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Found 18 results

  1. the launcher for multiplayer starts for me but it doesnt start online. at first i get a message : game starting allowed? and then i start it then i log in and then i play but it doesnt go online! it only goes offline.
  2. 嘿,卡车世界的朋友们,我想邀请你们加入我们! 时间:欧洲时间下午3点 路线:汉诺威-科隆-加莱港 汉诺威采石场起点 服务器:US server 我希望与你有一个美好的相遇!
  3. Merhabalar, Öncelikle şahsi hesabıma giriş yapamıyorum o yüzden arkadaşımın hesaptan yazmaktayım. Şahsi Hesabım: "mekatron" 1 buçuk hafta önce ets den ban yemiştim ban sürem doldu fakat banım kalkmadı daha sonra hesabımı silip tekrar açmak istedim fakat "We were unable to find Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator on your account, please ensure your profile is set to public and that you have played the game at least 2 hours" bu hatayı vermekte, söyleneneni yapmama rağmen kayıt olamıyorum. Sürekli bu uyarıyı veriyor. Hesabımı tekrar kaydetme veya başka bir yolu varmı acaba?
  4. I did one thing (one post for help) when I was new (I am still new) then one guy told me "Dont go to C and D roads they are death roads" And I mean where are much players and you crash every time xD
  5. So, I do ALT + TAB for go to discord,skype etc. Then it appears "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Steam stopped working..."
  6. So when i enter ets it works just fine but in about less than 1 minute everything freezes except for my truck! The biggest problem is that even though i can;t see them, they can see me and even get hit by me! I think i've caused alot of trouble already because of this, still, i can't enjoy this BAD experience! I just want to play with my friend. I've tried everything but it doesn't work. Specs: Amd fx-6300 3,50 ghz 4 gb ddr 3 1333 mhz ram r7 240 2gb ddr3 gpu 1 tb harddisk Internet speed: 90 mbps download and upload I've only got rejection until now.
  7. Suggestion Name: can we have a server with traffic offence alway on ? and speed limiter is a little bonus if needed or asked.. ( i would like have one with the traffic offence for all players ) Suggestion Description:you dont have the option to pull out the traffic offence in your menu ( server dedicated for that ) ... ( i mean a hardcore server for those like me who really want having fun and having a real server for this kind of purpose ) Any example images: ( picture used above are just as exemple.. ) Why should it be added?: like that every time you are ramming any other user ( players ) you get a fine + you have the chance to get reported.. that will reduce the number of accident, red light offence problem solved ( except if you have ton of money and just dont care about the game and other players that want to get respected and have more realistic server.. ) ( you will have EU 12345 to do what you want, but on this server it will force players to respects rules of law ) mayby less report and a better place to drive. i see only benefit for this kind of server, the counter part is the number of server are quite high but some server are almost all way empty we could make and experimental server to see if it worth to keep or trash it... already said that we are not a GTA/NFS game, and any suggestion should be take in count..... : ''' On 06/06/2017 at 2:58 AM, scarface0359 said: We are always working to improve our current way of working, so any useful feedback will be taken into consideration. '''''' i have used the search fonction befor making the post.. if you find exactly the same post or something reallly similar ill look to it. ( but the post is about a HARDCORE SERVER. ) (everyone is welcome to give out an opinion but as long you respect the choice, the idea of other users and make constructive feedback) Thank for taking time to read out my idea. Kehox Edit 1 : i found an idea similar, but mine is a different .. ( ENG/FR thread, but i wanted just link it to make an association with mine on the Ideal server... ) thnx to @SovHed for the idea of adding ( '' "Role-Play" '' to my title ) ------------ (Short Update to see if that is worth to keep the discussion ) ------------ Update 1 : for the first 12 hours i think personaly it looking good .. 2 person think it could be possible or see an interest. 2 person dont see the idea working or dislike ( -1 ) ( and i totaly respect your choice ) 1 person that i cant say if yes or no would like it... -----
  8. Arkadaşlar merhaba bende bu sorun var; Ben oyuna giriyorum ve ''Install Available Updates'' Yazıyor Basıyorum Ama Birşey Olmuyor. 10 Kere 20 Kere Denedim Olmadı Yardımcı Olursanız Teşekkürler... YORUMLAR KISMINDA İNGİLİZCEYE ÇEVİRİRSENİZ BU YAZDIKLARIMI SEVİNİRİM İngilizcem Kötü İYİ FORUMLAR! Topic is inactive. Locked & Moved to Archieve
  9. Hi. Today I was trying to play ets2mp, but i got a message that i need update mp to i updated, then i got message that i neet to update ets2 to 1.26.2s i went to steam, ets2 properties, from betas chosed 1.26.x updated ant it is still comming the same error. i tryed on single player and the games started. in the corner writing that my version is 1.26.1s. how to update to 1.26.2s and play multiplayer? Thank you.
  10. I watched a few ETS videos and I noticed some only have music. I know Merceli88 does them and he is really good at doing them. I also post videos but I have running commentary. I play with my friends and we talk over skype and sometimes teamspeak. I have 1tb full of ETS footage to go through due to people behaving badly and my friends having fun. When we want to ram into each other, we make sure we do it in a different city that has very little people in it. Check out my playlist here
  11. Hello everyone I'll go straight to the topic.... snow, will there be snow for any of the MP? am sure near the time of Christmas you can play on ETS with snow (without mods) now am just wondering, will the snow come back again this year? will it come on ATS or ETS? and if so will it come on any of the ETSMP or ATSMP? I hope so, to be honest I wish there was a server just for snow ... in my opinion.
  12. BRASOV


    Good morning I wish you all a good day and without incident on multiplayer.
  13. BRASOV


    What I enjoy most is the multiplayer servers work very well and are well maintained and in this way I want to thank all those that contribute to improving and and play. many thanks also to those who protects us from other players who try to violate the rules.
  14. BRASOV

    Good Morning all

    I wish you a most beautiful day possible to everyone. Thanks also to all who are part of everything that means hard work and effort ETSMP for us players to play in the best conditions
  15. Recently whenever I try to connect to Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer I automatically get kicked. The message says - Invalid set detected. Prohibited accessory in use. I have tried uninstall the game and install it again hoping this would work. I have also tried uninstall Multiplayer but unfortunately this hasn't worked either. This problem has now been resolved.
  16. Samil29


    [TR]Merhaba arkadaşlar yeni gelen güncellemesiyle ben ve arkadaşlarım böyle bir sıkıntıyla karşılaşıyoruz aceba sorun bizdemi yoksa serverlerdemi çözülmesi dileği ile şimdiden hayırlı bayramlar [EN] Hello Everyone,I and friend have issues since new update had come ( is there any problem with the servers or is it based on us. Regards
  17. Hey :3 i updated the MP mod to latest today .... i then applied the steam update NONE - Opt out of all beta programs once complete i launched ETS2MP mod via home-screen icon it then proceeded to launch the standard version of the game Euro Truck Sim 2. What do i do please help. -Thanks Lunarayaz
  18. Hello, for some time I have concerns I connect in multiplayer yet I see 350 people currently connected, my client is up to date and ETS2MP I have read and found that there have a concern at the server But you not have a fix for this because how can some explain that this connected? Sorry for the english i'm french. cordially
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