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Found 4 results

  1. TruckStopRadio We are a Radio Station based around the Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator game and now Farming Simulator 19. We play all the best tunes into your truck cab! Playing the best hits 24/7 We have great things coming for the launch of TruckStopRadio with a couple of giveaways to do and our growing team and our discord with 50+ Members, we are always providing the best music as we can without our listeners we would not be here and thank you all for the support we will be growing day by day until we reach 200+ Members in discord. Main Radio Information Website: https://truckstopradio.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/vzRWjTp Twitter: https://twitter.com/TruckStop_Radio Facebook: Coming Soon Kind Regards,
  2. Hey, vor kurzem wurde LS19 für den PC veröffentlicht. Anfangs war ich mir nicht sicher, ob ich mir diese Version kaufen werde oder nicht. Nun steht für mich eigentlioch fest, dass ich mir das Geld lieber sparen werde. Die Grafik sieht bis auf kleine Veränderungen sehr ähnlich zum Vorgänger (LS17) aus. Selbst die (eigentlich um einiges ältere) Grafik von GTA 5 übertrifft die des Spiels. Es gibt neue Marken - wow. Ehrlich gesagt beeindruckt mich das herzlich wenig, da es diese bereits im LS17 als Modifikationen gab und diese teilweise besser waren als die Modelle im jetzigen LS19. Letzter Punkt ist der Preis. 50€ für die Collectors Edition, 35€ für die normale Version. Das ist für mich viel zu viel. Ich weiß, dass da viel Arbeit dahinter steckt, aber das ist finde ich echt ein bisschen zu heftig dafür, dass sich nur relativ wenig geändert hat. ich kenne viele Leute, die extremst gehyped auf den Release dieses Spiels waren. Warst bzw. bist du es auch? Was hälst du von dem neuen LS19?
  3. CargoFM - Looking For Presenters! Hey! Have you ever wanted to DJ for the simulation community, but have never had a chance to express yourself #Live on air? Do you want to be apart of something new and exciting? Well you've reached the right post! CargoFM is a new radio station that's fully licensed and will be launching on the 21st January, we offer you a chance to grow your skills and even a chance to grow experience in the radio community. We're giving YOU a chance to become a presenter and go live to simulation enthusiasts like yourselves! So, you want to try it out? You might as well, you've got nothing to lose! You can apply via this link Also, don't forget to join our Discord here so you get all the latest updates on recruitment! https://www.CargoFM.co.uk - Coming soon to the simulation community. Delivering Nothing But The #Best In Simulation Music - CargoFM!
  4. So I’ve got my own opinion about FS19, basically I see it as a waste of money at its current price and I don’t really see what is particularly new or exciting, it’s removed half the machinery from previous games and broken promises about 3D ground textures which haven’t arisen in this version. I like that there are now build able farms and horses but to me I just see that as an extension to the placeable function that has existed since FS13, it’s flat ground on a map and the horses are a nice feature that obviously is completely new. Yes, the graphics have had some improvement however still not to the extent that was promised previously. The MP features are improved with farm “divisions” introduced and that I do like. The new HUD’s, yes they look nice and do function better, however not something that was absent in FS15 & 17. So enough of my opinions, what do you all think about it, price and features. Feel free to discuss below:
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