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Found 19 results

  1. Hello! Here's a little question = If the Duisburg - Calais route wasn't so popular and crowded. Which route would you like to choose? Which routes do you Like? What roads do you like? I'm waiting for your comments. Kind Regards, Shadel
  2. Hello, Specify what you would change of the "calais-duisburg" road (more petrol stations, total 4 carriageways, speed cameras ...). Thanks for answers. Kind regards. Bye
  3. Duisburg is completely a mess, when it rains in-game drivers become complete idiots on the wheel. Yesterday a incident happened on the entrance of duisburg, someone thought it would be a great idea that instead of merging ( there's a few merges) and yielding to traffic it would be good to use the shoulder as a lane when it's also raining. Guy driving the truck tries to pass me on the shoulder when I'm going slow because of rain and discovers the shoulder ends soon and he has to merge into my lane. The result is he tries to merge, i sideswipe him, I loose control and drift because of rain, hit a truck on my left and that causes a chain reaction, the whole highway gets blocked. After that someone going full speed (110km/h) can't brake on time when there's an accident, rear ends me and calls me out saying I reported you like if it's my fault. Now some admin surely will go to my profile look at my bans which aren't good at all. And will think it's my fault. I'll make later another coment about the status of the roads around duisburg that aren't that good either. Bye
  4. We can find that there is only one lane on the road leaving Duisburg and leading to C-D Road, but there are a lot of people here, causing congestion every day, resulting in insufficient transport capacity. Maybe we can widen this road into two lanes to ease the serious traffic congestion These roads will be changed into two-way two lanes, with a total of four That would be a good idea
  5. Hi, I was hauling a Vossloh locomotive around Duisburg, and got stuck under a bridge that is too low... Is that supposed to be measure to prevent those on the road or bug?
  6. Hello game admin team. Its my suggestion to the Admin team, please reduce "No Collision Area in Duisburg" because its hard to exit the city and no one is follow the lane because of no collision are are too large in the city.
  7. 9 ASTUCES POUR LA ROUTE CALAIS-DUISBOURG Bonjour à tous! Cette route va de Calais à Duisbourg et elle fait 450 km de long. Elle est habituellement fortement fréquentée. Si vous aimez le trafic, vous pourriez aimer rouler sur cette route. Voici quelques astuces. SOYEZ PATIENT: Ça peut paraître bête mais croyiez moi, c'est important. Il vous faudra beaucoup de patience car de nombreux conducteurs trollent ou font des accidents juste pour s'amuser et ruiner l'expérience des autres joueurs. SAUVEGARDE RAPIDE: Si vous avez un accident, vous pouvez charger votre dernière sauvegarde rapide (Toutes les 5 minutes). C'est vraiment utile mais il y a encore mieux, c'est la possibilité d'utiliser une touche pour charger la sauvegarde: Premièrement, mettez un raccourci pour la sauvegarde rapide dans vos paramètres. Ensuite au volant, si vous pensez que quelque chose de mauvais va arriver, il vous suffit juste d'appuyer sur la touche que vous avez choisie. Cela vous fera réapparaître là où votre sauvegarder rapide s'est effectuée avec un mode fantôme de 10 secondes. Faites attention à vous et aux autres, avant de sauvegarder, arrêtez-vous sur le côté de la route. Si vous sauvegardez au milieu de la route, vous allez aussi réapparaître au milieu de route et les autres joueurs peuvent ne pas savoir que vous êtes en mode fantôme ceux qui peuvent causer des accidents. (Ne marche pas avec les contrats externes) NE ROULEZ PAS AU DESSUS DE 80-90 KM/H: Il y a souvent des bouchons sur cette route. Si vous roulez trop vite qu'un bouchon se forme, vous n'aurez surement pas le temps et l'espace de vous arrêter ce qui va créer un accident et peut vous faire bannir. NE KLAXONNEZ PAS POUR RIEN: C'est énervant et ça n'aide le trafic à s'améliorer, ça va qu'embêter les autres et vous risquez de vous faire signaler! UTILISEZ VOS FEUX DE DÉTRESSE SI VOUS ÊTES À L'ARRIÈRE D'UN BOUCHON: Ce n'est pas nécessaire mais c'est toujours pratique pour informer les conducteurs qui sont derrière d'un ralentissement. CETTE ROUTE EST IDENTIQUE À N'IMPORTE QUELLE AUTRE ROUTE DU JEU: Conduisez normalement, si vous devez vous arrêter, mettez-vous sur le côté et laisser passez les autres. Suivez le Code de la route et les panneaux. Utilisez vos clignotants.... SI VOUS VOUS ENNUYEZ, LISEZ LE CHAT: Le chat peut être aussi bien mauvais qu'amusant et beaucoup de choses peuvent s'y passer. SOYEZ RESPECTUEUX (OU PAS) AVEC LES AUTRES: Si quelqu'un s'est fait rentrer dedans, ne le klaxonner pas (ce n'est pas de sa faute). Si quelqu'un veut s'engager sur la route, laissez-le passer. Si quelqu'un vous fait des appels de phrases car vous êtes "lent", dites-lui d'aller jouer sur les serveurs Arcade. Si quelqu'un s'excuse après vous être rentré dedans par accident, acceptez ses excuses et reprenne la route. LA RADIO: La radio est le chat vocal. Si vous êtes facilement embêtés par des gens qui soufflent dans leur micro, qui parlent une langue que vous connaissez par, qui mettez de la musique dans la micro ou juste embêter d'entre des voix, vous devriez désactiver la radio dans votre camion. Sur cette route, vous allez trouvez: 3 Stations essences 1 Passage à niveau Beaucoup d'intersections Beaucoup de courbes (certaines sont dangereuses) Beaucoup de camions Bonne route!
