Outside doubles area. How to reproduce: I was in Kalrskrona (Garage) without any trailer, then i changed my truck and, by default, teleported to Rotterdam (main garage) then I've been kicked. Screenshots / Videos:
  25. How can I learn my kick time? I mean when I am able to play multiplayer again? note: I am kicked because I made a pilot paintjob and I didn't know this.Please solve my problem
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