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Found 8 results

  1. I have a question , does there any rules says that can or can't a convoy drive through Calais-Duisburg road or drive in Rotterdam?
  2. So I was entering Rotterdam and I have gone here enough times to know I freeze upon first entering so every time I enter I have my four ways on to warn users of my laggy and freezes when I enter. So someone comes along and rams me against the guardrail and I recieve around 70% damage and 40% cargo. Then I said I was lagging. Guy which I assumed it was him who hit me, said in chat to 'buy better comp' and 'reported'. I won't say any names so to not stir up anything but seriously? At least I had my four ways on unlike most people who just stop on the spot with nothing on at all. Just a little rant and how some people are quick to assume that everything is done on purpose which I have never hit or rammed someone on purpose, nor do I stop in the middle of the road on purpose, its only when the lag gets so extreme that the game freezes up. And while were here can anyone tell me if theres a way to lessen the lag or shorten the freezes?
  3. Hello everyone ı playing ets2mp on 02june2016 and me and friends have get this crash.log error Regards
  4. I am for a plugin that kicks Cars that are driving at Rotterdam/Europort because it lags and the most are just ramming.. My advice is that Cars are forbidden at this location (Picture) I love the cars really but when you are with your truck on the road in Rotterdam they just annoy
  5. Player was "Rakub" (1339)
  6. Hello, I have a problem with the game, when i enter Rotterdam zone or direct teleport to my garage in Rotterdam.. The game crash, i dont know if its a bug in that town or what. My friend crash in that town too, so can be something wrong there? Thanks.
  7. I did a few jobs through Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Europoort earlier, the rammers and blockers were worse than usual and there didn't seem to be any admins online... It was one of those times where I just wish I had OBS running, I'd have probably about a dozen reports to make if I did In this pic I was just turning right to exit Rotterdam when this person turned right alongside me (from the left turn lane) then pushed me into a wall... I haven't put it through the report system because I doubt it'd be enough evidence for a ban.
  8. Jak wszyscy wiemy w Europorcie są ostatnie wielkie kolejki, więc nasuwa mi się pytanie. Jeżeli Oni wszyscy jadą do Wielkiej Brytanii to (tu idzie pytanie) czemu UK jest Pusta? Wiem, w Londynie są i innych miastach, ale chodzi mi o autostrady.
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