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Found 8 results

  1. سلام دوستان عزیز در این پست براتون آموزش می دهیم که چگونه بازی یورو تراک 2 و آمریکن تراک را آنلاین اجرا کنید --------- کنسل شد
  2. I have a new volvo 750hp manual (latest model) and a scania streamline with 730hp manual.When I try to accelerate in the scania in 4th gear or higher gear from a full stop it takes a fair amount of time to get to speed but when I do the same in volvo in 4th gear or higher gear I takes much less time to accelerate from full stop.Also in scania when I press the accelerator key the rev needle drops,then rises slowly.I dont get the feeling of power.Whereas In volvo when I tap the accelerator key it instantly surges forward with delay with feeling of huge power.Im trying to say that in the scania when I press the accelerator button It dosent go forward instantly and takes more time to reach to speed but in volvo when I press the accelerator button It surges forward with any delay and with strong power and reach the speed early .The transmission in scania I think is not good or responsive. Have you guys encountered this problem?
  3. Hello! can you help me? i got problems with ETS2 MP when i lauch it my cursor doesnt move and i cant log in to MP
  4. Hello. After I installed the 1.30 Open Beta, then deinstalled it and I have go back to the old version. That is screenshot from the moment, when press "Launch ETS 2" -> http://prntscr.com/hcutam I tried to reinstall the Multiplayer, but nothing happened... Sorry if my ENG is bad.
  5. je un bug sur euro truck simulator 2 le multiplayer ne mais lance pas la bonne verion de euro truck simulator 2 multiplayer il de dit je suis 1.17.00 mais je suis en 1.28.00 http://hpics.li/2054a7a
  6. Hello there, i want to ask you about TruckersMP. I delete all my mods and verify game cache and try to start TruckersMP from my desktop and its just said "TruckersMP just stopped working"... Can someone help me about this issue. Thanks.
  7. Arkadaşlar merhaba bende bu sorun var; Ben oyuna giriyorum ve ''Install Available Updates'' Yazıyor Basıyorum Ama Birşey Olmuyor. 10 Kere 20 Kere Denedim Olmadı Yardımcı Olursanız Teşekkürler... YORUMLAR KISMINDA İNGİLİZCEYE ÇEVİRİRSENİZ BU YAZDIKLARIMI SEVİNİRİM İngilizcem Kötü İYİ FORUMLAR! Topic is inactive. Locked & Moved to Archieve
  8. Whenever I try to take a job in the external contracts I just get a message saying that I already have a delivery pending, so I can't take another job. But the thing is that I don't have any jobs pending and I can take jobs in the freight market and quick jobs. Does anyone else have this problem, and/or a sulution to this? Thank you!
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