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Found 14 results

  1. Heejsa, som overskriften siger, så leder jeg lidt efter voksne spillere, at spille både ATS & ETS2 med. Jeg har alle map DLC'er og det er lidt vigtigt, at en kommende makker også gerne har dette, da det hele er lidt sjovere, når man har masser af map, at boltre sig rundt på. For at være min drivning buddy, så har jeg nogle fair krav du skal kunne acceptere, da jeg desværre har oplevet lidt for mange tosser igennem tiden, som jeg er kommet til, at sige ja til at spille med. Reglerne er således: 1. Du skal være et voksent menneske 18+. 2. Vi skal kunne snakke sammen over Discord. 3. Du er villig til, at følge mine egne regler, som er meget enkle (Vi kører pænt og holder pænt for rødt når der er andre i nærheden, men er de andre spillere længere væk, så kan vi godt køre overfor rødt, MEN vi husker ALTID, at blinke af.) dette burde være nemt nok. 4. Jeg elsker, at livestreame min gaming via. Twitch, så ja, din stemme vil altså blive udsendt på min stream og dette skal du kunne acceptere. Udover de meget fair regler, så håber jeg bare på, at høre fra nogle af jer skønne mennesker og i er meget velkomne til, at kontakte mig herinde eller sende min en privat besked på Facebook, hvor jeg hedder Lykke Sabine Poulsen. Jeg ser frem til, at høre fra jer!
  2. Azienda ufficiale dell'Associazione Dilettantistica Sportiva (eSports) dove è possibile l'accesso a tutti i ragazzi ITALIANI di ETS2 Multiplayer L'azienda mette a disposizione di voi players un server TEAMSPEAK 3 e un SITO WEB UFFICIALE che sono linkati all'interno di questa pagina Non ci sono limiti di età ma bensì di Mentalità"" L'azienda essendo anche un'associazione ufficiale eSport-s mette a disposizione dei contratti per gamer eSport-s e anche tornei o giochi con € Reali in palio E' quindi possibile avere molte opportunità all'interno della nostra AZIENDA! Fai richiesta e seguendo le regole sarai accettato e potrai giocare con gli altri players senza alcun problema! -IMPORTANTE- https://utopiagaming.it/chi-siamo-e-cosa-offriamo/ In questo link è racchiuso tutto su quello che UTOPIA ASD OFFRE Quindi anche se avete un'altro gruppo di giocatori-agenzia-gruppo di amici o ecc,ecc potete unirvi ad Utopia! FinnRL Manager Games Utopia Gaming A.S.D. Regole Ufficiali Dell'associazione per il buon andamento dell'azienda! Regola N°1 *Non Bestemmiare -Nell'azienda è vietato ogni tipo di bestemmia per evitare di offendere altri ragazzi e quindi è aperto l'accesso a ragazzi di ogni tipo di Cultura,Religione o ecc,ecc.. Regola N°2 *Niente Razzismo -Nell'azienda è severamente vietato ogni qualsiasi tipo di insulto diretto o indiretto verso una razza,colore o cultura diversa o addirittura incitare all'odio di codesta, quindi è possibile l'accesso a ragazzi di ogni razza senza fare distinzione da essa! Regola N°3 *Rispetto -Nell'azienda la cosa più importante è "IL RISPETTO RECIPROCO" perchè prima di tutto tra gli utenti deve venire il rispetto, a maggior ragione con lo STAFF Regola N°4 *Siti Esterni -Cercare di usare la maggior parte di terzi che l'associazione ti mette a disposizione FTP ma almeno "L'USO DEL TEAMSPEAK 3" Il top è usare il sito web ufficiale con iscrizione,il teamspeak ufficiale,la disposizione di un microfono per comunicare e una buona conoscenza di quello che Utopia offre. Regola N°5 *Orari di Gioco -Dedicare per tutti i giorni almeno un viaggio che varia dai (1.500km) Giornaliere o comunque se non si riesce a loggare per 1 o più giorni comunicarlo a un superiore Regola N°6 *Client TRUCKSBOOK -Accedendere sempre il client di TrucksBook Quando si gioca e si fanno viaggi. Regola N°7 *Guida Pulita in Convoy -Guidare pulito e seguendo le direttive di un superiore almeno durante il Convoy quando sarà organizzato Regola N°8 *Fiducia -Per entrare nell'associazione sportiva ufficiale UTP bisogna essere dipendente solo di questa agenzia e non avere più agenzie Regola N°9 *Tag -Tenere la tag in game "uTp ITALIA" con la colorazione Rossa Per ultima ma non per meno importante MAI RIBALTARSI!! Buon Game;) -FinnRL Manager Games Ufficiale uTopia Gaming A.S.D.
