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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, so I decided to make this because I personally notice a lot of accidents where people could just avoid them. I hope these tips help other drivers. Tips: 1. Keep distance (50 meters is good) - keeping distance is one of the most important things you could do to avoid accidents, the truck in front of you might just lag or brake when you won't be expecting. 2. Use hazard lights to warn drivers behind you - Hazard lights should be used to warn drivers behind you when there is an accident, someone in front of you starts braking unexpectedly or if you are entering traffic. 3. Always check mirrors when braking or turning - You need to know if someone is behind you when braking or turning so you don't ram them. 4. Check the map to see if no one is coming before overtaking - You shouldn't overtake if someone is coming in the opposite way you are driving. 5. Use indicators to turn - You don't wanna turn unexpectedly for the truck behind you. That can cause an accident because probably the driver behind won't have much time to react and brake in time.
  2. Driving Safely in Heavy Traffic in Calais- Duisburg Road : Traffic clogging in Calais- Duisburg highway is a great concern for many truck drivers as it aggravates the performance on the road. It requires an overwhelming aware and conscious of your surroundings while you drive on Calais- Duisburg road. However, if you keep an eye on some of the simple things, the whole hassle would have avoided. You can easily surf through the crowd area without any bruise on your beautiful truck and trailer. **Remove all distractions In heavy traffic conditions, the road will be heavily congested, the traffic flow will be unpredictable, and people will become restless, this would cause them to merge you in an abnormal manner. They won’t care about the damage that they would make to your trailer. The worst thing you need is a disturbance which will prevent you from paying attention to these clumsy things. Limit your distractions by: · Don’t Use Cellphone while driving. · Keep your music volume low since it takes away the concentration. · Don’t Eat anything while driving. · Chill Your mind, don’t hesitate while taking any decisions. · Mute the person who is causing the nuisance in the CBS radio **Drive defensively. Defensive Driving all-encompassing the skills you should utilize to avoid hazardous circumstances that will be waiting for you on the road. You should make a proper game plan that how you should approach the aggressive busy traffic, like if another trucks were trying to merge into you aggressively and ram into you. In addition to this, you should also consider the following: · Don’t try to Overtake until you’re free of dense traffic. · If you are moving slow, give way to others who has more speed. · Always give priority to speedy trucks since most of them would be uncontrollable,this results ramming and causing high damage to the trailer. · Observe the traffic movements and road conditions. · Recognize the Trucks that seemed unsafe, such as those that are spontaneously changing lanes and suspecting to have speed over the limits. · Pursue the Traffic flow · Always use indicator while taking a turn or maneuvering the lanes. · Maintain distance between you and the player in front of you to avoid lag and ramming. · Never drive when you feel tired and drowsy. **Pay attention to heavy traffic in the distance: When you arrived at the crowded section of the road, you should leave the acceleration, applying the retarder, cruising forward and then apply Brake in the final stage. This will allow you to slow down comfortably. · Depending on the distance, you should brake to slow down to a decent speed while approaching a heavy traffic. · This constant, slow speed will allow you to brake comfortably and create less potential for accidents. · Have some patience. · Be on the same line with the other trucks before you. That’s it for today, Click the link below to Watch full Practical Demonstration of these tips and tricks below : Drive Your Truck Safely in the Heavy Traffic.
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