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Found 42 results

  1. ATS/ETS2 MAP EDITOR GUIDE Welcome to this small handy guide on how to open the map editor. The guide is divided through different section where we make different things. More things getting added soon. This tutorial was made for ATS/ETS2 1.38 Table of Content 1 - PREPARATION - Enabling the Map Editor 2 - EDITING - Editing the default map 3 - SAVING - Saving and loading the edited stuff into the game. 4 - TROUBLESHOOTING - Common Problems and issues with the Map Editor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To all American Truck Simulator users: ATS runs on the same engine which means its the same process, just instead of Euro Truck Simulator 2, all the file paths have to be American Truck Simulator. 1 - PREPARATION - Enabling the Map Editor 2 - EDITING - Editing the default map 3 - SAVING - Saving and loading the edited stuff into the game. 4 - TROUBLESHOOTING - Common Problems and issues with the Map Editor Update 19/08/2020 - Added two new troubleshooting problems. - Updated the post to the new 1.38 system. - Made the guide more universal for both games (Part 1/2)
  2. Updated: 2020/07/03 (yyyy/mm/dd) Downgrading and Upgrading Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version Whenever Euro Truck Simulator 2 gets an update from SCS you need to downgrade the game version in order to use TruckersMP, because TruckersMP doesn't have support for the latest version right away. How soon TruckersMP gets an update depends on how many changes there are in the new ETS2 update. On average it takes less than 5 days for TruckersMP to receive an update after ETS2 update. In this guide, I will explain with text and GIF's how to downgrade ETS2 to a supported version and how to upgrade it after TMP update. Supported version: Downgrading Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version (The latest version supported)* *Explanations: The latest version supported: No need to downgrade to the previous ETS2 version. Downgrade to supported version: The latest version of ETS2 is unsupported. Follow the guide to downgrade to the supported version. Upgrading Euro Truck Simulator 2 Version Unsupported version detected when using the supported version If you have followed the steps provided in the downgrading or the upgrading guide above, but the launcher still claims that the version of ETS2 is an unsupported one, view this guide created by ResTed for a possible solution. Unsupported DLC Packs and Map Expansions Special Transport Supported DLC Packs All the DLC packs and map expansions excluding unsupported DLC mentioned above. Note: these lists do not include Steam inventory items. For more detailed information, view this topic. If you spot a mistake or out-dated information, please contact the author with a personal message or comment below.
  3. Hi, I made video how to share your paintjob colors with others. This will be the most useful to the company owners who needs that all his drivers has same colors as you. The original post on this topic (no longer works) -
  4. AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR " GAME.SII" FILE CONTENT VERSION #1 NOTE: It will be updated as soon as possible. NEW FEATURES: --COLOURED. --EXHAUST ADDED. --SUN VISOR ADDED. *****MOTOR KODLARI**ENGINE CODS** Kenworth W900 (625HP): /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/engine/catc15.sii International LoneStar (605HP): /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/engine/x15_605.sii Peterblit 389 (625HP): /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/engine/catc15.sii Peterblit 579 (600HP): /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/engine/isx15_600.sii Volvo VNL (600HP): /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/engine/d16_600.sii Kenworth T680 (600HP): /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/engine/isx15_600.sii *****ŞANZIMAN KODLARI**TRANSMISSION CODS** --6-VİTES RETARDERLİ**6-GEAR WITH RETARDER** Kenworth W900: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/transmission/allison_retarder.sii International LoneStar: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/transmission/allison_retarder.sii Peterblit 389: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/transmission/allison_retarder.sii Peterblit 579: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/transmission/allison_retarder.sii Volvo VNL: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/transmission/allison_retarder.sii Kenworth T680: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/transmission/allison_retarder.sii --18-VİTES RETARDERLİ**18 GEAR WITH RETARDER** Kenworth W900: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/transmission/18_speed_retarder.sii International LoneStar: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/transmission/18_speed_retarder.sii Peterblit 389: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/transmission/18_speed_retarder.sii Peterblit 579: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/transmission/18_speed_retarder.sii Volvo VNL: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/transmission/18_speed_retarder.sii Kenworth T680: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/transmission/18_speed_retarder.sii KABİN KODLARI**CABIN CODS** --KÜÇÜK KABİN**SMALL CABIN** Kenworth W900 Day Cab: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/cabin/duty.sii International LoneStar Day Cab: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/cabin/day.sii Peterblit 389 Day Cab: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/cabin/duty.sii Peterblit 579 Duty Cabin: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/cabin/duty.sii Volvo VNL 300: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/cabin/duty.sii Kenworth T680 Duty Day Cabin: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/cabin/duty.sii --NORMAL KABİN**MEDIUM CABIN** Kenworth W900 Studio Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/cabin/standard.sii International LoneStar High Rise Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/cabin/hirise.sii Peterblit 389 Low Roof Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/cabin/standard.sii Peterblit 579 Stand Up Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/cabin/standard.sii Volvo VNL 730: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/cabin/standard.sii Kenworth T680 Mid Roof Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/cabin/standard.sii --BÜYÜK KABİN**LARGE CABIN** Kenworth W900 Aero Cab Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/cabin/exclusive.sii International LoneStar Sky Rise Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/cabin/skyrise.sii Peterblit 389 Ultra Cab Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/cabin/exclusive.sii Peterblit 579 Hi Rise Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/cabin/exclusive.sii Volvo VNL 780: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/cabin/exclusive.sii Kenworth T680 Hi Rise Sleeper: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/cabin/exclusive.sii İÇ MEKAN**INTERIOR** Kenworth W900: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/interior/standard.sii /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/interior/exclusive.sii International LoneStar: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/interior/sky_std.sii /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/interior/sky_tex.sii /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/interior/sky_lux.sii Peterblit 389: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/interior/hi_std.sii /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/interior/hi_lux.sii Peterblit 579: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/interior/standard.sii /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/interior/exclusive.sii Volvo VNL: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/interior/cab_cs.sii /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/interior/cab_ce.sii Kenworth T680: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/interior/cab_c_s_g.sii /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/interior/cab_c_n_g.sii /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/interior/cab_c_s_b.sii /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/interior/cab_c_n_b.sii ŞASİ KODLARI**CHASSIS CODS** Kenworth W900: Short 6X2 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/short1_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/short1_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/short1.sii Short 6X2 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/short2_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/short2_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/short2.sii Long 6X2 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/long1_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/long1_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/long1.sii Long 6X2 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/long2_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/long2_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/chassis/long2.sii International LoneStar: Short 6X2 140gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x2_short_70.sii Short 6X4 140gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x4_short_70.sii Short 6X2 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x2_short_100.sii Short 6X4 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x4_short_100.sii Medium 6X2 240gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x2_mid_120.sii Medium 6X4 240gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x4_mid_120.sii Medium 6X2 280gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x2_mid_140.sii Medium 6X4 280gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x4_mid_140.sii Long 6X2 240gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x2_long_120.sii Long 6X4 240gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x4_long_120.sii Long 6X2 280gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x2_long_140.sii Long 6X4 280gal: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/chassis/6x4_long_140.sii Peterblit 389: Short 6X2 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.389/chassis/short1_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck//peterblit.389/chassis/short1_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.389/chassis/short1.sii Short 6X2 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.389/chassis/short2_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck//peterblit.389/chassis/short2_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.389/chassis/short2.sii Long 6X2 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.389/chassis/long1_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.389/chassis/long1_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.389/chassis/long1.sii Long 6X2 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.389/chassis/long2_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck//peterblit.389/chassis/long2_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.389/chassis/long2.sii Peterblit 579: Short 6X2 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/short1_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/short1_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/short1.sii Short 6X2 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/short2_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/short2_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/short2.sii Long 6X2 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/long1_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/long1_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/long1.sii Long 6X2 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/long2_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/long2_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/peterblit.579/chassis/long2.sii Volvo VNL: Short 6X2 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/short1_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/short1_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/short1.sii Short 6X2 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/short2_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/short2_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/short2.sii Long 6X2 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/long1_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/long1_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/long1.sii Long 6X2 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/long2_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/long2_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/chassis/long2.sii Kenworth T680: Short 6X2 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/short1_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/short1_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 150gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/short1.sii Short 6X2 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/short2_6x2.sii Short 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/short2_6x2_ml.sii Short 6X4 200gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/short2.sii Long 6X2 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/long1_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/long1_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 220gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/long1.sii Long 6X2 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/long2_6x2.sii Long 6X2 Hareketli Orta Dingil 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/long2_6x2_ml.sii Long 6X4 300gal: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/chassis/long2.sii *****TAMPON KODLARI**BUMPER CODS** Kenworth W900 Standart: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/bumper/shape01.sii Modern: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/bumper/shape02.sii Shield: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/bumper/shape03.sii Firefly: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/bumper/shape4.sii Quarterback: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/bumper/shape05.sii International LoneStar Standart: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/bumper/standard.sii Sensor: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/bumper/sensor.sii Peterblit 389 Standart: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/bumper/shape01.sii Modern: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/bumper/shape02.sii Modern Flares: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/bumper/shape03.sii Standart Flares: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/bumper/shape04.sii Modern Flares 2: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/bumper/shape05.sii Peterblit 579 Duty: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/bumper/shape01.sii Standart: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/bumper/shape02.sii Chromed: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/bumper/shape03.sii Chromed Large: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/bumper/shape04.sii Chromed Large Flares: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/bumper/shape05.sii Volvo VNL Modern 1: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/bumper/shape07.sii Classic 1: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/bumper/shape01.sii Chromed 1: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/bumper/shape04.sii Modern 2: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/bumper/shape08.sii Classic 2: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/bumper/shape02.sii Chromed 2: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/bumper/shape05.sii Modern 3: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/bumper/shape09.sii Classic 3: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/bumper/shape03.sii Chromed 3: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/bumper/shape06.sii Kenworth T680 Standart: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/bumper/shape01.sii Painted: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/bumper/shape02.sii Chromed: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/bumper/shape03.sii