  3. Presents 12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway! Atlas Gaming Group WILL be doing a giveaway each day until 12th December on their DISCORD Server! All you have to do is head to the #12_days_of_christmas channel and enter there! We'll be giving out a range of steam keys at around 4:30PM GMT everyday. Click Below to join our server NOW! Merry Christmas from all of us here at Atlas Gaming Group
  4. Information: Logistique service est une équipe de passionné de la route qui souhaite partagé cette passion , nous avons décidé de mettre en place une entreprise à fin de pouvoir mieux s'organisé , nous souhaitons roulé avec vous , a fin de forgé une entreprise sérieuse est roleplay , avec une conduite exemplaire , l'objectif est bien sur de monté cette entreprise avec vous , Nos Recrutements: Pour étre recruté , il faut : étre mature Avoir une conduite exemplaire se présenté sur discord pour le recrutement Avoir un camion la marque na pas d'importance Une foix recruté vous devrez avoir les couleurs de l'entreprise , et le tag en jeux , mes nous vous expliquerons ça en temps voulue Pour nous contactés : Discord : https://discord.gg/3drgvrq Nous utilisons truckbook pour la gestion de l'entreprise est qui de loin le plus efficace des systèmes de gestion d'entreprise . Cordialement Jack_Oneill PDG de Logistique Service
  5. Hi, Thanks for checking out your next potential opportunity! We're Atlas Gaming, we've been going for a year now and we love to grow! We are constantly looking for people to join our family! So let's give you history. We started in April 2017 following a large growth from our former VTC (HMFL VTC) We gained sponsorship by YourFriendlyHost and so it began! Rust, Minecraft, Assetto Corsa, Ark, Atlas Logistics, Atlas GTA V Crew and FiveM (Comming Soon™) Are what we host and play! We also support and play other games too! We have 4 core values that we live by: Offer you the chance to try something new A fun and safe environment Offer reliable gaming servers for you to play All for FREE We have a strong team of around 40 people but its just not enough for us. We need YOU! We have many roles available and if so far you like the sound of the above this is your chance to try something new! If you're not sure?!? Come and check us out on Discord To have a look at what is available CLICK HERE We're so looking forward to having you join the community! Welcome to Atlas.....
  6. JustLikeOcean


    I personally still play fortnite and love it. My favorite skin is the Snorkel Ops at the moment, I recently just bought it as I have been wanting it for ages now. What is your favorite fortnite skin?
