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Found 13 results

  1. Ultra realistic

    Suggestion Name: Driving Licence Suggestion Description: Persons that would like to drive on a specific server have to pass a test. It should not be for free. And should work like a real licence (that you can lose one day) Any example images: No Why should it be added? Just one word: 'Crash Kids' and 'Speeders' Most of the accidents happen because of them. If they would have to pay to get in, (5$/€) they would drive much more carefully. At first they need to proof that they know the rules of traffic and can drive. (Best option with a driving wheel). The test should be made out of parking and driving. Only from inside the cabin. If they pass, they can buy the entrance. The first driving test can cost around 3€/$ so only those try it who really want it. (The money can be used for maintenance) The rules would be very hard. 3 crashes and good bye. Fines ad points on your licence, like in real life. Cars can be allowed to. But with same rules. After losing the licence you could buy it again. But twice as expensive. Please let me know your opinion Dimangan
  2. Am I the only one who is curious why there is no refresh button advertised. (EDIT: Refresh to reconnect to server... i.e F5) This is for when you i.e. Get kicked for AFK/Ping/Headlights and of course the simplicity of not having to exit the game and restart it. Every. Damn. Time. Like my internet gets terrible from mid month till the end thanks to service provider stuffs. But now that means higher ping that usual. (100 ping when I'm lucky). Just a tip if it doesn't exist yet.
  3. Suggestion Name: New Game Rule - Inappropriate Login/Load save-file Suggestion Description: Implement a report system for people who load a save-game at an inappropriate location Any example images: Non available, video evidence could be provided Why should it be added?: People who load into the game or load an auto-save which loads them into the middle of the road should be punished as it can cause accidents as you may have to slam on the brakes, I am aware they spawn in, in ghost mode however if you turn a corner and there is a truck that has loaded in, in front of you then I have found that I slam my brakes on. The reason is that I wish not to be banned for ramming due to whether their ghost mode timer has counted down. I therefore suggest a game rule be made called "Inappropriate Spawning/Loading of Save-file," as it causes unnecessary pile ups due to truck spawning in, in the middle of the road.
  4. How can i fix the lagging?

    How can i fix the lagging problem? I have a very well PC (config below) but i can't get more than 40FPS fixly. Any ideas what to do? my PC: - AMD MSI Radeon RX 580 (8GB) - i7 4770k - Hyperx Fury DDR4 Ram (16GB) - Windows 10 (64 bit) as my operation system. In single player it works well.
  5. ***I tired to look around before making this suggestion but didn't find anything for this specific topic but if there is please feel free to post it.*** Suggestion Name: Online icon for forum members in-game Suggestion Description: To further build upon Krashnz's new update to his tool (if he doesn't have a problem with it) so that instead of showing "Online" in a signature it can now be incorporated on the forum display pictures to show who's in-game with a green circle. Any example images: <<-- Online in-game || Online on forums only ---> || Offline --> Why should it be added?: Allows for further integration of TMP Services and since the tool is already available I feel that the foundation has been laid.
  6. Show TMP ID on Tab menu