Chromed Large: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/bumper/shape04.sii Chromed Large Flares: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/bumper/shape05.sii *****HAVA FİLTRELERİ**AIR FİLTERS** Kenworth W900 Basic Air Filters: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/filters/shape01.sii Air Filters With Light Bars: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/filters/shape02.sii International LoneStar Default Air Filters: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/filters/standard.sii Air Filters Small Flares: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/filters/flare_small.sii Air Filters Big Flares: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/filters/flare_big.sii Peterblit 389 Basic Air Filters: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/filters/shape05.sii Exclusive Air Filters: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/filters/shape02.sii Chrome Air Filters: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/filters/shape01.sii Air Filters With Lights: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/filters/shape06.sii Exclusive Air Filters With Lights: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/filters/shape04.sii Chrome Air Filters With Lights: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/filters/shape03.sii *****KORUMA DEMİRİ**PROTECTION GRILL** Peterblit 579 Bull Bar Simple: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/f_grill/shape03.sii Bull Bar: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/f_grill/shape01.sii Bull Bar Extra Large: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/f_grill/shape04.sii Bull Bar Fencing: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/f_grill/shape03.sii Volvo VNL Bull Bar Small: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/f_grill/shape01.sii Bull Bar Big: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/f_grill/shape02.sii Bull Bar Black: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/f_grill/shape03.sii Kenworth T680 Bull Bar: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/f_grill/shape01.sii Bull Bar Black: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/f_grill/shape02.sii Bull Bar Large: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/f_grill/shape03.sii Bull Bar Extra Large: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/f_grill/shape04.sii *****SİNEKLİK**SWATTER** Kenworth W900 /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/deflector/shape01.sii /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/deflector/shape02.sii Peterblit 389 /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/deflector/shape01.sii /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/deflector/shape02.sii Peterblit 579 /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/deflector/shape01.sii /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/deflector/shape02.sii Volvo VNL /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/deflector/shape01.sii /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/deflector/shape02.sii /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/deflector/shape03.sii Kenworth T680 /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/deflector/shape01.sii /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/deflector/shape02.sii *****GÜNEŞ SİPERİ**SUN VIZOR** Kenworth W900 Standart Sunshield: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/sunshield/shape01.sii Blind Mount Visor: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/sunshield/shape02.sii International LoneStar Standart Sunshield: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/sunshield/standard.sii Chrome Sunshield: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/sunshield/chrome.sii Chrome Sun Visor Sharp: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/sunshield/chrome_2.sii Peterblit 389 Standart Sunshield: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/sunshield/shape03ab.sii Chrome Sunshield: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/sunshield/shape04ab.sii Chrome Sun Visor Sharp: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/sunshield/shape01.sii Chrome Sun Visor Spike: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/sunshield/shape02.sii Peterblit 579 Standart Sunshield: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/sunshield/shape01.sii Exclusive Sunshield: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/sunshield/shape02.sii Exclusive Chrome Sunshield: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/sunshield/shape03.sii Chrome Sun Visor Lux: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/sunshield/shape04.sii Chrome Sun Visor Sharp: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/sunshield/shape05.sii Kenworth T680 Chrome Sun Visor Lux: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/sunshield/shape01.sii Chrome Sun Visor Sharp: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/sunshield/shape02.sii *****EZGOZLAR**EXHAUSTS** Kenworth W900 Plain Stacks: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/exhaust/shape03.sii Standart Exhaust: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.w900/accessory/exhaust/shape01.sii International LoneStar Exhaust Bottom: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/exhaust/bottom.sii Exhaust Dual 1: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/exhaust/big_double.sii Exhaust Dual 2: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/exhaust/big_double_a.sii Exhaust Dual 3: /def/vehicle/truck/intnational.lonestar/accessory/exhaust/big_double_b.sii Peterblit 389 Plain Stacks: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/exhaust/shape01.sii Standart Exhaust: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/exhaust/shape02.sii Exclusive Exhaust: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.389/accessory/exhaust/shape03.sii Peterblit 579 Caliber: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/exhaust/shape03.sii Double Caliber: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/exhaust/shape04.sii SCR Eco: /def/vehicle/truck/peterbilt.579/accessory/exhaust/shape06.sii Volvo VNL Single Exhaust: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/exhaust/shape01.sii Dual Exhaust: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/exhaust/shape02.sii SCR Exhaust: /def/vehicle/truck/volvo.vnl/accessory/exhaust/shape04.sii Kenwort T680 Single Exhaust: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/exhaust/shape03.sii Dual Exhaust: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/exhaust/shape04.sii SCR Exhaust: /def/vehicle/truck/kenworth.t680/accessory/exhaust/shape06.sii
  5. Salut TruckersMP, Aujourd'hui j'ai créé un guide par rapport à comment uttliser la radio CB en jeu. C'est très simple sauf que ceux qui ne l'ont jamais utlisé ou sont nouveau à TruckersMP ne savent peut-etre pas comment l'uttiliser. Étape 1 Lorsque tu es en jeu sur TruckersMP, ouvre le menu (TAB) et fait un clic-droit pour ouvrir le curseur. Étape 2 Changer le canaux radio CB en utilisant le plus grand bouton. Click le sur la droite pour monter de canaux et click le a gauche pour descendre de canaux. Étape 3 Pour parler, tenir le bouton x en parlant. Pour mettre en sourdine quelqu'un, click sur leur nom, et click la fonction "Mute" et vous ne pourriez pas les entendre! Pour éteindre la radio CB, click le bouton le plus à la gauche. Voici une vidéo: Les règlements prennent place sur la radio CB aussi. Donc pas de langage insultant et mauvais! Si vous voyez des insultes ou du langage inapproprié, soumet un rapport à http://truckersmp.com/reports. Guide officiel par: @El1teZombiezHD Traduit par: @[CJ] TFM DJ ccowie Correction par: -ccowie
  6. In-Game UI (User Interface) Customisation This guide will cover how to find community created UI's, how to install UI's (with the official Launcher), and how to design your own custom UI. A few examples of UI's I have created: Finding Community UI's Installing Custom UI's Designing Your Own UI If you need any help at all with UI's, or find something was not covered in this guide please let me know below. Good luck!