  7. English I find that they would have to make the DLC to seem available everybody to see. It exists people with paintings of dlc you vary exactly but only they obtain to see they and who will have dlc. Everybody would have to be able to see the truck with dlc, now who does not have dlc is strange and ugly in such a way to appear all gray to say “buy dlc krone”. It´s just a suggestion- Good job truck drivers Português Eu acho que eles deveriam fazer o DLC parecer disponível para todo mundo ver. Existe pessoas com pinturas de dlc varias mesmo mas só eles conseguem ver eles e quem tiver a dlc. Todo mundo deveria poder ver o camião com a dlc, agora quem não tem a dlc fica estranho e feio aparecer desta forma tudo cinzento a dizer "buy dlc krone" . É só uma sugestão. Bom trabalho camionistas
  8. Hallo Stellentje Banden Slijters. Zou ik jullie eens een verhaal vertellen over een Nederlandse gaming community. Heel lang gelden was er een trucker genaamd Robbie. Deze trucker reed door weer en wind en bracht altijd zijn vracht op tijd af. Maar deze trucker had een probleem. En dat was dat hij eenzaam was. Hij reed en reed maar in zijn vrachtauto. En toeterde naar iedereen die maar voorbij reed. Maar nooit toeterde iemand terug. Toen kwam de dag dat truckers mp uit kwam. onze Robbie was toen zo blij hij installeerde het direct. En hij ging rijden en kwam toen steeds meer leuke mensen tegen. Alleen vond hij het jammer dat ze buiten het bereik van de radio kwam. Hij kon daarom niet meer praten met hun en vond het jammer. Toen ging Robbie zijn truck aan de kan zetten en ging hij met een sip gezicht slapen. Maar opeens zat hij recht op in zijn bed(en stootte als eerste zijn hoofd). Na het keihard schreeuwen van de pijn dacht hij heel goed na. Wat nou als ik een gaming community ga beginnen. En Robbie riep wat mensen bij elkaar en het werk aan de gaming community was begonnen. dagen lang waren ze bezig. En een hoop kopjes koffie en slapeloze nachten later was het daar......... DRGE. Ander truckers kwamen. En het was een gezelligheid op de TeamSpeak. Man man man wat hadden ze een pret. Maar toen kwam er een grote storm door DRGE. De leden gingen tegen elkaar te keer. Omdat er niet goed gereden werd en per ongeluk soms tegen elkaar aan reed. Terwijl iedereen gewoon goed reed maar mensen werden het spel soms gewoon zat en dan ging alles fout en werden ze geirriteert. Toen kwam onze met nog een idee(Best knap voor iemand die zijn hoofd gestoten had). Laten we ook andere Games gaan spelen! Zij Robbie. De leden aarzelde maar gingen toch mee doen. En wat er toen gebeurde dat kan ik jullie nu wel vertellen. Maar daar kennen jullie het beste zelf achter komen en beleven. Wat Is DRGE En Wat Doen Wij. DRGE is een gezellige gaming community. Die zich bezighoud met allemaal verschillende games Onder anderen met: Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ook multiplayer) American Truck Simulator (ook weer multiplayer) GTA V (je gaat het niet geloven maar ook multiplayer) Minecraft (dit geloof je toch niet wat ik ga zeggen maar ook weer multiplayer) Farming Simulator 2017 (volgens mij snappen jullie mij nu wel) Battlefield 4 (begrijp je waar ik heen ga) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (ik zij het je toch?) En nog veel meer Zo hebben wij ook voor onder meer Faming simulator en Minecraft onze eigen servers lopen. Die dagelijks onderhouden worden door onze wel getrainde staff.. Zo hebben wij ook onder meer buiten alleen TeamSpeak ook een eigen website die dagelijks onderhouden woord en waar leden zelf alles op kennen zetten. Waar onder: Eigen events aan maken (Zoals een convoy of ander events voor andere games) Vragen over van alles stellen (tot op zeker hoogte) Game reviews lezen en zelf maken Het laatste nieuws lezen van verschillende games En nog een hoop andere dingen Lang Verhaal Kort. Lijkt het je wat en wil je in 1 van de gezelligste gaming community van Nederland. Aarzel dan niet en meld je vandaag nog aan op www.drge.nl Of kom langs op onze TeamSpeak: ts.drge.nl En één van onze staff leden zal je graag te woord staan en helpen met je aanmelding Ik hoop jullie graag snel te zien bij ons. And remember: There is no such thing as to much fun. ~EnergyWolff~
  9. Atlas is turning 1! And to celebrate we're hosting TWO days of events. CONFIRM ATTENDANCE HERE! DAY 2: Sunday 15th April 2018 ETS2C LINK Server: ATS EU American Truck Simulator TEMP RULES Details for Day 1: Click Here Agenda Truckfest (4-5PM BST) Convoy (5-6:30PM BST) 30 Min Break Races (7PM BST Onwards) TRUCKFEST..... Details 3:45PM - 4:15PM - Setup 4:15PM - 4:40PM - Judging 4:40PM - 4:50PM - Winners 4:50PM - 5PM - Grab Your Trailers! Slot 1: GROFR Slot 5: VIVA Slot 9: VACANT Slot 2: VACANT Slow 6: TST Group Slot 10: VACANT Slot 3: MCR Logistica Slot 7: Legacy Freight Services Slot 11: VACANT Slot 4: VIVA Slot 8: Fast Cargo Slot 12: VACANT Slot 13: Trucking United BOOK SLOT HERE CONVOY...... Details: Albuquerque to Tucson Race Course Trailer: YES TEMP RULES Route: Click image for more details RACES..... RACE DETAILS: Public Mini Tournament - Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd - SIGN UP Public Car Race - SIGN UP Event Staff Race - NO SIGN UP REQUIRED Free For All - NO SIGN UP REQUIRED We're really excited to be celebrating a whole year of Atlas!! We'll see you there.