  8. Hey Leute! Da der Game Moderator mir meine Frage nicht beantwortet hat ( In Deutsch und Englisch ) muss Ich mich an Euch wenden. Wie genau läuft das ab wenn man nun die Leute Reporten möchte die Trotz des Verbots Convois fahren. Hier ein kleines bild von der D-C Strecke zur veranschaulichung: Vielen dank schonmal für eure Antworten. MFG Devilcraft
  9. Suggestion Name: New option to report players Suggestion Description: I'd really appreciate it if it was possible to click on player's name tags while having the tab open and right clicking on the screen to get the yellow mouse. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: This would be really useful to report someone in a high populated area as you can simply click on his name, as the player stands right by your side.
  10. Good morning/afternoon oder evening together , Suggestion Name: No parking zone at Duisburg city to reduce server lgs Suggestion Description: Hello everyone, maybe you will ask now, why this thread ? Let me explain, why... I can guess that you see all days (real time) driver they are parking on the sidewalk and this could harder to drive out of service, company or similar. Maybe we can change it like the europoort rule with "no parking at EP" ? Everyone they are parking on the side they should be kicked or teleport to the service and this could maybe be better to reduce the server lags. I know that idea sound weird but this is the same like the DC road, everyone could have server lags, more reports on TMP etc. Maybe will the parker move away from the area and the city will smaller of driver. I hope you can understand me and know what I want to try to explain you. I wish you all a good day kind regards Loading Any example images: Why should it be added?: Because I think this could help, that the city will smaller of drivers and will reduce lags/server lags. The same could be added by Calais city and similar citys with high traffic. I know that could an bad/worse idea because they can't anymore parking on the sidewalk but maybe can it help us all to make the server better and free of lags. Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand me what I want to try to explain you I wish you all a good day/evening Kind regards Loading
  11. Suggestion Name: Duisburg traffic flow improved Suggestion: The Duisburg road should be a one-way as showed in the image, this should help traffic flow and not let anyone get in in case their in carrier mode yet this also keeps the large amount of traffic in the game. I think this is a major improvement and should be implemented into Europe 2. Note: Please check the image before commenting. I might have miss-wrote so do check the image to get a better understanding. Any example images: <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DCZV-V2XkAUnMt9.jpg"> Why should it be added?: I love traffic in TruckersMP but I am always scared of being rear ended, slammed into, brake checked, or hit when ever I am in my Carrier profile. But I figured out a way to improve the traffic flow in Duisburg and it keeps the large amount of traffic but without people intersecting with each other and without having to mod/change the base game! Q&A Q: What if I have traffic offences on? A: People who have traffic offences on should stay on the correct side of the road or they can turn traffic offences of in the game play settings Q: If I was about to turn into a drop off point but missed it what should I do? A: You will have to go around again, you wont have to exit and re-enter Duisburg. Q: How will I know witch way to go? A: In Duisburg there's a average of 50-100 vehicles, if every vehicle were going one way you can check witch way the traffic is flowing. Or a admin who is monitoring Duisburg can get a Scout vehicle and park in direction the one-way faces. Q: If there is a accident and one lane is blocked what should I do? A: You don't need to overtake. Just go into the other lane since it's a one-way!
  12. Suggestion Description: A speed restriction to 70-90 on the popular Calais/Duisburg route Any example images: Why should it be added?: The route is only one lane for each direction making overtaking and getting around dangerous. Do too many peoples bad FPS or excessive speeds they have no time to react to a collision ahead which is especially difficult while driving 130 on this route... A speed restriction would reduce secondary collisions as well as keep the follow of traffic much easier to manage.
