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Found 1 result

  1. Suggestion Name: Dynamic AFK/Idle kick timeout Suggestion Description: AFK kick should only apply based on the playercount and queue size. So when no free slots are needed on that server, people don't get kicked for that reason. Plus, more people can get in when the server is full. Example: Player count: 500 or more free slots on the server (e.g. 3000/3700 players online on EU#2): No idle timeout Player count: 200-500 free slots on the server (e.g. 3423/3700): 15 minute timeout Player count: less than 200 free slots on the server (e.g. 3556/3700): 10 minute timeout Server full, queue size: less than 25% of total queue size (e.g. 3700/3700; queue: 49/200): 5 minute timeout Server full, queue size: more than 25% of total queue size (e.g. 3700/3700; queue: 144/200): 3.5 or 4 minute timeout Any example images: none needed Why should it be added?: When the servers are rather empty, streets would be a little bit more filled with parking vehicles which makes it more realistic for other drivers. People could go AFK for more than 5 minutes without being kicked despite the fact that their slot is not needed at that time. For example, when I configure and buy a truck, I need more than 5 minutes to complete the whole setup. But at peak times, people would also get in on the servers faster. Especially for events like the Real Operations event, not many slots are available but many people try to get in and not so many get out, which makes the queue resolve really slow.
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