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Found 5 results

  1. What are your plans for the future of multiplayer for ATS. Can we expect AI traffic to deal with while taking our loads from the shippers to the receivers. Can we expect weather issues and traffic accidents? Can we expect players to have the ability to RP as DOT Officers, Highway Patrol, EMS, Fire and any other Emergency responders to accidents? What is it that you guys want to have accomplished once Alpha and Beta are completed? What is the ultimate goal and when will we see beta? Thank you for your time.
  2. Mika L.

    Fatal error

    Hi. Is there anyone else which have the following error, or have experienced it? The error looks like this: I just can't find out how to solve it? I can like play for one or two minutes, then it crashes and give me this error. It's like the 10th time I get this error?
  3. I'm an avid programmer and have been programming for around 4 years now. Currently, I only know 4 languages but, I'm always willing to learn others. I don't have many projects that are worthy to say I've made or contributed to, and so I'd like to expand that list. Therefore, being a gamer and loving the multiplayer mod, I'd like to know if there's any way I can participate/contribute to its development?
  4. Guest

    New VTC Website System

    Hi all! Recently I've been working on a new small project called VTCPresent. Basically, it is a system that can be used to develop a simple website for your VTC. I have decided to start this project because firstly, there aren't any other projects to actually create VTC front-end websites, as most of them are actual VTC panels for existing members. I know many VTC owners who are starting up new VTCs and don't even know where to start in terms of a website, with so many different options available. The project will be written in HTML, PHP and SQL, and to start off we will be using the Bootstrap framework. We may expand off this at a later stage, but we are focusing on developing the features rather than worrying about design to much at the early stages. I've started by developing this on my existing VTC website, with an Admin Panel. At the moment there is limited functionality, but soon we will developing our own Forums with admin features and more... The only section of it that is fully complete is the Blog at the moment. Here are some screenshots of the actual Admin Panel itself (the front-end website that is being operated using the panel can be found here):
  5. Hello everybody! I have to say, this is a really great mod. I enjoy trucking with my friend for hours. Now I am asking myselft, how could I help developing the mod. Is it open source? I have a few ideas, which I think I could implement on my own (like a friends list etc.). Sincerly, Nico.
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