  13. Suggestion Name: Ban Skodas and tractors with no trailers from Duisburg-Calais Suggestion Description: A ban for Skodas and single trucks (no trailer) from the Countryroad between Calais and Duisburg as specally 70-80% of all Skodas drive realy bad and overtake all the time. Also there are many of them ramming on purpose and queze through every tiny space in traffic jams. And they are useless and unnecessary trafic as they dont transport any goods. Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: It would reduce the trafic and overtakers on this very bussy road and would make this road saver for all normal driving players. Also, as our admins cant ban all of those bad drivers at once as there are to many bad drivers and not enough admins, it would be a useful improvisation.
  14. Suggestion Name: More administration in Duisgurg- Calais area Suggestion Description: At the crossroads near duisburg during the server peak hours there is a huge number of players. The administration is hardly visible, and in my opinion it should be there due to the huge number of accidents there and the entire death path. If it is possible, I would ask for increased patrols of administration in this area. Why should it be added?: Why is more administration needed in this area, we all know well. But in my opinion the biggest argument is the number of accidents in this area.
  15. Title: Truck park and decreasing time. Description: Creation of internal parking lots in the German cities of Rhineland-Westphalia, such as: duisburg, Dortmund and others that present the problem of overdensity of trucks. Players now have a rest area and await loading. Each player will be subject to an exceptional dynamic of access to cities that present super concentrated concentration of trucks, for the game ETS 2 multiplayer on the map of Germany. Each player receives a clock icon when entering the city and counts the countdown time (10 minutes). During the time you must do your job: loading cargo, unloading cargo, exploring the city. Players with trailers, players without a trailer, players with no load, must go to the TRUCK PARK. Structure of the Urban Park of Trucks for the ETS 2: Truck vacancies (without trailer) Jobs for truck (with trailer) Vacancies for cars and their trailers. Operation of the urban truck park: Opening hours: 24 hours Access to the urban park of trucks: access fee in the guardhouse. Sleep: Rate for the "Enter" command. Maximum sleeping in the city: 1 per night every 6 hours per player. Maximum length of stay in the city: 10 real minutes per player. Pictures references: Parking (not trucks) of the industrial area of Manheinm (Germany). Source: ETS 2. Picture screenhoot the author concept project. Parking (not trucks) of the industrial area of Manheinm (Germany). Source: ETS 2. Picture screenhoot the author concept project. Exemple teoric cncept; Resource: You tube. Gamers ETS2. PARK TRUCK Maasvlakte, Rotterdan - Nertherland. , Tankpark, moorfleet, Hamburg. Automatization vacances. Truck parking. Germany. Reference; Internet Automatization vacances. Truck parking. Germany. Reference; Internet Gelsenkirchen Resse, A2. Why it should be added: For various reasons, should be added. Main reason: Solution for the super density of trucks in the German cities in the Rhine valley in the game ETS 2. It should be added as an important element for European truck simulators such as ETS 2. They must be built physically on the map in multiplayer mode, thereby solving much of the flow of cities. Basically, the problem is the temporary allocation of trucks and players to carry out their jobs, the truck parking lots are the most realistic solution and add great truck capacity. Built in ETS 2 should be "no collision" areas, this adds multiple trucks into a single available space and allows an orderly flow between the car park and the companies. So solving the question once and for all. Other information - References. https://www.thyssenkrupp-steel.com/en/newsroom/press-releases/press-release-70402.html https://trans.info/en/germany-needs-31-thousand-parking-spaces-trucks-67124
  16. Location: Calais - Duisburg The Railroad on the Calais - Duisburg road, has a bug occasionally where sometimes, after a train passes and the gate goes up, sometimes is doesn't go up, but the lights will still flash white.
  17. I was and still have this problem of freezing players in cities with great movement. After performing several tests I found that it comes from a blocking of the TruckersMP server with my ip (I do not know if it is related to numbering or is something random). The temporary solution I found to the problem is to use proxy to change the ip and get to run normally. The problem that VPN are expensive and TruckersMP taking better science of this problem has to solve it immediately. Many players face this problem and are banned confused by hacker use. And the answer I see from TruckersMP is that it's a connection problem which is not true. After using proxy the connection becomes much more unstable causing slowness. Below is a video of the bug.
  19. Nazwa sugestii: Jak w temacie Opis sugestii: Admini powinni kickowac graczy którzy w scoutach wjeżdzają do ruchliwych miejsc. Niewiem czy w ep jest taki zakaz ale w Rotterdamie tacy gracze tworzą sztuczny tłum i dużo trolli jeździ "skodami" , a ciężarówka nie ma szans przed nią uciec. Zakaz ten zmniejszył by liczbę wypadków i trolli. Przykładowe obrazki: Nie potrzebne Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna: Myślę że po wprowadzeniu tego zakazu ruch znacząco by się polepszył
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