  7. Aktualizováno: 15.05. 2020 (dd.mm. yyyy) Downgrade a Upgrade Euro Truck Simulator 2 verze Vždy, když vyjde aktualizace od SCS pro Euro Truck Simulator 2, je zapotřebí pro využívání TruckersMP downgrade verze hry, protože TruckersMP ihned nepodporuje nejnovější verzi hry. Rychlost aktualizace TruckersMP závisí na počtu změn v nejnovější aktualizaci ETS2. V průměru vyhotovení podpory pro nejnovější verzi hry trvá méně jak 5 dní. V tomto návodu vysvětlím pomocí textů a gifů jak downgradovat ETS2 na podporovanou verzi hry a jak zpátky upgradovat po aktualizaci od TMP. Podporovaná verze: ? Downgrade Euro Truck Simulator 2 verze (Status není dostupný)* *Vysvětlivky: Nejnovější verze podporována: Není zapotřebí downgrade na předešlou verzi ETS2. Downgrade na podporovanou verzi: Nejnovější verze ETS2 není podporována. Řiďte se uvedeným návodem pro downgrade na podporovanou verzi. Status není dostupný: Autor návodu není schopný udržovat návod aktuální pro delší časový úsek. Upgrade Euro Truck Simulator 2 verze Byla nalezena nepodporovaná verze při používání podporované verze Pokud jste se řídili podle výše uvedeného návodu pro downgrade nebo upgrade verze hry, ale spouštěč stále hází chybu o nepodporované verzi hry ETS2, podívejte se na následující návod, který může obsahovat řešení vašeho problému, vytvořený uživatelem ResTed (a přeložený mnou). Nepodporovaná DLC a Mapová Rozšíření Special Transport Podporovaná DLC Všechna DLC kromě nepodporovaných, která jsou zmíněná výše. Poznámka: tento list neobsahuje položky ze Steam inventáře. Pro podrobnější informace se podívejte na toto vlákno. Pokud si všimnete nějaké chyby nebo neaktuální informace, kontaktujte autora (anglicky) nebo mě (česky) soukromou zprávou nebo komentářem níže. Originál: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/23710-downgrading-and-upgrading-euro-truck-simulator-2-version/
  8. This guide is about how I setup and help other friends setup their Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator to play Multiplayer and I thought I would share this information with the community. This guide will include "How to Download" and "Install the Client" along with some tips to do before going online including money mods and rank XP mods to help you get your unlocks easily, and avoid getting bankrupt over pesky drivers. Also when playing Multiplayer some problems may occur so I've included some of the most common problems to help you get back trucking quickly! Update 1 (14th November 2014): Ported Guide over to new forums. Updated "How to Download Client" section due to forum and website changes. ----- Update 2 (1st December 2014): Added in 2 new sections for a quicker start in Multiplayer "Loan Method" & "Save Game Method". Tidied up some older sections. ----- Update 3 (16th July 2015): Reworked the "Common Problems" section by changing the graphics and adding in "How to Downgrade your Game". All other sections were tidied up further. ----- Update 4 (17th February 2016): Reworked and changed images of tutorials and installation guides for TruckersMP. Guide and Mods updated to match both games with Save Games, XP Mods and Money Mods updated. ----- Update 5 (20th July 2017): Updating client section added along with sections reworded. Most pictures updated for logo change, installation changes and client changes. All images now fixed and re-hosted due to Photobucket's 3rd party image hosting fiasco. ---- Update 6 (12th August 2019): Checked the functionality of the downloads available in the guide. The Money and XP Mods have been changed to new working links. 1: To get started in downloading the client for Multiplayer you're going to need to create an account to play online and to use in the forums. Start off by navigating to the link below: TruckersMP Multiplayer Website Once you've navigated to this page, click "Register" at the top right hand corner of the screen to begin the signup process. 2: After you've clicked "Register", you'll need to sign in through Steam in order to gain access to the client. *Remember your Steam Account will need to be public to proceed, check under Common Problems to fix this issue. Also, you will need to "Officially" have bought the game on Steam and have played 2 hours to proceed also!* 3: Next you'll be taken to an Official Steam Sign in page. This is used to obtain the client and is 100% safe. If you've not signed into Steam for a long time you'll need to insert a code from Steam Safeguard if turned on to proceed. 4: Moving on you'll now be taken to the actual sign up process. Remember to either keep note of these details or have a good memory as you're going to need these to login to the client and the forums. 5: After you've finished signing up for the website it's now time to login by using the "Login" feature at the top of the page. 6: After you've logged in it's now time to hit "Download". Once you've clicked it you should be taken to a page just like this. *You may be prompted with a notification saying to verify your email address. It's best to get your account verified, as it may limit your options with future and current features.* Click on "Download" above Client Installer to start downloading the recent version of the client. Some important specifications are listed including the game version supported and also what version of the client it's currently running. 7: After you've downloaded the client you're now ready to start installing the client. *To proceed with the install of the client, follow the steps below!* 1: After Downloading the client above you're now ready to install the client. Double click the "Install TruckersMP.exe" and you'll be presented with this screen. This will tell you more information about the Multiplayer client including the version and recommends you to close all programs during installation. 2: Next you'll be presented with the agreements of the client. Make sure you read the full thing carefully as you're agreeing to everything here. After you've finished reading click agree and then "Next" to proceed. 3: Next you'll be asked where to install the TruckersMP Client. Select your location and then click "Next" to proceed. 4: Next you'll be asked what Multiplayer clients you want to Install. By default, both the American and European Multiplayer Clients are selected. After you've selected your chosen clients click "Next" to proceed. 5: Next you'll be asked where your install location is for both games. The installer should automatically pick up your install location. If it doesn't yours should be similar to mine depending if you changed the initial game installation. After you've selected your locations click "Next" to proceed on both windows. 6: Next you'll be asked what you want the start menu folder to be called that contains a shortcut for the client. Once you've left it default or entered an appropriate name click "Next" to proceed. 