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  1. plinio_lisboa


    Suggestion format: Addition of new trailers for the car (Skouda) existing in the game ETS 2. Suggestion Name: New trailers and loads. Description of suggestion: It consists of new trailers and their respective loads. Being the types of new types of trailers and loads. It establishes a greater realism between the type of trailer / cargo, between its points of origin and destination. Adds the need for mandatory 01 sleep, in proper rest area, when carrying tourism trailer load. It will make it more attractive to players who want to make loads with cars. It will allow a minimum rate of occupancy of the rest areas on the map. Enabling greater sense of vehicle realism. New trailers and loads, suggestion: 1. horse trailer. Product: Horses Origin: Farms. Destination: Farms 2. Cargo Trailer. Product: General cargo, bricks, Source: Cargo depots, cement plants Destination: cargo depots, cement plants 3. Tourism Trailer. Product: Trailer Caravan. Origin: cargo logistic company, player garages. Destination: cargo logistic company, player garages Rest: The player must make the landing with the car during the trip with the cargo (tourism trailer) in the following places: Camping, rest areas road, rest area at fuel stations, areas of descant education, before arriving destination. Important: Only in areas exclusive to cars. Reward: Get experience plus points when delivering cargo in Truckers MP. 4. Machine Trailer. Product: Bob Cat. Origin: Building Company , mining areas, logging company. Destination: Building company, Mining Areas, Logging Company. Product: 5. Towing Container a) Product: Container products. Origin: Logistics company, construction sites, logging company, port container Destination: Logistics company, construction site, logging company, port container b) Forest work equipment: Products: Axes, chainsaws, saws, EPI (Personal Protective Equipment - EPI), Greasses. Origin: Logistics company, construction site, logging company, port conteiner Destination: logging company c) Construction work equipment: Products: Hand tools, electric machines (drill, screwdriver, cutting saws, sander, crusher), hammers (demolition hammers, hammer hammers, drilling hammers, Jackhammer, Rivet gun), EPI (Personal Protective Equipment - EPI), special transport (electric generator, air compressor, water pump, mountable scaffolding). Origin: Logistics company, construction company, port container. Destination: construction of the company (construction of sites) 6. Trailer de Marketing. The exterior painting is the creativity of the developers, should visually highlight the brand of the truck and brand logo. Figure of the brand trucks are acceptable. Product: Truck company trailer Origin: Host cities of each truck brand. Destination: The concessionaires for the sale of trucks of the respective brand in the cities of Europe. Headquarters of Volvo - Malmo. Scania Headquarters - Södertälje Iveco Headquarters - Turin. DAF Headquarters - Eindhoven * * ( Temporary Headquarters: Amsterda, in the Truckeers MP). MAN Headquarters - Munich Mercedes Benz Headquarters - Sttutgard 7. Cement Mixter Trailer. Capacity load: 1 m³ Model: Titan 125 F Product: Cement Mixter Trailer, Cement fraction (capacity trailer) Origin: Company Cement, Building construction company Destination: Building construction company, Company Cement. 8. Tilting Trailer Capacity load: 2 m³ Product: Sand, Gravel, Just dusted. Origin: Building construction company, mining companies, and other places of origin of these products. Destination: Building construction company, Company Cement, farms, mining companies. 9. Bathroom Trailer Product: Bathroom trailer Origin: Logistic company. Destination: Building construction companies, mining companies, forest logging companies, logistic company 10. U - Haul (Auto -transport) Trailer Product: Cars. Origin: Vehicle Manufacture Destination: Retail Vehicle. Any sample image: Yes. Images taken from the internet for each types of trailer. Inclusive types container. 1. Horse Trailer. 2. Cargo Trailer. 3. Tourism Trailer. 4. Machines Trailer. 5. Container Trailer Conteiner Havy cargo Container trailer Specifications trailer: http://containergarca.com.br/carreta/ Comprimento: 3 metros. Transport container cargo: Video: Types containers: 1. storage container Storage capacity: 50 bags of cement, 70 bags of lime, 3 handcarts, scaffolding. Reference: http://containergarca.com.br/container-almoxarifado-2/ Dry Box 2,5 - (2,5 m length x 1,5 m width x 2,0 m height) Dry Box 3,0 - (3,0 m length x 1,5 m width x 2,0 m height) Dry Box 3,0 ( Depth: 3 meters,Width: 2 meters, Height: 2 meters) Dry Box 6,0 ( Depth: 6 meters, Width: 2 meters, Height: 2.4 meters) Dry Box 6,0 ( length: 6.05 meters, width :2.43 meters, height :2.59 meters, Doors opening: 5.80 meters 2.20 meters, 2.30 meters) Dry box: do not informations. bathroom contêiner Specifications: (Length: 1,890 mm, Width: 935mm, Total height: 2400mm, Door opening: 860mm) (Length: 1130mm, Width: 935mm, Overall height: 2400mm, Door opening: 860mm) 2. Office container Officer container (Depth: 2 meters, Length: 3 meters, Height: 2.5 meters, Door: 2.1 meters high x 0.8 meters wide) 6. Marketing Trailer 7. Cement Mixter Trailer. Video: Others models: Cement Mixter Trailer. http://www.mixersandplants.com/gooseneck.htm 8. Tilting Trailer Video: 9. Bathroom Trailer Bathroom Trailer (Length: 2750 mm, Width: 1870 mm, Height: 2820 mm) 10. U - Haul (Auto -transport) Trailer Specifications: Brian James Model 310-3300 Sprint Shuttle luxury car capacity: 01 car Load bed length: 4.30m (14ft) Load bed width: 1.89m (6ft 3) Gross cap. (kg): 2,600 Load cap. (Kg): kg 1,810 Loading operation: Ramp/Tiltbed Overall length: 5.79m (18ft 2) Overall width: 2.30m (7ft 6) Overall height 2.30m (7ft 6) Internal height: 1.71m (5ft 7) Link: http://www.brianjames.co.uk/pdf/2019Q1_SHUT_UK_V1_1.pdf Model: CT177 Tyres: 155/70R12C Gross Weight: 3500kg Unladen Weight: 805kg Internal Length: 5.00m Internal Width: 1.91m Overall Length: 6.70m Overall Width: 2.30m Why should it be added?: Because the current loads of Caravan, are monotonous with just the trailer itself. The idea includes delivery of new towing types and their unique and new loads and requires minimal intervention on the original map (only camping areas). It would be a great acquisition for the Truckers MP map. Construction of the new trailers would take place under the chassis of the caravan of the trailer.