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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, After Ban the person above you V2 have been trashed, I decide to make the 3rd version of this game because it‘s funny. So lets get it started. Same rule as before Format: Banned [reason]
  2. This is easy game haha Just continue the lyrics! Title: Johnny Example 1: There Example 2: was And so on... Let me give the title and you must be AWARE of the lyric word that you comment! Let the game begin! Title: We can't stop by Miley Cyrus It's
  3. Its simple, we make one big story using 3 words per post, i'll start: Once upon a
  4. Just bored and making this forum game for fun. Basically you just say what the weather is outside. Simple as that. The weather outside for me is cloudy, it snowed during the night but its probably not gonna last long.
  5. 16/10/17 - This topic is now defunct as a new and improved one has taken its place. V2: As the title implies, you rate the song that the person above you posts, then you post a new song for another person to rate. You can give a short explanation as to why you gave a certain rating, but this isn't necessary. Just a few rules, listed below: You rate the song by giving a rating out of 10. For example, 8 out of 10 would be pretty good. Don't post troll songs, non-songs or songs longer than 10 minutes. Don't discriminate against people's taste in music / ratings. [UPDATED] Do not post songs of which are deemed as 'explicit' according to Spotify. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's begin,
  6. Simple game... We count 1 number at a time to see how high we can count before a member of the TruckersMP team comment on this thread. When they do we have to start over back at 1. Double posting only counts if there has been a two hour gap since the previous post CURRENT RECORD: 263 Date: 18/03/17 So... Same rules as last time, same record as last time you know what to do! Edit: Slight name change from a suggestion by @Penguin
  7. Basically like the forum game in off topic but thi sis for veteran drivers! So one person says "Banned cos i said". And then another says "Banned cos of (reason)" Basically that *Looking At Admins*
  8. ok. this is a game. rules: 1.no foul words ,of course. 2.you have to answer the question asked by the last one who commented first.then you can ask a question 3.nope,that's all. ===== example: Me:beef for lunch?pork for lunch? A: beef. daf truck?man truck? B:man. ... lets start! ===== beef for lunch?pork for lunch?
  9. Word Association - Forum Game In this game you have to associate a word with the one in the post above. It's easy and fun. We could start at the word Leaf, and get all the way to the word Hyperactive by the time this post dies out! How to play Go to the last page of this thread, read and google word if needed, then reply back in a separate post. Please do not quote people because then it will turn into an utter quotefest 2016. Let's Start My word: Truck
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