7: After you've done all of the above you'll be presented with the option to "Create a desktop icon". Just click the box if you want a Desktop Shortcut and click "Next" to proceed with the install and it should start installing. *To launch the client, make your Steam is open and then launch the "TruckersMP" launcher which both should be found on your desktop.* Note: If you ever need to uninstall versions of the TruckersMP Client it's as easy as right clicking the shortcut hopefully on your desktop or searching "TruckersMP" and you should find a "unins000.exe", double click this and the client will uninstall. *After that, you're almost done, and need to update the client before playing online! Move down below on how to update the client. When loading the client for the first time or when there's an update available you may be prompted to update the client. You can manually select what updates you wish to install but I would recommend installing all available updates to avoid any hassle in the future and have your client as up to date as it can be. 1: To get started in downloading the available updates for the client, select "Install Available Updates" and the client will start updating. 2: The update process may take from a couple seconds to a couple of minutes depending on your connection speed or possibly the load on the client's servers if an update's just been released. 3: When the update's done you'll be given the option whether to play "Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Launch ETS2" or "American Truck Simulator - Launch ATS". When you see these options you know the updates have been installed successfully and you're now ready to play. *Note: In the left hand corner you can see statistics about the client and what version you've got installed compared to the newest version. This will also aid if you need to update or not. *If this is your first time installing you're now ready to play online! Move down below on how to setup your profile for Multiplayer and Singleplayer and some optional mods and tips to make your experience better!* Make sure to create a completely different profile for Multiplayer away from your Singleplayer Profile. If that means a new profile for both types then that's what you need to do. Example: "Name (Multiplayer)" and "Name (Singleplayer)" *Remember don't click Singleplayer profile when using Multiplayer as this will break the Singleplayer profile* *The reason I've included *Optional* in the title of this part is because if you want a "Mod" free experience you can miss out this part. Also, there is no need for mods to progress in the Multiplayer as you can progress as you do in Singleplayer the same way. You're not forced to Download any of the below. * Money Mod Another tip I have for using online profiles before going into the Multiplayer is having a good amount of money if luck comes to worst with other drivers. Also by using the Money Mod, you'll be able to afford the high priced trucks at the start of the game. Here is a link to a Money Mod which you can enable when creating your profile. This is the mod I use and recommend to people when playing Multiplayer to make their experience enjoyable: Money Mod (ETS2.LT - Euro Truck Simulator 2) Money Mod (ATSMODS.LT - American Truck Simulator) XP and Rank Mod Another mod addressing the unlocking system of Multiplayer is this XP and Economy Mod. This will allow you to be able to rank up for those lights and bars without much hassle. To be able to gain the XP with this mod you need to be able to self park, but getting quick short jobs you can get around 35/40 rank in no time. This will also help unlock the higher tier trucks and also unlocks. Here is a link to an XP and Economy Mod which you can enable when creating your profile. This is the mod I use and also recommend to other players wanting unlocks in their game: XP Mod (ETS2.LT - Euro Truck Simulator 2) XP Mod (ATSMODS.LT - American Truck Simulator) *As mentioned above these mods are to be done before Multiplayer and on the Singleplayer game!* The video above applies to both games. Both games follow the same folder system: "Your Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Mods" "Your Documents/American Truck Simulator/Mods" *The reason I've included *Optional* in the title of this part is because if you want a "Mod" free experience you can miss out this part. Also, there is no need for mods to progress in the Multiplayer as you can progress as you do in Singleplayer the same way. You're not forced to Download any of the below. * If you've read the above and feel like it's too much work this is one of the methods to quickly get into Multiplayer which requires little or no work. Trucks, Money and Unlocks are already unlocked for you and ready to use and if you're newer to a Modding scene then this is the best option for a trouble free experience. Down below I've listed the best recommended save that I've sent to other players countless times in the setting up of profiles and have had no errors with them: Save Game 1 Save Game Money and XP Profile (ETS2.LT - Euro Truck Simulator) Save Game Money and XP Profile (ATSMODS.LT - American Truck Simulator) To Install the Profiles 1: Navigate to this inside your computer: "Your Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Profiles" "Your Documents/American Truck Simulator/Profiles" 2: Once there take the massive folder made of numbers and drag and drop it into this folder. 3: Run your game and the profile should be visible, and you're ready to get in game and customize trucks and controls and other things to your liking. *The reason I've included *Optional* in the title of this part is because if you want a "Mod" free experience you can miss out this part. Also, there is no need for mods to progress in the Multiplayer as you can progress as you do in Singleplayer the same way. You're not forced to Download any of the below. * This recommendation is pretty self-explanatory. If you're wanting to keep your original profile but play Multiplayer at the same time, what you're going to have to do is: 1: Start off a Brand New Profile. 2: Play the Game in Singleplayer until you get the option to take out the highest bank loan. 3: Once you've got the loan buy a truck and customize to your liking. 4: Hop into the Multiplayer mod and repay the loan by doing jobs in Multiplayer. *If your jobs disappear again, some of the easier common problems should help job fixes, such as sleeping or teleporting to garages and service stations* As this is the most common problem I've seen on the forum for new players I've opted in to include it in this thread, so if you do come into this problem hopefully below can fix it. No Jobs Appearing (Fix One: Sleeping Method) If jobs haven't appeared for you in Multiplayer after following the tips of the community remember a simple thing as sleeping a few times can help get the jobs back on screen. Easily by going to a parking space and hitting enter. No Jobs Appearing (Fix Two: Having a Self Drivable Truck Method) Another reason of jobs not appearing is the possibility of not owning a truck. By following the steps above by using the Money Mod and XP Mod in Singleplayer before going online this can hopefully solve this problem. No Jobs Appearing (Fix Three: Manually Changing Job List Method) If you have tried all above and your jobs are still not appearing you will manually have to edit the economy back in and it can be done below. First, navigate to this inside your computer: "Your Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/config.cfg" "Your Documents/American Truck Simulator/config.cfg" *Note you will need to open this in Notepad or Wordpad, another good free program to Download is notepad++ but either Notepad or Wordpad will do the job.