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Found 2 results

  1. Giveaway of a random steam game [0 to 300] . I'll pick a random key from a random paid steam game. They will have to say a number from 0 to 300 that has not yet been chosen. The first person to say this number is with the number if someone else chooses the same number the first person who commented the number gets the number the giveway will be done here :.https://www.random.org/ The event was over in 3 days Good Luck
  2. 1st Place: 1x ETS2 Scandinavia DLC +/and/or alternative DLC. 2nd Place: 1x ETS2 Scandinavia DLC +/and/or alternative DLC. 3rd Place: 1x ETS2 Scandinavia DLC +/and/or alternative DLC. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th Place 1x (per person) ETS2 Scandinavia DLC or alternative DLC. How to Enter - Enter into this competition in three simple steps.. Step 1. Ensure you are logged into TruckersMP forums, Step 2. Reply to this thread with any message (preferably a short message), Step 3 (optional). +rep my steam profile and/or follow my profile on this forum.<3 The competition is completely free to enter all you require is a forum account on TruckersMP. All users that enter will be compiled into a random number generator, this will decide who wins. Competition Rules - You may only enter once, this includes if you have upwards of one forum account (one entry only). (any breach of the rules will see you to be blacklisted from future competitions etc.) ______________ Competition Timeline - 17/08/17 - 31/08/17 12PM BST NOTE: Any entries after the given deadline will count as being void and not entered Goodluck! Need any assistance entering? Reply to this thread with @revoluti0n at the start of your message and/or private message or post to my profile with any concerns etc. NOTE: This competition is in no way affiliated with the media/events team at TruckersMP and is solely provided by myself. Please contact me for any issues, concerns or queries.
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