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Virtual Trucking Company

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Found 13 results

  1. So iv been kinda irritated for the past cupple of days and i would like an explination if anyone has one, as i drive on mp on the US server i come across several people who can not speek a work of english why is this we have euro servers so why is this happening
  2. Bilindiği üzere bugün 1.32 güncellemesi yayınlanmıştır. Fakat 1.31'den beri gelen, "Serbest Çalış" bölümünde "Filtrenize uygun iş bulunmuyor" ya da güncellemeyle birlikte gelen dorse sahipliği ile satın aldığımız özel dorseler için de yine "Yük piyasası"nda yine aynı hatayı alıyorum. Çözümü nedir?
  3. WhiteTiger_TMP

    [REZOLVARE]Problema la salvare/Save problem

    [RO] Problema cu salvarea in ETS/ATS. Recent am intampinat o problema, pe care cu greu am rezolvat-o si pentru care nu am gasit nicaieri solutie. Orice faceam, jocul nu salva nici macar cu salvare automata. Un moderator m-a ajutat spunandu-mi ca poate fi din config din ets, insa nu aceasta era problema. Asa ca spun de acum: ATENȚIE LA ANTIVIRUS! Intr-adevar, problema era de la antivirus, deoarece folosesc BitDefender, acesta a blocat automat jocul, nepermitandu-i sa modifice sau creeze fisiere. Mi-am dat seama cand am vazut ca in fisierul Euro Truck Simulator 2 din Documente, nu am anumite fisiere importante. Din fericire este simplu de rezolvat. Se intra la antivirus in setari si selectati ca aplicatia sa aiba permisiunea de a modifica fisiere. Daca acesat este un repost, imi cer scuze! Am cautat si nu am gasit o postare asemanatoare. Mult succes! [EN] Problem with the save in ETS/ATS Recently I encountered a problem, which I hardly solved and I have not found any solution. Whatever I do, the game doesn't save even with automatic save. A moderator has helped me by telling me that it can be from config from ets, but that's not the problem. So, I say now: ATTENTION TO ANTIVIRUS! Yes, the problem was from Antivirus, because I'm using BitDefender, it block the game automatic and not allowing them to modifity or create files. I realized when I saw that in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 file in Documents, I don't have some important files. If this is a repost, I'm sorry! I have searched and I have not found a similar post. Good luck!
  4. Si quieres ser parte de una empresa y formar convoys con la misma ¡No busques más! aquí en Fired Up Logisitc encontraras lo que necesitas!! Porfavor comunicate con nosotros mediante TrucksBook : http://trucksbook.eu/company/5662 los esperamos !! If you want to be part of a company and form convoys with it, look no further! here at Fired Up Logisitc you will find what you need !! Please communicate with us through TrucksBook : http://trucksbook.eu/company/5662 We wait for you!!
  5. How to remove parts of your truck English subtitles.
  6. How to change the engine and transmission from your truck English subtitles
  7. [VGW]The_Mad_Catter

    Van meeteren transport, de plek voor jou

    welkom bij van meeteren transport (English below) deze VTC draait alleen plezier hebben met rijden, er worden natuurlijk convoi's geörganiseerd. om te zorgen dat iedereen plezier heeft binnen in deze VTC zijn er een paar regels. -Een [V-MEETEREN] tag voor je mp naam hebben -Geen beledigingen -Niet schelden -Bij een convoi wordt bij iedereen een plek bepaald, hou deze plek -Netjes rijden -Niet beuken/afsnijden tijdens een convoi -kleur je truck met de juiste skin en kleuren welcome to van meeteren transport This VTC runs only fun with driving, of course convoys are organized. To make sure everyone has fun in this VTC there are a few rules. -A [V-MEETEREN] tag for your mp name -No insults -No swearing -At a convoy a place is determined by everyone, keep this place -Do not cut/beech during a convoi -Drive carefully -paint your truck with the right skin and colors eigenaar/owner: THEGRIFFINOWNER co-eigenaar/co-owner: MatheoVm driver: JohnTrucker1993 you?;)
  8. 800mike