* Next, you will need to find these lines of code (By using CTRL + F) and searching the following: uset g_console uset g_developer instead of a 0 change these to a 1 Once finished saving, quit. Next, we're going to open your Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator game and selecting your Multiplayer profile navigate in game. For opening the console press "`" located next to your number one key. Type this into the console to reset the economy: g_force_economy_reset 1 After doing that press enter and re-navigate back to the profile screen. Selecting your profile again and navigating back in game you will need to redo the process above this time changing the 1 to a zero. Open the console again using "`" located next to the one key and type this into the console: g_force_economy_reset 0 And that's it you're good to go and hopefully start trucking online. If you're job list ever disappears again you will need to repeat the process above but hopefully, it keeps refreshing. The next most common problem I've noticed on the forum is when SCS decides to push an update for the base game of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator alot of people are confused on how to play the Multiplayer until the Multiplayer team update the mod for the newest version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. Here's a quick guide on how to Downgrade your Version and also Upgrade your Version if you're unsure how to change back. For this example, I'll be using the base version 1.19 which is currently unsupported by Multiplayer and downgrading to version 1.18 which is currently supported by the Multiplayer mod. *Note this above method will not affect players until the 1.19 Patch hits the public which should be soon. I'm just doing a little future proofing to help prepare so the version in the guide may not be 100% but I'll update on release* Downgrading your Version This process is for people who want to downgrade their version to play the Multiplayer mod after Steam has updated their Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator version to the recent base game update. "Example: Version x.xx (ETS2 Base/ATS Base) > Version x.x1 (Multiplayer Support Base)" *Before starting any of the below make sure your Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator is fully closed down, the process below won't work if it's open* 1: Load up your Steam Client and hover over "Library" and click "Games" at the top of your screen. 2: Right click on "Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator" and click "Properties" 3: Click on the "Betas" tab at the top. 4: If steam has updated your current version making you unable to play the Multiplayer the top down box should say "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" 5: Click on the drop down box, you'll be presented with a whole load of numbers and versions but the one you're wanting to select is "temporary_x_x_x_x - x.x.x.x.x" *Note: As mentioned above this will be updated as each version releases* 6: Close the properties window and then allow the game to update/downgrade. Providing you're on the correct Multiplayer version the Multiplayer mod will now launch. Upgrading your Version This process is for people who want to upgrade their version to play the Multiplayer mod after Multiplayer has updated their mod to support the latest Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator base game update. *Note: This is only if you followed the process of above by downgrading your game* "Example: Version x.xx (ETS2/ATS Downgrade Base for MP) > Version x.x1 (Multiplayer Support Base)" *Before starting any of the below make sure your Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator is fully closed down, the process below won't work if it's open* 1: Load up your Steam Client and hover over "Library" and click "Games" at the top of your screen. 2: Right click on "Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator" and click "Properties" 3: Click on the "Betas" tab at the top. 4: If you've followed the process above to play the Multiplayer the top down box should say "temporary_x_x_x_x - x.x.x.x.x" 5: Click on the drop down box, you'll be presented with a whole load of numbers and versions but the one you're wanting to select is "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" *Note: As mentioned above this will be updated as each version releases* 6: Close the properties window and then allow the game to update/downgrade. Providing you're on the correct Multiplayer version the Multiplayer mod will now launch. Seeing the Version Supported The version supported by the multiplayer client can be found on the launcher at the top left hand corner. This will hopefully aid in what version you need to pick if you're wanting play online. Problem not listed here? Instead of writing every problem that can occur when playing Multiplayer a user by the name of Gwait (Suldok) has created a great post with mostly every problem that can occur in Multiplayer. Go over there and hopefully he can have the answer for any of your problems. Gwait Common Problems Thread (TruckersMP) Everything above is what I've personally done when setting up Euro Truck Multiplayer and American Truck Multiplayer profiles, and also what I recommended to friends when they're wanting to play Multiplayer. Also if there's anything I've missed out, be sure to comment it as I'll happily add it in! Note: If any of the Download Links have expired above, comment below and I'll be sure to find some more recommended ones! Thanks for reading! Cheers Click
  9. Hello! I thought while I was at it, I'd just put these pictures here to maybe make it easier for some people to see where the tracks are exactly :). 1st Race Track 2nd Race Track 3rd Race Track 4th Race Track (Final)
  10. I made this to help out anyone who is having issues properly setting up their controller for good driving, particularly the XBOX gamepad. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2119540828
  11. Hey friends! I've been really into American Truck Simulator and I was super excited to see they already released a Multiplayer mod for it so I put together a quick tutorial (under 4 minutes) since that is what I do on Youtube. Hope it helps you get connected!
