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Found 8 results

  1. Look, I know it is a permanent ban without any chance to get appealed anymore. I know you need video evidence to prove that I was not hacking. I know that I can not appeal anymore and there is no chance that I would ever be online on TruckersMP anytime. But I really really want to play on TruckersMP. I have been on here pretty much since it all started. Could you please unban me? With best regards, GustavTheTrucker
  2. Guest

    Ban itiraz

    Gece ban yemisim 3 saat gece uyudugumdan ban aktifken itiraz edemedim sabah baktim ban itiraza girdim ama edemedim aktif banim yokmus gecmis bir bani nasil kaldiririz Teşekkurler
  3. Comment utiliser le Système d'Appel de Débannissement ? 1. Allez sur https://truckersmp.com/ et cliquer à droite sur "Login". 2. Écrivez les mêmes informations d'identification de votre compte ETS2MP précédent, votre adresse e-mail et votre mot de passe. Ensuite, cliquer sur "Login". 3. Dans l'onglet "My account", cliquer sur "Appeal ban". 4. Sur cette page, vous verrez vos bannissements actifs. Sur le côté droit, vous pouvez voir un texte qui dit "Appeal this ban", cliquez dessus. 5. Dans le cadre de la case fournie, vous pouvez expliquer pourquoi vous devriez faire une demande de débanissement. S'il vous plaît, incluez toute information pertinente expliquant pourquoi vous devriez être débannie, en incluant ce qui s'est passer et pourquoi cela c'est produit. Ensuite, cliquez sur "Submit appeal". 6. Attendez la réponse de l'administrateur. NB: Si vous ne parvenez pas à créer un appel d'interdiction, cela signifie que vous n'êtes pas banni, comme vous pouvez le voir au sein de la capture d'écran ci-dessous.
  4. Such as the title , Handling personnel : RayRay5 .If you see, please deal with it as soon as possible.. link : https://truckersmp.com/appeals/view/34579
  5. merhaba beyler bayanlar STOCKHOLM GHOST adminimiz bugun mk dediğim gerekçesiyle ban attı ve itiraz ettiğimde dogru duzgun cevap dahi veremedi demin forumu karıstırken 3,4 kişinin daha bu admının keyfi ban attıgını yazıyordu.Burda tekrar belirtyim mk ne bir küfür kısaltmasıdır nede bir küfürdür haksız yere ban yemiş bulunmaktayım ve herhangi bir admınden cevap alamamaktayım. Umarım bu gonderimi herhangi bir admin gorur ve bana cevap verir. bu da savunmam:Dear admin,'mk' not curse abbreviation "amk" is an acronym for a profanity and I definitely slang words I didn't use.About this, I assure you.Have a nice day bu konuda adminlerce gereğinin yapılmasını arz ederim Topic inactive.Locked and Archived.
  6. Dear admins... I´m very sad because I´ve got unfairly ban... I got it in Europoort ... there was crash and after then traffic jam. I was going fast from highway (I saw them at the last minute) and I overtook 4 trucks ... (I didn´t have trailer) .. If I didn´t overtake them ,I´d crashed into them and make new colison.... it would be bigger mistake .... and i got ban for it...... I have video ... you can watch it .. So please give me Unban... it was my First and last mistake.. i won´t do it twice :
  7. Hello, I got perma banned yesterday coz i had politics name at name (read the rule afterwards) im sry for that i didnt read the rule before, but i think thats kinda hard punishment for using wrong name. Already changed the name to Leonheaz that i think is fine with everyone and would only like to get back on the road..... Almost 24hours been waiting after changing the name at steam.... here is the thing: Your In-game name when banned: Everyone Loves Putin Why should you be unbanned? I changed the name as you said to Leonheaz Screenshot/Video (if applicable): BR Leonheaz
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