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Found 3 results

  1. Haulage 64 2017 - Wish64 You raised: £605* so far at the time of this post A total of 2,103 of your showed up over the weekend to show your support including around 30 VTC's With that 121 community members worked together and put in 1,191 hours into planning and delivering the event, including 600+ hours of Event Management. As the co-owners of the Flagship Events, It gives us great pleasure to take the time today to thank some people. Most important first, we would like to thank YOU. Without your support and participation, this event would not be possible. Personal thanks goes to: Once again, @Clarkinator and @Kat_pw as the senior representatives from TruckersMP, thank you for your ongoing support towards Haulage 64 and indeed Flagship overall. @Djinsomnia #Wish64 for leading this year's H64 Planning Committee. Even though things didn’t always go to plan, we pulled through and made the best with what we had! @Fading @ThatCrazyPillow @bokker12 @Csinc005 @FozzyGuy #Wish64 @Matt [FG] [FSE] #Wish64 @Mirrland @MrHarv98 @The Scottish Lad @[TSRVTC - Examiner] kNex FaNz @Δη∂гεα_Ŧνg #Wish64 You guys formed the 2017 H64 Committee, your hard work and commitment paid off and we delivered yet again, what is without a doubt a fantastic weekend. Thank you all. To everyone that helped with the Event Management (too many to tag) Thank You Very Much! We would also like to thank all of the badmins and fadmins that helped us keep the roads safe during the event: @Bonnm @smokywarfame @MrHarv98 @Trucking Australia @Tuxy Fluffyclaws @scarface0359 @The Imaginative Lad @PHL | WelshGaz @Djinsomnia #Wish64 @JeffSFC @Digital @Nameless Ghoul @Sgt_Tailor @Louie G @El1teZombiezHD @immortal766 @KacaKTV @KrazyMudkip @0zgur @Julien78 [BE] Next, thank you to @[TSRVTC - Owner] Senka Wolf and the dedicated members of The Simulator Radio VTC for their relentless support to running our challenges and event management. @LondonLad @Mark - Truckers.FM and the rest of the Truckers.FM team for providing fantastic live coverage for the whole weekend, and for their £210 donation to Make-A-Wish! Covering the official media coverage, we would like to thank: @Sir Smokey - #24S @TSRVTC - CheeseOnToast #H64 and the team from Snowball Media @IST ScaniaT and @FozzyGuy #Wish64 from the Motion Films Team @Qubals from HHA @The Josh #Wish64 @MiniDave , @DHbatman, @Twitch.tv/MrJakeeee , @FozzyGuy #Wish64 and all the other live streamers for giving the world a great view from inside the convoy @TrademarkGamer Thank you for falling asleep on the official stream If there is anyone we've missed, sorry. We appreciate all of your hard work. Please use this thread to share your thoughts and media from the event. What did we do well? What could we do better? Is there anything different you would like to see? Meanwhile, above a sign in Poland....... Remember: "!!! CAUTION - YET ANOTHER FRENCH TOLL AHEAD !!!” From all of us at Flagship Events Thank You Remember you can still donate! Click here
  2. Hi all. My name is Pete and I am the CEO of Jupiter Haulage. We are currently recruiting new members via the website http://jupiterhaulage.co.uk. We are trying to get authorised on TruckersMP, but until that happens we are happy to accept applications. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook and we even have our own TeamSpeak 3 server. Reply to me here for more information Happy Trucking!
  3. HAULAGE 64 You helped us raise £3460.54 If you were there, we would like you to fill in this short survey https://goo.gl/PLehVK Statistics Total Time: 64 Hours Exactly Total Driving Time: 48 Hours Exactly Total Miles: 28,220 Longest Running Driver: Whitemead Most Active VTC: LKW Transport Thank You We would like thank everyone who took part in the event over the weekend but would also like to give special thanks to some: Leaders and Tails - for keeping the convoy going continuous for the entire 64 hours Event Support Team - for keeping eyes on the ets2map, twitch streams, facebook and forums Live Streamers - for keeping the live coverage of the event rolling for the entire 64hours Shouts to: Sgt.Pepper, Clashin_Jon & MrsArsenic RubberDuckConvoys - for providing temporary guidance support ETS2MP Staff/IGA's - for allowing us use of the community twitch channel, turning up to show your support and helping us keep control at busy times Planning started on 19th April 2015 by the Soarfly Haulage senior management team. Maps produced by [sFH] M1K3Y for use by Soarfly Haulage VLC. 100% of funds raised from donations will go to Cancer Research UK.
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