  12. Today i found a very cool guide how to change the normally backgrounds in ETS2MP Menu to a diffrent! ATTENTION TO THE PLAYERS! The new Launcher of TruckersMP corrypted the data folder which contains the ui for a long time now and there is no way to change the background now. So this guide doesnt work anymore! So what you need for that. You need a photo in ETS2 for that. 1. Go to your computer/Program Files (if you have Program Files (x86), doesnt matter, just you need to find Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer)/Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer/data/ui. 2. You will see photos and if you search you will see the background photos. Rename your photo too: background0. 4. Put the background0 to "ui" folder and replace it. NOTE: Do not delete the background0 in the "ui" folder because if you put a new photo but have the same name like before, your ETS2MP Menu will be red screen. 5. Copy the background0 (your photo) and paste it in desktop. Rename it to "background1" and replace it to the background1 (ETS2MP Photo Menu) it in ui folder. 6. Repeat step 5 but rename the background1 to background2 and replace it to the background2 (ETS2MP Photos Menu). You should playing without red screen. 14-11-15 I decided it to edit it because i found a way to not shine red screen. 22-4-18 The guide is completely shuted down! After the TruckersMP launcher folder on the Programs File doesn't have the data folder which contains ui, i think you can't do anything to change the background after you enter into the ETS2MP or ATSMP Launcher. If there is someone who can help me, i will restart the guide.
  13. 1。转到http://Truckersmp.com,并在右上角登录。 2。 在“My Account”菜单上点击“Appeal Ban” 3。在这一页,你会看到你现在的禁令,如果被禁止的话。在右手边,你可以看到文本“Appeal this Ban” 4。请解释为什么你不应该被禁止,包括发生了什么以及为什么会发生。然后单击提交。 5。等待管理员响应 如果你不能创建上诉,这意味着你并不是被禁止的。请参阅下面的屏幕截图。
  14. Guide permettant de savoir comment dépasser / être dépassé correctement DESYNC Ce que vous voyez sur votre écran n'est pas forcément ce que les autres joueurs voient. Cela pourrait causer des collisions (pas intentionnels) dans de nombreuses situations. Pour contrer cet effet, voici quelques informations que vous devriez suivre. Quand vous doublez - Commencez votre manoeuvre lorsque vous vous trouvez à au moins 60 m du camion devant vous (vous pouvez toujours vérifier les distances à l’aide de la touche <TAB>). - Restez en ligne - Lorsque vous avez vérifié que l'autre joueur se trouve à 100 m derrière vous, vous pouvez commencer à vous rabattre. - Autrement, si vous voyez l'autre conducteur faire un appel de phares ou l'entendre klaxonner deux fois, cela signifie que vous pouvez vous rabattre en toute sécurité de son point de vue, même si vous n'êtes pas à 100m. Dans ce cas, il est agréable de le remercier en utilisant les warning. Quand vous êtes doublé - Restez sur votre voie - Ralentissez pour permettre à l'autre joueur de vous doubler plus rapidement et facilement - Quand il y a assez de distance entre le le camion est vous, faites un appel de phares ou klaxonnez pour lui signaler qu'il peut se rabattre en toute sécurité. Espérons que tout le monde respecte ces règles, Bonne route
  15. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Pour voir le post original en anglais posté par DeviLee, cliquez-ici. Tout d'abord, bienvenue sur le forum de TruckersMP ! Je comprends que vous vous demandiez ce que vous faites ici, sur ce sujet, et surtout que vous pensiez "Mais que suis-je supposé trouver ici ?" Ne paniquez pas ! Ici vous trouverez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour commencer. Avant de faire quoi que ce soit sur le forum de TruckersMP, vous devez accepter les règles du forum et les règles en jeu et les mods autorisés / Conseils à suivre pour les mods. Une fois que vous avez fait cela, vous devriez aimer le post présentez-vous (version anglaise) dans une section à part du forum, ou plutôt présentez-vous (version française). C'est vraiment un bon moyen de rencontrer des gens et de nous laisser savoir qui vous êtes. Ok, donc vous vous êtes présentés, et maintenant quoi ? Il y a beaucoup de sujets sur le forum, certains peuvent vous intéresser, certains non. Vous pouvez faire une recherche pour quelque chose qui vous intéresse en utilisant la boite de recherche en haut à droite du forum. L' équipe de TruckersMP partagent parfois des informations avec nous, donc n'hésitez pas à regarder cela. Une fois que vous avez fait le tour du forum, lu et répondu aux choses qui vous intéressent, vous pouvez même personnaliser votre profil. Vous pouvez faire cela en allant en haut du forum puis en cliquant sur la flèche dirigée en bas à côté de votre nom d'utilisateur et en cliquant sur "Profile". Si vous aimeriez ajouter une signature, allez simplement en haut du forum, et cliquez sur la flèche dirigée en bas à côté de votre nom de profil, puis cliquez sur "Account Settings". Une fois que vous avez fait cela, regardez sur le côté gauche et vous verrez "Signature". "Qu'est ce qu'une signature sur le forum ?" Une signature sur le forum est ce qui apparaitra sous vos posts, donc si vous avez un VTC et voulez en faire la publicité, vous pouvez le faire ici. Veuillez garder en mémoire qu'il y a des règles sur les signatures. Vous devez lire ces règles (le lien étant à la première étape de ce guide), vous saurez alors quelles sont les règles. Il y a une très grande multitude de sujets qui peuvent vous aider à naviguer sur le jeu TruckersMP, mais si cela ne semble pas être un sujet qui répond à votre question, vous pouvez demander de l'aide dans la section d'aide (voici celle en français: ici). Il y a beaucoup de membres, modérateurs, membres du support, membre du staff, et administrateurs qui pourront vous être utile et qui seront toujours heureux de vous aider. De nouvelles versions de TruckersMP sortent tout le temps, vous pouvez être tenu au courant de chaque mise à jour dans la section Development Announcements du forum. Tout ce que vous choisirez de faire sur ce forum sera complétement votre choix, la chose numéro un dont il faut toujours se rappeller et d'être respectueux et de prendre du plaisir ! Encore une fois, bienvenue !
