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Found 10 results

  1. Starz

    Favourite city in TMP?

    Evening all, just wondering, what is your favorite city in ETS2MP. Comment your favorite and I'll like if I like that city. And if you do like the city why? Is it the scenery or is it something else #TMP <3
  2. Octavian_Boris

    New Map DLCs?

    New Map DLCs? - You can do that SCS. If u do this, ETS2 is the awsome game! - Going West DLC (Spain + Portugal) - Celtic Sea DLC (Ireland) - Adriatic Sea DLC (Slovenia + Croatia + Serbia + Montenegro + Albania + Bosnia) - Aegean Sea DLC (Macedonia + Greece + Turkey) - Black Sea DLC (Roumania + Bulgaria + Moldova + Ukraine + Georgia) - Armenia & Azerbaijan DLC - Belarus DLC - Iceland DLC - European Russia DLC - cities: (Moscow + Saint Petersburg + Murmansk + Krasnoshchelye + Sofporog + Tiksha + Onega + Arkhangelsk + Vologda +Tver + Pskov + Smolensk + Voronezh + Tver + Kineshma + Volgograd + Rostov-on-Don + Stavropol + Krasnodar)
  3. Hey liebe TruckersMP-Gemeinde! Die frisch gegründete Virtuelle Spedition ,,United Logistics Germany'' sucht offene und verantwortungsbewusste Mitarbeiter. Ich suche zurzeit: - Berufskraftfahrer (m/w) Ich habe ein großes Ziel mit der Spedition: Groß werden! Und Ihr könnt mir dabei helfen! Zurzeit steht leider noch kein TS zur Verfügung, aber der folgt demnächst. Die Spedition entstand aus der ehemaligen MCLS GmbH, diese wurde aber leider geschlossen, wegen Fachkräftemangel. Um weitere Informationen zu erhalten, guckt einfach auf meiner/unserer Website vorbei. Normalerweise müsstet Ihr ein Bewerbungsformular ausfüllen um sich bei uns zu bewerben (außer auf der Polnischen und Englischen Internetseite), dies ist jedoch zurzeit auf allen Seiten nicht notwendig. Vergesst bitte nicht, in der Bewerbung euren Vornamen, euren ''Wunschberuf'', Steam Profil und TruckersMP-Profillink einzufügen. Dies ist dringend notwendig. Eure Bewerbung schickt Ihr anschließend an diese Email Adresse: [email protected] WICHTIG: WIR RECHNEN MIT DEM TOOL ,,TRUCKING-VS'' AB! Ich freue mich auf eure Bewerbungen! MfG - Martin
  4. ThatOvertakenPokeman

    ETS2 Modified Company Trucks + Trailer GAME

    ETS2 MODIFIED COMPANY TRUCKS + TRAILER GAME Rules: Show a screenshot of a real life company truck paint job + trailer skin Then show a screenshot of you trying to make it similar to that with your In-Game truck paint job + trailer company skin NO USAGE of mods and paint job MUST BE DLC purchased or STOCK ONLY NO big bullbars. ONLY small light-bars with 4 SLOTS if necessary. Real life: : In-game: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/full_image.php?id=00000000002DBA6C&cdn=1
  5. TrademarkGamer

    .::Motion Media - Media Professionals::.

    Motion Media - Media Professionals Formally Motion Films We are a virtual media company that strives to make virtual media the best we can. Our services That's why we pride ourself on having professional and friendly staff. Our production services include jingles, event coverage and for the first time ever, the RAW files (.proj .psd etc). Our production team are competent in using many of the Adobe Creative Cloud software, the software used by many media companies, such as Global, The BBC, and Universal Video Production Event coverage Jingles & Sweepers Voice overs Scriptwriting RAW Files (.proj .psd) YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3TpUGbAmeK1zN-03lMvz9A?&ab_channel=MotionMedia Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/motionmediaofficial Twitter: https://twitter.com/MotionMediaOffi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motionmediaoffi/ Website: http://motionmedia.group E-Mail: [email protected] If you're still not sure, why not look at some of our past work Why not book us today? https://goo.gl/NDL2P
  6. XmenomX

    How to join on server 69

    HI! I have a problem. I saw at several youtubers who played on other servers than eu1 eu3 eu4 us sa hk im ets2. How do I access other servers like eu69. Here is a link to the one that played on the eu69 server look at the inscription Serwer: Europa 69 here is the link: And sorry for my english i am from Poland.
  7. Baetu

    Speed limiter?

    Hi, is there any speed limit on server 2 europe? I thought there was not but my truck doesn't seem to go any faster than 90 km/h. It is not damaged and the speed limit is unchecked in the options. Thank you !
  8. wanfourthree

    Cannot connect to Europe Server 2?

    This is abit of a mouthful, so bare with me. I recently bought the Scandinavian DLC and recently updated to the version. Ever since I cannot connect to the Europe Server 2. Whenever I've tried or checked there's been 2227 or 2228 players online. My internet connection is fine, restarted Steam and the game. Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help appreciated..
  9. Rocketbooms

    Can't connect to Europe 2 (ETSMP)

    Title says it all. I can connect to Europe 3 but not Europe 2. Thanks in advance for help.
  10. denis213

    Europe #1 server Zello channel

    For all drivers that don't use TeamSpeak we made Zello channel for Europe #1 server QR CODE What is Zello? Zello is PTT app for Android and Apple devices. Is free to use & also support PTT microphones. Enjoy