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Found 3 results

  1. Just wondering how does everyone look around in the cabin? I know some people use things like TrackIR to look around with your head movements. Do you use the F2 mirrors on both sides or one side, or use the mouse to look around, or have key mappings to look to one side? I use one mirror on F2 for driving and have key mappings to look both ways for junctions. What do you use?
  2. Mod Version: Latest Controllers Used: Logitech G2, pedals and H shifter with keyboard and mouse. Xbox controller not selected in game. Description of Issue: I have installed the Raven lighting inside my Volvo cab but on exterior view this does not show (assume that other users cannot see also). Instead the cab has all other interior decors visible (to be expected) but not the Raven lighting. How to reproduce: Go in game, buy a Volvo truck. Add the raven interior lighting (back of the cab). Go onto exterior view and look at the cab from the front of the truck. Screenshots / Videos: None.
  3. tattytate

    Can skins

    Hi lads and lasses iv started to try some mods out (sp) absolutely love that tandem mod !! I also have a Scania and Volvo old school cab/skin mod but I don't know how to find them in game ? Is it a hard to find dot in the dealer garage or should the cab be a exstra option when you bye the truck? Thanks for any help . ps so wish scs would make the tandem for the official game !!
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