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Found 1 result

  1. Don-Bur from United Kingdom? Comment: Hello familIy # OneTruckFamily # the event is over but our love for the British Isles is firm as Churchill's words. I want to bring today the British trailers of the biggest British manufacturer I know, online. Their trailers are fantastic and would be an asset to the British map along with update needs. I think of their double deck trailers as exclusive to the UK for the ETS2 game. So look well, search, and rate. Aerodynamic Teardrop Trailer A standard 13.6m Teardrop trailer 26 UK pallets. CO2 emissions are directly proportional to fuel consumed (2.63kgs CO2 / litre Diesel). One combination travelling 60,000 miles per annum at 8.5 mpg will consume 32,080 litres of diesel and generate 84.37 tonnes of CO2. A 10% reduction in fuel use will cut CO2 emissions by 8.4 tonnes. 11% economic fuel CURTAINSIDED 'TEARDROP' TRAILER http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180117-PMT-TDR.pdf Body lenght 'Teardrop' Trailer 14 UK pallets capacity http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180109-DBC2.pdf Double Deck Trailers 52 UK pallet 15% economic fuel Urban Double Decks Wedge Double Decks Special Double Decks CURTAINSIDED DOUBLE DECK TRAILER - LENGTH FIXED DECK http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180202-PMTDD.pdf BOX VAN DOUBLE DECK TRAILER - LENGTH LIFTING DECK http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180201-BVTLD.pdf CURTAINSIDED DOUBLE DECK TRAILER - RATCHET DECK http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180205-PMTRD.pdf Trailers Double Deck 'Wedge' 52 UK pallet capacity Ratchet Decks Trailers Lifting Decks Trailers Wedge Lifting Decks Two-Tier Tail-Lifts So what did you think of the DON-BUR trailers, tell me your opinions. Should SCS software include for UK the displayed trailers? Could they run all over Europe or something more exclusive like the doubles were in Scandinavia?
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