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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everybody, two days ago, I thought of an idea that could relieve the work of the admins and also considerably reduce the processing time of the requests of ban. Suggestion Name: Team dedicated to the management of ban requests made on the site TruckersMP Suggestion Description: Having noticed that admins are overwhelmed with work, and also seeing that applications are processed in too long a time, I had the idea that a team is specially created to manage requests for bans made on the site only, This would relieve the admins and reduce processing times for a better functioning of the system of bans. That way admins would have less work and they could concentrate on what goes on in game or something else. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: In order to reduce the workload on the shoulders of the admins, which would at the same time be more effective and could devote it to other key aspects of the game. Players will also be pleased to see that their ban requests are processed in a shorter time frame. Cordially.