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Found 7 results

  1. #LST5YEARS Anniversary Convoy About The Event Lakeside Transport VTC are celebrating five years of being established on the roads of TruckersMP playing Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator. To celebrate this time with us we would like to invite the TruckersMP community to take part in the celebration of such success of Lakeside Transport VTC, with us on Saturday the 14th of November 2020 The celebration consists of a Truckfest, a major convoy across two routes and having fun with the TruckersMP community. we have been planning this event for a long time and can't wait for. Can you also confirm your attendance via ETS2C, so we know who is coming to the event. We can use this evidence to get an events server from TruckersMP, you can do this by clicking the link Here; Important Information Truck Fest Location: Stavanger, City (public in city, VTCs at the sea port) Truck Fest Duration: 12:00 - 12:50 Departure: 13:00 Journey: Stavanger - Hanover Routes: 2 Slots Info: Date: Saturday 14th November, 2020 Server: Awaiting Events Server Temp Server: Simulation #2 DLC: Scandinavia Important Links ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/87132/bradleyj307-stavanger-sea-port Event discord -https://discord.gg/smaWzCq VTC Website - https://lstvtc.co.uk Join Lakeside Transport now! https://lstvtc.co.uk | @lstvtc | https://truckersmp.com/vtc/2583/ !Hope To See You There!
  2. Здравейте всички Днес ще ви покажа как да изключите / на случайни пътни събития в ETS2 и ATS Какво е случайни пътни събития? Ако не го знаете, можете да прочетете тук Ето няколко снимки за това ТУК Е РЪКОВОДСТВОТО Влезте в играта Погледнете главния екран на играта Щракнете върху "Опции" Изберете „Игра“ 5. Там ще видите текстови ред: Случайни пътни събития 5.1. Ако искате да изключите Случайни пътни събития, натиснете го вляво 5.2. Ако искате да включите Случайни пътни събития, дръпнете го на дясната страна Можете да гледате тези видеоклипове: За ETS2: За ATS: Забележка: В ATS можете да го направите същото като ETS2
  3. Suggestion Name: Future Event Idea I'm fairly new to TruckerMP, and perhaps this idea im about to suggest has already been bounced around? I did do one haul during the Operation Mud Sur in MP which was fun, until i arrived at the clearing site O.O. While it was great trucks inside the clearing site are in ghost mode not being able to see the yard very well and not being able to see the green interactive holo or see the narrow path and what to avoid made it almost impossible. I ended up canceling my haul and did them all in SP. Suggestion Description: Idea of making trucks inside a yard invisible to make future events with regards to dropping off loads at a major site or location that pertains to the event. More detailed description below.. Suggestion 1# I was wondering why not instead; when you enter the yard/site to drop off your load that all other trucks (inside the yard) are not visible and its just your own truck- perhaps from inside the yard you can see the other trucks qued outside but to everyone else you are invisible. As soon as a truck drives into the yard they disappear- and the next truck in line then drives forwards and they too disappear or fade out. When you leave the yard your truck will fade in to instance where everyone can see you again. Perhaps this might be a better system for a future event where it might be more doable to handle a lot of trucks coming and going to a site? this means also those who want to do a full manual offload/park or an easy park or skip parking can do what they wish without holding up other players because everyone will have their own instance. It may seem vanishing trucks isnt every immersive but neither is a traffic jam of ghosting trucks. Suggestion 2# An additional idea to build on this; is being able to invite other players/friends to your group/convoy (drop in and out style) and when you reach the site/yard you can see your friends. This way if there is a small convoy of friends together it will seem more immersive seeing one another- but the group size being manageable, perhaps a limit of 5 or something. Anyway i don't know if my suggests are doable but could make future events by SCS or TruckersMP events more fun. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: To make future community events run more smoothly and more fun.
  4. I note that in multiplayer several bug's occur for random events. - Police cars that do not show up in accidents. Only characters appear - NPC avatars. Firefighters, cops. - police cars and drivers when fined. Only characters appear, NPC avatars. Only police officer appears and sometimes some driver who would be out of the vehicle. - Fire truck and cars and crashed trucks. Only characters appear, NPC avatars. Only firemen show up. With any luck an exploded trailler can be seen. But not fire trucks. - Cars with mechanical problems. We only see signal triangles. Does not appear NPC's driver or the vehicle.
