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Found 7 results

  1. Texas Transports LLC

    When entering the highway from the side of the road

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting. My name is william and I am the owner of the company called Texas Transports LLC. Today and over the last couple of hours I have had some close encounters with drivers who apparently do not know how to enter the roadway correctly so i thought i would bring some light to this. When you are on the side of the road and are about to enter the roadway please do not turn directly into the right lane as if you are making a turn. The reason for this is when another player is coming down the roadway and possibly at a high rate of speed their reaction time is reduced. Thus being said if a player is hauling a heavy load they can not slow down quick enough for may not be able to avoid you. please merge onto the roadway slightly but remain in your lane. if possible wait until the player passes you and then proceed onto the roadway. I have had several close calls today where I had to nearly hit the guardrail to avoid hitting someone. Use a little common sense and respect to those who are around you. Remember yes it is a computer game but it is also a simulation game and thus being said there are some drivers who play this game as real as they can. I luckily was able to avoid each truck coming onto the roadway without causing any damage to myself or their truck as well.
  2. Texas Transports LLC

    Duisburg Repair shop

    So today I was in Duisburg and located at the repair shop there. As usual as we all know there was a massive pileup and people where asking for admins to respond there and report this and that and all but here is the thing and it really comes down to being " STUPID " When we are at a repair shop or any place of that nature the entrance is limited with space. So we know the " NON COLLISION " zone is a safe place to be stationary. However once you cross that hump it is game on. Why do these people fight like hell to get out onto the roadway. The only thing they are doing is showing how dumb they drive. Take your time, be patient and respect those who cant respect what is around them. Yes we might be a little late getting out but chances are you will go speeding down the road anyways. When leaving a repair shop make sure you are no close to someone as we all know if you are what the end result will be. My suggestion for those who do not have a lot of money. When you get to the repair shop hit your quick save button. ( 1 ) Options ( 2 ) Keyboard and Buttons ( 3 ) Scroll down until you see where it says quick save and also quick load. Set whatever key you want as a quick save and also as a quick load key. Doing this will help you when you do not have money to repair your truck or just starting off in the game. This option has saved me multiple times right before a wreck or something that I know was going to cost me some money. I hope this advise will help you in your career on ETS2 and good day to those who read this
  3. Texas Transports LLC

    Bad Drivers of ETS2

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting. My name is william and I am a 35 year old white male who is from the state of Texas. I own my company on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator called Texas Transports LLC and I have thought i would bring this to the table. When I drive on Euro Truck Simulator 2 I try and drive professionally. I try and use my turn signals when possible and try and pass other players with ease and care but you have a few who really test the waters. There are times when players will pass by me and then cut right in front of me causing me to lock up the brakes and swerve off the road to avoid making contact with them. Now what is the logic behind such actions I have no clue. I have drivers who come up on my side and then slowly move over into my truck which sometimes results in me wrecking. Driving like this is not polite nor respectful and should be addressed. I am from the United States of America and I have the right to play any game just like any other human does. If you do not like someone because they are from another country that is your choice but it does not give you the right to force them off the road or cause them to wreck. when playing this game we play to have fun and make friends to talk to or whatever. But last time I checked it was called Euro Truck Simulator 2 and not Euro Truck Simulator 2 demolition. I am asking that when you pass another player on this game please do it with safe distance and ease. If you see me on the road give me room as I will do the same if I am able. I do not judge people because of where they are from and neither should those who play the game. I know this because several times I have been told that I am a stupid american and that is rude and disrespectful but you know what I just ignore them because at the end of the day it is just a game. But with all the ramming and cutting people off and all that how is a new player on this game to make any money when the money he does make goes to repairs and all. Thank you for reading this and please comment on it below
  4. Texas Transports LLC


    Today at about approx 10:20pm EST i was in a convoy with a player named ERK3L. Today we were heading to ELKO all in one big group. Well ahead of me was a player named DieselRyan who was lagging some so I got on the CB and requested approval to pass him which he accepted. As we made the pass cleanly I was coming up on another playert HUEY who was also lagging so I requested to pass him. as I started to make the pass he swerved into me causing me to destroy my truck and trailer. 100% to both. So I hit F7 and ended up at the repair shop in ELKO. after my repairs I was trying to explain what had happen to me and HUEY and well ERK3L after awhile said ok we get it and all is good. So i was speaking to DieselRyan who was talking to me and ERK3L wanted to get all pissed off and started calling me names and all that. At one point he called me " fucker " so what did i do. I reported him to an ADMIN who turned out to be SYSGEN. He got onto ERK3L and I guess told him to not curss people out or insult people. I would like to personally thank ADMIN SYSGEN for responding quickly to my request and thank him for his quick and swift actions. I did what the rules said to do and you acted accordingly. Thank you and to those who are new to the game and all. Please if you feel that something has happen which is against the rules set forth by American Truck SImulator please do what I did and report the player. The ADMIN who is closest will respond accordingly and take the proper actions. This is a game but at the same time we are all humans and deserve respect. If you see a player violating the rules set forth by American Truck SImulator or Euro Truck Simulator 2 do not hesitate to report that player. That is what it is for and today it worked in my favor. THANK YOU ADMIN SYSGEN
  5. Texas Transports LLC

    Texas Transports LLC

    Hello and good morning, good afternoon or good evening wherever you might be. My name is William and I am the proud owner of Texas Transports LLC which is well respected on the game called American Truck Simulator 2. Due to the recent update that they did for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 a lot of players are noticing major lag on American Truck Simulator. You are not alone. I have the same issue and it is to the point where I do not even care to play the game again in multiplayer. I am good with single player. at least I am not stretched on time and dealing with stupid and other stuff that I rather not mention on here. In my opinion if they do not get the lagging issue fixed and stop with the stupid non-sense updates American Truck Simulator is going to lose a lot more players then what they have already been losing. I generally play Euro Truck Simulator 2 for multiplayer and then American Truck Simulator for single player. The recent update has some nice features to the game but at the same time has some major flaws and they need to be addressed.
  6. Texas Transports LLC

    ATS or ETS2 which is better

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting. I have thought i would make this to see what most people like to play. this topic is primarily to see which game they like the most and the reason why. Here you can show your pictures or give imput. I mostly play Euro Truck Simulator 2 because of the large map, lots of trucks to drive and cargo to haul and vast number of players that are online.
  7. Texas Transports LLC

    Driving on American Truck SImulator

    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting that I have created. My name is william and I am the owner of the company called Texas Transports LLC. As the owner of this company I would like to speak about some of the drivers that are on this game who in no way shape or form care about those who are around them or anything of that nature. Now as I am not allowed to say their names out loud for security reasons and other laws I am allowed to generally speak about what I see and all. Now when I am traveling down the road I have noticed before that some drivers will fly past me with out any kind of signal. Meaning that they do not flash their lights or sound their horn or say something on the CB channel to let me know they are passing. That is why we have mirrors on the game. Now my thing is that if you are coming up on a slower truck please give warning of some sort. also if you are the truck who is going slower then those around you please stay in the right lane as technically speaking the left lane is made for passing. Also when going through turns and sharp bends why is it so damn urgent to pass someone. I have been in a hurry a few times before but when i come up on those sharp turns and all I rather wait a few extra minutes rather then cause another player to wreck his rig. Now yes I have to admit I do like to speed and really kick up speed when I am allowed to do so with such safety that it does not endanger those around me. Please understand that it is a game but these rigs do somewhat handle like a real semi truck. Driving one of these rigs like an idiot will get you either kicked, banned or wrecked and no one wants that. Please drive with common sense or respect to those that are around you or get off the game and go play Grand Theft Auto.