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Found 3 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Add a non collision zone to the race track in Arizona.Suggestion Description: As of now, the race track is very popular, I understand why. It is pretty fun to race around with other people Any example images: NoWhy should it be added?: There is one downside to this. You do crash a lot and unintentionally ram into other players, or players unintentionally ram into you, causing a lot of damage and you will have to go to the service station a lot to repair, which costs quite a bit. With a non-collision zone you won't have to worry about crashing into players and I personally think it will be just as fun even with the non collision zone being in place at that location.
  2. Hello there fellow Truckers. As you may be aware there is a "Race Track" near Tucson in ATS. I've been Experimenting and Found one of the best ways to make a Race Truck for only about $135,000. If You want to see the video click HERE. And for people that want a "ADVANCED" step by step guide here it is. Guide Getting to the modding stage. 1. Go to a (Ken-worth) Truck Dealer. 2. Click "Customize Configuration" on the W900 DayCab. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Modding the Truck 1.Select the Short 150 gallon frame (Short Frame) 2.For the Engine Select the "Caterpillar C15". 3.I recommend the "Eaton Fuller 10 Speed" for racing but you can use the 6 or 13 speed trans as long as it's "UNRETARTRED" is the key. 4.Make the Tires the best, I recommend the "Vortex". 5. Add "Double Mirrors" it Covers your blind spots better. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Optional 1. Add a Co-pilot plate that Says "TRACK-USE" to let everyone know it's a race truck. 2. Put lots of lights on it, "Make yourself visible". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you for Reading and PM me for Help if needed. -Hammer
  3. Am inceput sa lucram la DLC-ul Arizona, deja cu cateva saptamani inaintea lansarii initiale a jocului American Truck Simulator. Facem progrese mari, insa mai avem inca multe lucruri de facut. Nu avem deocamdata o data oficiala de lansare a DLC-ului, insa, nu ar trebui sa mai dureze mai mult de cateva luni, plus perioada de testare si finisare. Poate ar trebui sa incercam abordarea unui Open Beta pentru Arizona , ce parere aveti ? In orice caz, ne-am gandit ca ati vrea sa vedeti cateva screenshot-uri din urmatorul DLC : Statul Arizona.
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