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Found 3 results

  1. How To get a download of your TruckersMP website account Data..... Hey, Welcome to this guide on how you can get a copy of your account data via the TruckersMP website. This account information gives you a wide range of details about your Bans,Tickets, Dates of agreeing to rules ETC and much more. Creating your Data Dump..... So lets get this started. First of all, head to the TruckersMP website. In the top right hand corner, you will see your username. Click your username and a dropdown menu will appear, select Settings. (As shown in GIF below.) Next, a new screen will pop up just like this one: When it does, select Account Settings. Once this page has loaded, Scroll to the bottom and you will see the Account Data section. Click Generate Data Dump. (As seen below.) Once you have clicked this, your page will refresh and head to the top of the page. Scroll back down again and you should be presented with this in the Account Data section. Again wait a short while, Refresh the page by hitting F5, Going back to the Account Settings section and you will see the status of the Data Dump. Click the Small Blue logo and your Data Dump will be downloaded. Congrats, You have now downloaded a copy of your Account Data. The data will consist of a .json file which you will need to copy and paste into a .json viewer to be able to read the file in an easier fashion. Downloading and Reading your Data Dump..... Head to http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/. Once there, head to where you saved your .json file Data Dump and proceed to open your file. You may be prompted to choose a program to open the file with. If this happens, Choose NOTEPAD as the program. Once notepad opens, COPY and PASTE all the text into the online json viewer and switch from "text" mode to "Viewer" mode. (As seen below.) You are now able to navigate through all your account data. You will see data such as Bans, Profile information, Previous Applications, Times of when you used the chat in game and when you connected to what server and other data about your account. You can use this data as you wish and it is yours to keep. Remember though, every change made to your account will mean the current version of your data dump will need to be re downloaded to include the new data. New data can consist of, Making a ticket, Changing profile information, Updating DLCs and if you have been banned, basically every time a change is made. Deleting the data dump..... When you are done, you may want to delete your data dump instantly, TruckersMP will delete the data dump 48hrs after the creation. However, You do have the option to do it yourself if you like. To do this, simply click the RED BIN LOGO and your data dump will be deleted. (As seen below.) And that's it! Hopefully your now the expert in Creating, Downloading, Reading and Deleting your Account Data. Should you find any problems. Please don't hesitate to contact ME @DJ Jefferz or head to TruckersMP Support and create a ticket for help. Happy Trucking!
  2. Hi guys I wanted to inform some of you today of a feature many of us use on this forum but don't realise the effect it has on your data and you protecting it. When you sign up to the forums and go to edit your profile at the very top you are given the option to fill in your Date of Birth. as seen below: When you fill in your date of birth this is for the forum feature which you can see on the front of the forum. As seen below. This is obviously a nice feature for users of TMP to congratulate each other a happy birthday which is very much harmless and fun. However, On every profile there is a section which tells users the Team Rank, What their are doing, the forum rank and then their Date of birth. This is the bit I am telling you about today, when you fill in your date of birth it is publicly seen by anyone who can view your forum profile, so this includes guests who can't make accounts. I'm kinda making everyone aware that when you fill in your date of birth you're innocently telling people a personal piece of data about YOU. TMP is not breaching any GDPR laws as you fill this data in yourself so below I will offer some solutions to fix this should you be concerned about this. 1) Only show a partial date of birth: You are able to edit this date of birth by removing the year. On the year tab scroll to the top and click "NOT TELLING". This will hide your year of birth but keep the Day and Month which means you still will be showing on the front page but you are not showing your full date of birth. 2) Completely remove your date of birth: Go back to your profile settings and click the blank boxes for the Day and Month and also select "NOT TELLING" for the year. This completely removes your date of birth. This also means people will not see your name on the front page when it's your birthday. The main thing I wanted to find out is if you guys knew about this or not and if you would find it helpful to be made aware of things like this when filling in data. I have added a poll to this to find out so if you could answer the 3 quick questions I'd be grateful. Thanks very much guys and see you on the road and I hope I've helped you!
  3. Nazwa Sugestii: Zmiana widoku/formatu daty i godziny na forum Opis Sugestii: Czy jest możliwa zmiana widoku/formatu daty i godziny na forum? Szukałem takiej opcji w ustawieniach ale jej nie znalazłem. Jest tylko możliwość zmiany strefy czasowej. Myślę, że taka opcja usprawniłaby wielu osobom przeglądanie forum. Przykładowe obrazki: Brak Dlaczego twoja sugestia a nie inna? Nie dotyczy.
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