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Found 6 results

  1. [RideDriving] Zsolt

    ID was not found

    Hello. Today i got rammed intentionally by a player and as usual i wanted to report him but strangely when i insert his ID the site tells me "ID was not found". How is this possible? Link of the video:

    About report user TruckersMPID

    hello to everyone, first time i make a report..so i need your help. when i fill the form about reporting,it ask me the " TruckersMPID " from /pinfo or somethink like that. the accident made yesterday so i cant find the " TruckersMPID " of this user that i want to report,i upload an video on youtube etc..if someone can help me i will be glad. Greetings, KatarameNOS.GR
  3. Nofoente


    hello friends, I am in doubt about the creation of a report, and my doubts about the application to create ID and the same that appears in the player's nick in game? example: PLAYER (000) SAME APPEARING IN TAB?
  4. Fetirt

    Report ID not working?

    I wrote a report and needed to write the ID. Well easy i wrote it but the weird thing is that i see another name than in my screenshot. Why is that? Can they just quit the game so they can't get reported? This is the second time this has happend. Or do i write my own ID?
  5. gravySpud

    Trucker Name?

    IS the name displayed above my head my Steam name or my TruckersMP name? Thanks for the help, Regards, David
  6. rlx3

    Multiplayer ID number

    In terms of the (BETA) online radar it asks for an ID number? Where do I find this? Can't see it anywhere