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Found 6 results

  1. How do you communicate on TMP? With the CB/Voice or the old fashioned typing? x The correct Discussion title should be "How do you communicate to other truckers? Voice or old fashioned typing!?" x
  2. The CB picks up my voice but some folks say that I sound to low and they cant hear me. The ingame microphone settings are turned up. Is there anything I can do to adjust the sensitivity, instead of me yelling into my mic.
  3. Well , I have a problem with the CB-radio... It works... but it doesn't. I can speak to my friends and the little speaker displays in bottom right , they can hear me but when they respond i cannot hear them and there is no nicknames in top left of the screen. I am connected to Channel 19 , My Headphones work perfectly with other voice comunicators and the game sounds and the settings are set to as loud as possible. Can any one help ? I was looking through the forums yet I could not find an answer :c
  4. Hello Guys, I spend 100+ hours in ets2 and i know from MC players that they have community servers for communication by TS or the better and newer service Discord. And i want to ask if a community server is already existing or if one is planed? My Advice: I would use Discord, because it is an better version of TS and Skype. https://discordapp.com/ Have a nice weekend
  5. Hey guys! Since Team Speak has gone down a lot, I've decided to make a Discord chat for us all. Check it out here: https://discord.gg/0pJaXy1Yr71oMwse No download/registration is required, and it has support for voice and text chat. The admins have given me permission to post this, so if you're a mod and about to click delete, please don't. Happy trucking, SysVoid If you want me to add more channels or chat rooms, please let me know. Any staff members can message me and get their role on the Discord server to control members.
  6. Hello fellow trucker! I wanted to make this guide for other players and myself. This guide consists of several tips to enhance your driving skills for other players and yourself as a trucker. I want to tell you that this guide is not a rulebook, but rather a handbook with tips. The tips you are about to read is not something you have to do! I take no responsibility if you get banned or kicked! The following inclusions are spread over the tips. DISCLAIMER: Yes i know that these tips are very well known to some, but not for everyone. So if you already know this, don't go hating in the comments! This guide includes the following: ➤ Communication ➤ Traffic Overview ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PARAGRAPH 1 - COMMUNICATION: ************************************************************* Communication is a important part in trucking, and can tell much about the trucker itself and what you might be running into. Communication is vital between drivers! 1: Let other drivers know that you are about to pass! Passing a truck is a thing that can be dangerous. Not only for you, but for the truck you are passing and the traffic coming towards you. Some people like to follow the in-game speed limits, and others like to go fast. That means that they have to pass the truck following the speed limit in order to maintain their speed that they choose. Use your blinker before you enter the opposite lane and while passing the truck until you are a little bit in front. When you enter the opposite or "same-going" lane, flash your high beams to make sure the truck you are passing know that you are about to pass and that he needs to focus while you are passing. When you are at least 20 meters in front of the passed truck, start blinking, but don't pass. Wait until the truck you passed flashes his high beams to tell you that you actually are in front of him. If he flashes, then pass! If he doesn't flash, drive at least 10 meters more and then move over to the opposite lane. Communication is very important for both drivers in this scenario. NOTE: The reason that you blink to the lane you are about to enter is to let the trucks behind you know that you are going to move over and pass, but also the truck in front. The reason why you flash your HBH's is to let the truck you are passing know that you are passing in case he doesn't know you are passing. 2: A new way of saying hello! Saying hello to the trucker you are about meet is a good sign that you have respect for them, but also that you are nice to them. Most people use their horn or flash their lights to the upcoming truck. I have a new one that we truckers in Norway and Sweden use. When you are about to pass the upcoming truck, blink with your left blinker once or twice to say hello. Do this on parts where there are no junction! If you see someone using this towards you on maybe a straight road, you will instantly know that they are saying hello. Don't do this in turns as you have to maneuver yourself through the turn, which means that in order to blink you would have to reach for the button, and that in all can end in a crash. Ways of saying hello: Use your high beams, chat and horn! 3: Be nice and say thanks! If someone lets you pass them on a straight road say thanks! Of course you can write "Thanks!" to them, but that means you would become unfocused on the road which might end up with a crash. Saying thanks can be done after you enter back on your lane. After entering your lane, turn on your hazards so that they blink once or twice. That means that you are saying thanks to the truck you passed. All in all, that increases your reputation and respect for other drivers. Also say thanks if someone let you go first. Ways of saying thanks: Use your horn, hazard, chat and high beams. This and the one above you need to see what the situation for which use is. 4: Use of high beam headlights: It's not that hard actually. When meeting a truck at night, turn off you high beams so you don't blend them. Of course, blending is not something you can virtually do in this game, but it's for the realism's sake. After you turned off you high beams, wait until your driving lights lights up the front of the upcoming truck and then turn them on. This is done because the truck might have something hanging out to the side of the truck which you might not see. It's all for the realism ^^. Additional: If you meet a truck that has his high beams on way after him and you should turn them off, flash your's twice or hold them on until he turns off his. Many people like to keep their high beams on to see the road, and they are fully allowed to do that since the last part of this paragraph is not a must do! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PARAGRAPH 2 - TRAFFIC OVERVIEW: ****************************************************************** 1: Move over a lane! I'm going to use "highway entering" as a example for this case. If you are driving down the highway and are about to meet on a so called "entering lane" where a truck is about to enter the highway, show that you see the trucker trying to enter and move over to the over passing lane so he can fast and easily enter the lane you were in and get up his speed. In this scenario you would also have to use the communication as you read above. If you are going a bit slow in the over passing lane and you see that the truck behind you tells you he want's to pass, move over to another lane so he could pass. Some places it varies on which lane is what. 2: Read the traffic! This time i'm going to use a junction as an example. Let's say that you are driving to junction where you need to go either left or right. Before you reach it, make sure you see if there is any other trucks coming and are about to turn towards you. If there is a truck about to enter your road and got a big trailer, be prepared on that the truck will take some space on your lane to safely stay on the road during the turn. What you do if the truck is turning with a big trailer is to stop about 20 meters before the junction to let him take the space he needs and turn safely. Doing this shows that you knew he was coming and earns on your respect and reputation. As well, other people seeing this will be affected by this and might do the same as you did. 3: Have patience! If you are about to either enter or leave a pickup point or service station or fuel station, have patience! You don't need to go rushing to the front to enter the main road. Wait until it is your turn to go. This includes waiting for other drivers to finish parking their trailer at the drop-off point, entering/leaving a pickup/drop-off point or a fuel station or service station. If you manage to have patience until it is your turn to go, that will affect other people as well (as it isn't right now.. it's chaos everywhere in ATS) to do the same, which at the end will calm things down and minimize the accidents and make the traffic flow better. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To sum it up: These tips are probably well know by many before this was made, but as i said, not many people actually do this in either ETS2 or ATS. ATS is big chunk of chaos right now. Accidents are happening, people don't have patience and someone just doesn't care about their acts in traffic. As mentioned at top, this is just a little guide, not a rule book. You don't have to do any of what you just read, but can be done to ease the chaos. And to become a more respected trucker on the road. Become a better version of yourself! I will be adding more later on. If you have anything to add leave it by the comments or PM me. Here is some pictures that is relevant to what is mentioned above: Last but not least: Sorry for the long post, have this massive potato on a truck.. Drive Safe! -CrazyJoe
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