    Hey, How do I enable the feature to always show the TMPID of a player next to their names?
  7. Hey all, How do you feel about the idea of having a scania exclusive convoy? Maybe it could be in the form of an official TMP convoy or any VTC.
  8. As always I did a search and found nothing with the same keywords so if you know of a similar thread please link it below Suggestion Name: Allowing a user the option to resubmit an in-game report but sent it to the web report system instead Suggestion Description: As the report system stands right now when a report is made and not claimed by an admin within a certain time it times out and user is advised to use the web report system as an alternative if they are not satisfied. My suggestion is to use the same procedure but make it more user friendly. So here it is, when a user submits a report and it times out the user is then notified and given the option to resubmit the report to the web report system while still in-game (maybe by using a hyperlink) then when the user selects to resubmit the report the same 2-min footage an admin would see in-game is used along with all the necessary info and is automatically submitted to the web system for further review and the user notified of the outcome. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Even though the report system is far more flexible than before there is still a fundamental problem of not having the resources to act within a certain time frame. This suggestion aims to fill the gap of reports falling into the abyss. As always leave your thoughts and concerns below maybe you have a better idea or a more refined one. I hope to see your feedback, thank you
  9. Yes, I have searched the forums but I found nothing pertaining to this but if there is a topic already posted maybe under different search terms then please link them in the comments. Also if something like this is already in place or in the works then you can ignore it. thanks Suggestion Name: List of most recent punishments issued. Suggestion Description: I've seen instances where an admin ban or kicks the wrong individual because of human error and doesn't realize until after the fact via ban appeal or someone else sees and points it out. So I thought up this idea with the intention of making the process easier and faster. So here it is, a list of (maybe 5~10 or 10~20) the most recent punishments given out by a admin where he/she can review in-game and also given the option of an immediate revoke by leveraging the new captured video function now apart of the report system. So lets put this in a workable example; lets say an admin has just finished quickly clearing up a blockage somewhere with a lot of players but wants to double check that they didn't make a mistake and banned an innocent player. They could select an option on the admin view menu and see a list of the most recent punishments complete with the name,picture,tmpid and offences of the accused made by the particular admin themselves. Then they could click on a user and view the footage from the last few minutes to confirm any doubts or revoke any punishment if needs be immediately. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: To make that unfortunate individual who got banned for no reason life a little easier. As always leave your concerns and ideas below
  10. Feels like I'm spamming the forum so this is the last one for a while I promise lol. Suggestion Name: Server triggered headlight warning Suggestion Description: -if the server time is 19:00 send out a reminder to all players presently online. -if a player logs in after 19:00 and before 7:00 send them a reminder as well. So it would be an one time reminder after every successful login session between the hours of 19:00 and 7:00 Any example images: No, but it would look just like the warning you get when a server update is incoming. Why should it be added?: Make an admin's life slightly easier instead of having them spam the in-game chat with headlight reminders every so often during the night hours.
  11. Suggestion Name: The Exemption of the Non- collision server from the no racing rules Suggestion Description: This is more of a request to review the present no racing rule in truckersmp and maybe adding an exception to eu5 Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: Well this could allow for a the emergence of different events to take place on eu5 thus making it attractive.
  12. Hi, I'm new to YouTube and i just uploaded my first 1 HOUR gameplay video of ETS2 Multiplayer i hope you guys that see dis Topic will show some support and maybe i will upload more! No, dis video doesn't have bad driving or reports so don't worry! (Adminstrators/Moderators) I like to drive the speed limit and just lissen to good music on the road! i hope you will check it out! maybe drop a like?! or subcribe?! that will make my day! Hope you have a nice day and many thanks if you do any of the above and leave a comment if you want!
  13. Streams and gameplays /tools & discuss/

    Hi! Nearly for a year when i started to create gameplay videos for my friends, with my friends, and i saw this is very usefull via Twitch (i mean online), because the unlimited storage, and the "istantly online" being of it and of course for prooving if someone made something rule-less in a multiplayer game... In this year i collected some iformation and tips, so here is the time to share it back! For viewers! If there is two or more player who play your favourite game, multi perpective viewer sites for twitch in order of usability: http://multitwitch.tv/ http://kbmod.com/multistream/ http://demacia.tv/http://8wayrun.com/streams/multi Bonus off-browser viewer downloader to twich. For youtube a similar site with an example wideo for it with truckers: http://www.SwigView.com/jT1Iana For creators Firstly be clear with your PC-config and your Internet connection and the actual game's requirements: With multi-core CPU, 2-3 storage device (HDD,SSD) and a bandwidth upload 3000Kbps You can get instant Greenlight to do whatever you want. With less potential do not give it up: try some possible solutions... Try this calculator as step one I am Recording/streaming with: OBS : Easy to use program with multiple quality options, and "live picture" editing options and the best thing: Fully FREE (Cpu based) (alternatives: xsplit but not free [Not tried] cpu based, and with newer Nvidia cards, the built in Shadowplay [Not tried personally(i have an AMD card), but i saw at my friend that is limited in setup question. Via boost of Quicksync: With Intel 2xxx CPU or above with IGP. Over: Twitch.tv: (alternatives Hitbox.tv, ustream.tv, google hangouts, etc) This is a basic to start, but with some good tool you can step over (mostly for twitch)! The Absolute multi-tool to Off-browser stream setup, Stream sataistics, In stream notifications, Chat overview ,Stream overlay editors (pop-up if someone subscribed, clock, chat), Button editor to twitch panesl, in-stream listened music data, bitrate calculator, etc-etc. Everithing what you see in a "proffessional" stream.Stream notifier button to forums, like mine in the signature. If i missed something please feel to free to post it! To admins: sorry if it is Off-Topic i saw it lately. If you want, move it to the off-topic topic...