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Found 6 results

  1. I have gotten in so many crashes on this road recently and I was wondering if you guys would want the speed limiter lowered. I usually go about 60 kph and I get overtaken and get involved in a crash because the person overtaking didn't look to see if anyone was coming. Voice your opinions!
  2. Euro Truck Is Not All About Calais-Duisburg TruckersMP Players! I Saw Them They Have All The Map DLC's But They Are Only Using Calais-Duisburg =D.My Friends Also When They Got Logged On They Say "Lets Go To Duisburg!" Then I Say "Uhhh Again? Hell No I Am Going To Use My France DLC" Is There A Way To Delete Calais-Duisburg From The Map? I Want To Play With My Friends Please Help Me! LOL (A Joke Only ETS2 Players Will Understand... RIP) I Wıll Be Happy If You Show Your İdeas About What Do We Do If We Have This Problem. Fell Free To Comment :F
  3. Hi, my name is Ollie, I am a player of TruckersMP and I love it, Until I see one thing in my mirror. SKODAS! They are always used to block/grief and just in general irritate, even VTC's are now just using trucks as Convoy Control vehicles. The Skodas have such a negative reputation in the TruckersMP community, but I want to hear what you think. Here is a post which I made in the TruckersMP Discord: No one enforces the Skodas being banned on C-D, they come under useless traffic. Why is it I was speaking to some players and an Admin said, a truck without a trailer is useless traffic on C-D, and so are Skodas, so why isn't in enforced, we don't need the stupid things, all they do is cause drivers who are trying to acctually drive trucks, on a trucking game get rammed and overtaken by Skodas causing crashes, I think they should be banned personally. PLEASE VOTE ON THE STRAWPOLL LINK BELOW WITH WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD BE DONE ABOUT THE SKODAS, I THINK IT NEEDS TO BE SORTED AS IT IS JUST BECOME RIDICULOUS NOW. Vote Here: I HAVE REMOVED THE POLL. PLEASE READ MOST RECENT COMMENT. THANK YOU. Thank you for reading, Ollie - Events Manager for Tango Transport VTC.
  4. So here I have a bunch of pictures I took in a timespan of 1 hour driving From calais to Duisburg. I had some VTC mates discussing this road in Discord so I thought it couldn't be that bad: I discovered, to my horror, that it indeed was this bad (I had to create an imgur gallery because there were too many pictures for the Forums). Later on you'll see a couple of screenshots from when I decided to transform into Roadside Assistance, together with a couple of other drivers, and help people pass through the chaos. For example stopping to see if anyone parked on the shoulder needed help with anything, or redirecting traffic around a tipped over truck because the guy wouldn't F7. Don't wanna sound stupid or hateful, but why are Turkish or Russian driver always the idiots crashing and ramming? P.S.: No, I do not wish to report these people because it's 1% of all that I've seen and I don't have the time, physically, to sit here and write a report for everyone of them.
  5. So we all know the infamous road, don't we? The situation has slowed down for now, and there are but a couple of instances in which I encountered any overtakers but no accidents. A truck tipped over and was blocking an important junction North of Brussels which caused an enormous queue of about I'd say 80/100 players, but it moved quite quickly. Admins were very active and proceeded to kick or ban all offenders at the speed of light: props to El Barto for having the pelotas to handle 3400 players! Overall much better now and the road is drivable currently, although I'd still recommend another route! Might edit this with more updates but for today this is how it is.
  6. I have a question , does there any rules says that can or can't a convoy drive through Calais-Duisburg road or drive in Rotterdam?
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