  10. Atlas is turning 1! And to celebrate we're hosting TWO days of events. CONFIRM ATTENDANCE HERE! DAY 1: Saturday 14th April 2018 ETS2C Link Euro Truck Simulator 2 TEMP Rules Details of Day 2 can be found HERE Agenda Truckfest: (5PM - 6PM BST) Taranto, Italy Timed Races: (6PM BST Onwards) Taranto, Italy TRUCKFEST..... Details: 4:45PM - 5:15PM - Setup 5:15PM - 5:40PM - Judging 5:40PM - 5:50PM - Winners 5:50PM - 6PM - Timed Races Setup! Slots: Slot 1: VTL - NL Slot 7: ConSec Slot 13: VACANT Slot 2: Fast Cargo VTC Slow 8: Legacy Freight Services Slot 14: VACANT Slot 3: Beatz Gaming Slot 9: Viva Trucking Slot 15: Trucking United Slot 4: EHHVTC Slot 10: Wolfpack Trucking Slot 16: Simulator Radio VTC Slot 5: Viva Slot 11: MCR Logistics Slot 17: GROFR Slot 6: Alpha Logistics LTD Slot 12: ICE - VTC Slot 18: VACANT Slot 19: VACANT BOOKING CLOSED Races..... Timed Races We will be racing the route above in several 1V1 races We will then pick the fastest 4 lap times have 2 more races with the fastest 4 people the 2 who win those races will then go head to head The fastest to finish the last lap will win the races. BOOKING CLOSED
  11. Just wondering what games by SCS you guys have played. I was not very internet savvy back then (I didn't have internet), playing my Hard truck 2, which is not an SCS game, but what got me into trucking sims, even though it was really a racing game. Then I finally got the internet when i turned 12, and looked for hard truck 2 mods. Instead I found 18 wheels of steel american long haul, which wasn't even their latest game (did not realize this at the time as I was fresh to getting games online) and fell in love. After that I played Bus Driver, 18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker, 18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin', 18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy, Euro Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Scania Truck Driving Simulator: The Game, American Truck Simulator. All in that order, because I'm weird like that. Bite me.
  12. rwsender

    Gaming Photos

    I noticed I take a lot of screenshots when I'm playing games and never really do anything with them! Most people here also love their screenshots, a lot better than the ones I can take! I have set up a Facebook group dedicated to gaming screenshots, gaming news and the occasional gaming video. I am also looking for people to send in their gaming screenshots, with full credit provided if you wish. https://www.facebook.com/gamingphotos/ I also asked permission of a community manager before making this post
  13. es algo absurdo poner limitador en el servidor si el juego por defecto ya tiene, seria mejor incluirlo settings o opción parcial se planea un mp masivo y porque hay muchos sevidores si solo se tiene directo en twitch que es el servidor #eu1 como tambien mapa web del mismo y con mas demanda ya que los demas ni la tercera parte se llena seria mejor sacar un promedio en horas pico y incluirlas en EU1 y porfavor quiten la colision dentro de empresas y taller es un "SIMULADOR" se fomentaria mas dimanicas dentro del juego donde abría el realismo de estacionar un camion teniando en cuenta que se fomenta la coperatividad de los jugadores, por ultimo todo ese potencial que estan desperdiciando seria util para tener chat de voz donde el perimetro de voz seria el mismo donde los conductores aparecen en el radar del otro conductor
  14. It would make the gaming experience even more realistic. I could not find one on the internet no matter what I googled.
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