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Found 10 results

  1. i think there should be a option in the Multiplayer to show how you are driving (Keyboard, Wheel or Controller) because sometimes i see people in Multiplayer using a Keyboard and driving in more dangerous Ways then People using Wheels to drive, maybe you are able to act in another way if you instantly can see that someone is driving with his Keyboard only then when someone with a Wheel passes you. Your thoughts on that?
  2. Suggestion Name: Traffic Lights at Calais intersection to Lille/Paris/Brussels Suggestion Description: This place is at high player counts mostly congested and lots of people don't give way at people coming from Calais or Brussels/Duisburg, The current situation is that there are people with pilot cars sometimes controlling it but that is not allowed for that purpose and they get kicked by admins/moderators. A solution for everyone will be, add traffic lights to the congestion like in ProMods, It gives everyone the solution to take their turn and will solve many problems. I think this could be possible since TruckersMP only needs to add some objects, this could be added with a patch. Any example images: Yes (source: ProMods) (In this last image, the cross/road block should be ignored, this is the route to Brussels/Liege from Calais but this route is disabled in ProMods.) Why should it be added?: It makes the traffic there more smoothly and gives everyone a chance of crossing the intersection when it is very busy. Resulting in less accidents.
  3. Suggestion Name: /flip Suggestion Description: You type /flip into chat and it re-spawns your truck back on the road. Any example images: Why should it be added?: Well because i'm sure a lot of people accidentally tip there truck whilst going around bends at high speeds. Your probably about to reply and say 'People can just teleport to services.' but its kind of annoying how you have to drive back to where you were. Thanks
  4. Suggestion Name: Vinci autoroute Suggestion Description: Hello, I have a very interesting project to propose to you, I explain myself. My friend and me play since two years on TruckersMP, and we have an idea it's to recreate Vinci autoroute in TruckersMP. Our idea was that we will fully organize Vinci Autoroute. We already have a texture of the Skoda Superb in the Vinci Autoroute version fully realized by us. We also prepare a server discord especially for our idea (I put you the link if you want to come talk with me and my friend) the link: Vinci Autoroute in TruckersMP would be used to: escort big convoys, make traffic in cities where is a lot of player (such as Calais, Paris and many others), we can report users who do not respect the rules, take care of the traffic after an accident, and much more. Of course we are very motivated to make this project. Organization: For the organization we can manage everything that is: recruitment, manage the team, etc. We hope to get an answer from you very soon, if you ever have any questions or anything about our idea come on my discord: https://discord.gg/8TRshEF We also hope to have convinced you. Have a very good evening or day. Sincerely VetacosTransport and Florentin. Any example images: logo: Why should it be added?: I don't want to put that on all servers but only on the servers : Europe 2. With that we can make traffic circulation in the city where is a lot of players, make circulation after an accident, escort convoy and more ! This is the link look what is Vinci Autoroute :https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinci_Autoroutes I hope you will answer me quickly, So have a good day or evening Sorry but my english is very not perfect...
  5. -Suggestion Name:Default SCS Truck Swap -Suggestion Description: Swap trucks in both games. -Example Images: -Why should it be added? This is a little far fetched and not very plausible, but what if you could drive your favorite american semi truck in ETS 2, or your favorite European semi truck in ATS, in Multiplayer? That would be cool. The first image show, a Scania truck at a Peterbilt dealer in ATS. The second image shows a Peterbilt hauling a load in ETS 2. Like I said, a little over the top, but still a wish nonetheless.
  6. Dear TruckersMP! Me and my friend decided to make videos about duisburgs corner, because there are a lots of accident and we wanna make evidences for these people. We are standing behind the guard rail and we arent blocking the traffic or do some bad things and we always being kicked by Admins. We want to be "traffic cams" on eu Server 2 in random corners where a lots of accident. We wanna make a website for downloading evidences what we made. Can we get some personal rank like: Traffic Cam"? We wanna stream later like traffic cams in EU2 Can we make discuss? Thanks for fast reply! LENYXRake
  7. BAWpro

    Tandem in online?

    Hi just an idea as people keep asking SCS for tandems or double trailers, could this http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=126098 be added to MP? with the creators permission of course the main reason i think this will be great in MP is it will make it more interesting as instead of just Artics or cars you could see a tandem or just a rigid also this mod doesn't change any trucks it just adds new chassis so if people want to drive a artic truck they can or they could drive a rigid they can. just a idea just wondering if other people would like it. a car was added for admins so why not a tandem for the normal players which will make it more interesting. Thanks Ryan
  8. Hello Guys iam driving a lot on streets with many players and everybody knows where are much players are mostly also some trollers and also sry if this but idiots, little childs which havent any respect to other truck drivers. Now my idea we know that we have already a report system which works very nice. But now what i dont like you only can make 1 Report. And then its says this player is already reported. My Improve Idea is why we dont make a multi Report System which accept reports and count them. So if many players report 1 player because he is blocking 10 or 15 drivers on Duisburg Calais Road this player will be on the top at the admin list. And person which only get 1 report from 1 players are under them. So its like a Ranking Players with many reports from different players 1 everything else under it. So What you think about it? If there was already this topic, pls send me the link Thanks Guys ^^
  9. I havent thout about it earlyer, but today i started to think about something awsome, and it wont be too complicated to add. Something i thout about,was a double trailer pack in Multiplayer. Emagine how some players drive with long trailers,around the map. I would like to point out one detail. People +level 20 or 30 are able to use it,because they have enough skill to drive trucks well (possibly) and that is important,or else low level players will only use the trailer for their advantage to pull off their silly pranks. Ofcourse double trailer trucks would be awsome but truth is, it gives those people bigger responsibility. In reality we do have few trucks in ETSMP which are wide and you need to be more precice while towing it, but it makes this cargo much more fun because of its wideness. There are two possible options,how you can pick up the double trailer. Maybe you pick up both trailers allready intact and just drive off. Second option is, that you take one trailer, and there is another trailer in the same no collision area where you afto attach the second trailer. Third option is abit more intresting, but gives you a chance to make your trip last for longer, to diffrent destinations. You pick up one cargo and then you afto drive to a second location,where you attach a second trailer. And after that you take the trailers to third location(s). What do you think of this idea, and which category trailers could be added? excamples: car double-trailer, closed standard double trailer, log double trailer, full size trailer+small trailer
  10. Suggestion Name: Interactive traffic map Suggestion Description: The interactive map should be available in browser but not in the ingame client. The interactive map can be zoomed in and out and have 2 different looks. 1st look will be green, yellow and, red color on roads indicating on the map if there is heavy traffic:red, medium traffic:yellow, no traffic:green. 2nd look will be the look of small triangles indicating where each and every driver is at. Any example images: no Why should it be added?: To keep track of where your convoy is at on the traffic map on (2nd look). And check for heavy traffic anywhere in the world (1st look). For example Amsterdam has lots of traffic on intersections to go to Rotterdam but maybe one intersection doesn't have as much traffic at all and you can take a detour to that intersection using the traffic map finding where less traffic is at and get there easier and faster. Many people could use this to avoid lots of traffic if they lag a lot and take detours. Another example is me and my friend use the cctv to watch for traffic due to my friends game crashes when too many people show up on his game and we've been using the cctv to avoid the traffic but cctv only covers Rotterdam Amsterdam and would be nice to have the interactive traffic map to show where all the traffic is at in city's and anywhere.
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