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Found 3 results

  1. NSL on Tour - Birthday Event for Justin, for the Convoy you will need the Italia DLC There are your Infos for our convoy am 21.02.2020 Formular https://forms.gle/drP83RqPATbFAkCd6 ... We will start in Tarent ( Italia) ACC + CNP Meeting-time is at 7.30 p.m. and the Depature is at 8.30 p.m. perfect to the Primetime. The Event-Team NSL and the Save Group "CSG" will take you to your starting point . Together we will drive to Ancona / Container Terminal. 15 min. break, eat, drink, what ever... Then we go up to the last part to Genova Terminal Container Port. Simulator 2 is then our hometown xD If we get 100 people in our list on https://ets2c.com/view/84473/alphafungamer-tobi-torino-service-station we maybe get an Event Server . On The Road we took pictures from your Trucks. You get these after the Convoy. LPmitElias is after that cutting an Video for YT ... See you, The NSL with the savegroup CSG is verry happy to have you as our guest. TS3 for this Event is convoy.germantrans.eu Happy Trucki'n your NordSüd Logistik v.GmbH | Germany -----------------------------------------------------------------German---------------------------------------------------------------------------German-------------------------------------------------------------------German--------------------------------------------------------- NSL on Tour - Geburtstags Event für Gummibär Justin Wir würden euch gern zum Geburtstags Konvoi einladen, benötigt wird das Italien DLC.... hier Erhaltet Ihr die Infos für unseren Konvoy am 21.02.2020 Formular auf https://forms.gle/drP83RqPATbFAkCd6 ... Starten werden wir in Tarent ( Italia) ACC + CNP ( AusweichParkplatz) Treffpunkt ist um 19.30Uhr und Abfahrt ist um 20.30 Uhr zur Primetime:D Das Event-Team der NSL und die Absicherungseinheit "CSG" werden euch zu eurem Startort begleiten. Gemeinsam fahren wir zur Pause nach Ancona / Container Terminal. 15 Minuten zum Pause machen, Rauchen, Saufen, what ever... Danach geht´s los zum Letzten Teilstück nach Genova Terminal Container Port. Simulator 2 wird an dem Tag geflutet^^ falls wir es vorher schaffen das sich genug auf https://ets2c.com/view/84473/alphafungamer-tobi-torino-service-station anmelden wird es ein Event Server geben . On The Road werden Bilder von eurer Spedition Gemacht. Diese könnt Ihr auf nachfrage von uns als Erinnerung erhalten. LPmitElias wird wieder ein schönes Video machen ... Bis dahin, Die NSL mit Absicherung der CSG freuen sich auf Dich und deine Spedition. TS3 fürs Event convoy.germantrans.eu Egal ob Einzelfahrer oder Spedition euer Team der Alphafungamer Community wünscht Happy Trucking
  2. Atlas is turning 1! And to celebrate we're hosting TWO days of events. CONFIRM ATTENDANCE HERE! DAY 2: Sunday 15th April 2018 ETS2C LINK Server: ATS EU American Truck Simulator TEMP RULES Details for Day 1: Click Here Agenda Truckfest (4-5PM BST) Convoy (5-6:30PM BST) 30 Min Break Races (7PM BST Onwards) TRUCKFEST..... Details 3:45PM - 4:15PM - Setup 4:15PM - 4:40PM - Judging 4:40PM - 4:50PM - Winners 4:50PM - 5PM - Grab Your Trailers! Slot 1: GROFR Slot 5: VIVA Slot 9: VACANT Slot 2: VACANT Slow 6: TST Group Slot 10: VACANT Slot 3: MCR Logistica Slot 7: Legacy Freight Services Slot 11: VACANT Slot 4: VIVA Slot 8: Fast Cargo Slot 12: VACANT Slot 13: Trucking United BOOK SLOT HERE CONVOY...... Details: Albuquerque to Tucson Race Course Trailer: YES TEMP RULES Route: Click image for more details RACES..... RACE DETAILS: Public Mini Tournament - Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd - SIGN UP Public Car Race - SIGN UP Event Staff Race - NO SIGN UP REQUIRED Free For All - NO SIGN UP REQUIRED We're really excited to be celebrating a whole year of Atlas!! We'll see you there.
  3. Atlas is turning 1! And to celebrate we're hosting TWO days of events. CONFIRM ATTENDANCE HERE! DAY 1: Saturday 14th April 2018 ETS2C Link Euro Truck Simulator 2 TEMP Rules Details of Day 2 can be found HERE Agenda Truckfest: (5PM - 6PM BST) Taranto, Italy Timed Races: (6PM BST Onwards) Taranto, Italy TRUCKFEST..... Details: 4:45PM - 5:15PM - Setup 5:15PM - 5:40PM - Judging 5:40PM - 5:50PM - Winners 5:50PM - 6PM - Timed Races Setup! Slots: Slot 1: VTL - NL Slot 7: ConSec Slot 13: VACANT Slot 2: Fast Cargo VTC Slow 8: Legacy Freight Services Slot 14: VACANT Slot 3: Beatz Gaming Slot 9: Viva Trucking Slot 15: Trucking United Slot 4: EHHVTC Slot 10: Wolfpack Trucking Slot 16: Simulator Radio VTC Slot 5: Viva Slot 11: MCR Logistics Slot 17: GROFR Slot 6: Alpha Logistics LTD Slot 12: ICE - VTC Slot 18: VACANT Slot 19: VACANT BOOKING CLOSED Races..... Timed Races We will be racing the route above in several 1V1 races We will then pick the fastest 4 lap times have 2 more races with the fastest 4 people the 2 who win those races will then go head to head The fastest to finish the last lap will win the races. BOOKING CLOSED
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