  5. -ETS2 KONVOY- 12 Eylül Çarşamba günü akşam Saat 21:30'da Buluşuyoruz! Hepinizi bekliyorum. Başlangıç: Innsbruck Hotel Bitiş: Kiel Hotel Dorse zorunludur. Lütfen ağır dorse almayın (10+) Lütfen Gereksiz sollama yapmayın. Discord: http://discord.gg/XR8sVAM Sunucu: EU:3 ROTA
  6. BEST EUROPEAN DRIVERS SUR NOUS Nous organisons des événements spéciaux comme des championnats d'agilité et de technique avec l'accord des admins. Nous sommes comme un réseau social des techniques utilisées pour les meilleurs d'entre vous! Nous cherchons aussi des bons monteurs vidéo. CRITÈRES REQUIS Avoir TeamSpeak, Skype et un microphone qui fonctionne Essayer d'être présent chaque Week-End NOS EVÈNEMENTS Pour le moment, nous commençons à organiser des championnats de routiers en 5 manches. Chaque gagnant des 5 événements vont s'affronter pour la place du gagnant suprême : il va gagner un prix et comme les autres, de la gratitude d'avoir participé mais aussi d'avoir gagné sur sa manche ainsi qu'un "surnom" pour avoie été l'un des meilleurs conducteurs de la saison. Vous pouvez trouver plus d'informations sur notre site internet. CONTACTEZ NOUS Notre site Notre Teamspeak : ts14.freets3.net:10397 Mon skype : nonomaire1 Notre chaîne YouTube Nous espérons vous voir à nos événements (contactez nous avant de venir) Bonne chance sur les routes d'Europe!
  7. Hello, A few days ago, some rules updated for one of the special events. We want to join that event but one of these rules says, players must be in TS3 and we(not only me, me and all of VTC) were banned from that TS3 server. Two days ago I messaged to @Clarkinator but there isn't any answer. We saw some inconsistencies about rules because MP platform and events must be available for each player. TS3 rule is reasonable but some platforms or people banned us from that TS3 server for their own benefits. This situation is opposite for MP soul (MP means playing together.).This behave is selfish. If we go that TS3 server, we will ban from there or we had been already banned. Now we are suggesting -for this TS3 rule- that, if TS3 rule is going to still keep continue, why event isn't happening in TruckersMP's TS3(ts3.truckersmp.com). Me and my friends had been banned from unofficial forum and that forum's TS3 so I can't join that event on MP. Then where is the MP soul. Everyone wants to drive together. There are 3 photos came from our friends and these photos are below : 1- 2- Reason: banned player from forum. 3- Best regards, bluesbass Turkish/Türkçe: Merhaba, Birkaç gün önce, özel etkinlikler ile ilgili kural güncellemesi oldu. Biz bu etkinliklere katılmak istiyoruz fakat bu güncellenen kurallardan bir tanesi diyor ki; oyuncular TS3 sunucusunda olmalı ve biz(bu TS3 sunucusundan sadece ben değil benimle beraber tüm şirket üyeleri banlandık). 2 gün önce Clarkinator'e mesaj attım ancak herhangi bir cevap yok. Bu kurallarda bazı çelişkiler görüyoruz çünkü Multiplayer ve MP'deki etkinlikler tüm oyuncular için erişilebilir olmalıdır. TS3 sunucusunda bulunma kuralı her ne kadar mantıklı olsa da bazı platform ve kişiler bizi bu TS3 sunucusundan banladılar. Bu durum Multiplayer'ın ruhuna aykırı bir durumdur(Multiplayer demek beraber oynamak demektir). Bu davranış bencilcedir. Eğer bahsedilen o TS3 sunucusuna gidersek ya banlanacağız ya da hali hazırda zaten banlıyız. Bu koşullara baktığımızda öneriyoruz ki- bu TS3 sunucu kuralı için-, eğer bu TS3 sunucu kuralı uygulanmaya devam edecek ise etkinlik neden TruckersMP'ye ait olan TS3 sunucusunda(ts3.truckersmp.com) yapılmıyor. Ben ve arkadaşlarım resmi olmayan bir forum ve TS3 sunucusundan banladık, öyleyse neden Multiplayer'da düzenlenen bir etkinliğe katılamıyoruz? MP ruhu nerede? Herkes birlikte sürmek ister. Yukarıda arkadaşlarımızdan gelen TS3'e ait fotoğraflar var.(2. fotoğrafta "sebep: forumdan banlı kullanıcı" yazıyor) Saygılarımla, bluesbass
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