    Van deuveren Transport

    Van Deuveren Transport is een nog redelijk kleine Nederlands/Vlaams talige VTC die zich inzet voor gezelligheid en plezier. Wij rijden samen met onze crew over de map van zowel ETS als ATS Ook rijden wij vaak konvooi, dit bespreken we meestal wel vooraf! wij zijn nog opzoek naar gezellige en fanatieke Chauffeurs die ons team willen versterken! ______________________________________________________________________________ zoals je al las staan wij voor gezelligheid, en dat willen we ook graag zo houden! daarom als Van Deuveren transport Chauffeur deze regels op te volgen: -Geen beledigend taalgebruik -Scheld anderen niet uit -Gebruik een gepaste Avatar -Hou anderen in hun waarde -Stoor anderen niet als ze dat niet willen -(een werkend Discord met microfoon) -Het beheersen van de Nederlandse taal (Vlaams) -Clan Tag [VDT] voor je In game naam -Niet Onnodig inhalen bij konvooi's ______________________________________________________________________________ Leden + kentekens: [OWNER] Redpassion {NL{1-VDT-01} {ETS}{ATS} OceanRace {NL{1-VDT-02} {ETS}{ATS} [ADMIN] King_Breddo {NL{2-VDT-03} {ETS}{ATS} [DRIVER] [TRIAL] _____________________________________________________________________________ heb je interesse neem dan contact op met OceanRace of Redpassion Via Discord https://discord.gg/zfcf3Xh ______________________________________________________________________________ Tot Gauw! Van Deuveren Transport Group
  9. [Canada//UK]xVetrax

    Supporter/Game Admin

    Is there a way where guys with bans can apply for Supporter or Game Admin? ~xVetrax
  10. FlyingBird_Asuka

    How can I have Admin authority ?

    Hi, Forum keepers, My online account is [email protected],com. First of all, I am a conservative player. I enjoy driving and delivering cargo. Almost, I observe traffic rules but i may over speed sometimes What I want to complain is that: Some big port city like Rotterdam, there are so many people don't keep traffic rules. Ignore traffic light, hit my ass , violent language, converse driving. Even some admin who drive Police Car, they hit my car without any reason. Please check the clip as reference and evidence. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av10923171/ I call them bad players. Obviously, they are hard to be seen in DLC map. I want to have the right to ban those bad players. Please tell me how to obtain the right?
  11. LONE WOLF S.L Somos una empresa virtual creada en el año 2015, empezamos jugando al tetris y decidimos que ese juego no era para nosotros, entonces decidimos probar el Rig 'n' Roll y seguimos con los juegos de simulación entre otros muchos que jugamos, hasta ahora. Nos gustaría reclutar personal de habla Hispana para nuestra VTC que ya pertenece a la historia de las empresas virtuales en España. Comunicación vía TS3, (No usamos discord, dolby axón, etc....) Que pedimos: Gente mayor de 14 años. Gente responsable y participativa. Gente leal y sincera Como pertenecer a LoneWolf: Leer y entender nuestras normas que se encuentran en nuestra página: http://lonewolf.foroactivo.com/ os esperamos a todos! Como contactar con nosotros: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Alfredo1997/ Para dudas: http://lonewolf.foroactivo.com/
  12. Wyesumu

    ETS2 MP on linux crashes

    Hello, I followed the instructions in this video( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqjeP1bA0Ms ), but when I reached the stage of entering login and pass game crashes as soon as I pressed any button on my keyboard. I just can't log in. Maybe there is a file where I can enter a pass, In order to avoid the login in the game. I know that MP does't support Linux, but I really want find a solution of that issue. Thanking you in advance. Russian: ----------- Здравствуйте, я следовал инструкциям в этом видео( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqjeP1bA0Ms ), но когда я достиг этапа ввода логина, игра просто крашит, стоит мне только нажать любую кнопку клавиатуры. Не могу залогиниться - не могу поиграть. Может в моде присутствует файл, в котором я бы ввёл эти данные, и избежал ввода их в самой игре. И да, я знаю, что мод не поддерживает Linux, но я надеюсь найти решение этой проблемы. Заранее благодарен.
  13. xtremealu

    What languages do you learn?

    What languages do you learn? My native language is Slovenian, and I speak fluent Croatian/Balkan languages. I learn English (actually I speak it at a near native level), German and Russian. What about you?