  16. Как да коригирате бъг с наслагване в чата Случвало ли ви се е да отворите чата, след това сте натиснали Shift+ Tab и трябва да рестартирате играта си, тъй като наслагването на чата е замразено до мястото, където не можете да прекратите паузата или да получите достъп до някое от менюто на играта. Отворете ATS или ETS. След като се отвори ATS или ETS, отидете на опции, след това изберете клавиши и бутони и променете настройките на Route Advisory Mouse Control за клавиатурни потребители, препоръчвам да използвате колелото на мишката нагоре или с колело надолу. Клавиатурата не може да приема никакви команди, когато чат наслагването е заседнало след натискането на клавишите shift+tab. Ако сте потребител, играещ с волан, можете да използвате който и да е бутон, който е начертан на волана ви, или можете просто да използвате колелото нагоре или колелото на мишката, за да прекратите паузата, без да е необходимо да я рестартирате. Това е тествано от мен, мога да го кажа 100% работи. Бях в състояние да прекратя играта си чат отблизо, без да се налага да рестартирам
  17. Скаут - Този автомобил е достъпен за всички, които играят в EU 2 и други неограничени сървъри, като може да се предлага от всеки търговец на камиони в цялата карта. Тъй като контролите не са най-добрите, ще се опитам да ви дам някои настройки в това ръководство, които ще ви позволят да играете с новото превозно средство при най-добрите му възможности! Аз също ще разгледам всички функции и опции на автомобилите, така че да се следи. Завиване Към момента воланът не е най-добрият, но ако имате периферна кормилна уредба, бих променила чувствителността на волана до: 0, ако имате волан от 900/270 градуса, наполовина за клавиатура (не е наистина тестван за 90 степен). Уверете се, че се забавяте в тесните ъгли, защото най-вероятно ще се преобърнете, тъй като засега това е работа с камион Спиране Тъй като използвам клавиатурата за контрол на моята кола / камион, поставих интензитета на спиране на колата на около 75%, и тя работи доста добре досега. Уверете се, че управлявате скоростта си, когато стигнете до завой в кръгово / кръстовище, защото може да загубите контрол над автомобила; Случва се. За периферните устройства за педали бих препоръчал да го оставите по подразбиране. Скорост Това превозно средство може да стигне до повече от 150 км / ч, но при високи скорости (100+) автомобилът става не толкова лесен за управление, и ще трябва да бъдете МНОГО внимателни, когато изпреварвате някого с висока скорост! Закупуване на колата и персонализиране Както Clarkinator каза в темата за актуализация на полицията и обществените автомобили, скаутът може да бъде закупен от всеки автокъща на камиони на цена 50,355 евро. Той се предлага стандартно с 170-конев TDI двигател и 6-степенна ръчна (все още можете да шофирате с автоматичната скоростна кутия от настройките), 360л резервоар за гориво и "стандартния" (черен) интериор. Но можете да го получите с някои опции, нали? Първо, можете да го получите с персонализиран цвят, персонализиран метален цвят или пилотната кожа (което се препоръчва най-вече за управление на конвои, а не за ежедневно шофиране!). Не можете да получите бояджийска работа на полицията или други опции за персонализиране, свързани с полицията! За интериорните опции можете да получите стандартния черен интериор или ексклузивния, като и двете изглеждат доста добре ! За опциите на двигателя можете да получите 1.8л TSI или 2.0л TDI, като TDI разполага с 10 повече конски сили от TSI! За външната персонализация засега няма много какво да избирате. Можете да изберете светлини за мъгла, които светят при използване на дълги светлини или Pilot Beacons! Настройки Добавям към тези 2 снимки на моите настройки за управление на клавиатурата с автоматична трансмисия. Как да пилотираме Има ръководство за правилното използване на пилотната кола. Можете да го проверите тук (натиснете „тук“). Заключителни думи и мисли Това беше една от най-очакваните актуализации, която много хора чакаха и мисля, че са получили това, което са поискали. Един час преди да направя тази тема, играех в MP и имаше толкова много хора с коли и беше толкова „истинско“ да имам и коли, и камиони на една и съща магистрала. Да, върху колата трябва да се работи повече, сигурен съм в това, но все пак това е чудесно допълнение към този мод и съм сигурен, че хората му се радват толкова, колкото и аз. PS: Ако имате нещо, което може да бъде добавено, не се колебайте да ми изпратите PM или просто публикувате тук и аз ще го добавя тук. Благодаря, че прочетохте това и се надявам да е било полезно и не забравяйте, Шофирайте безопасно!
  18. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Cliquez-ici pour voir le guide original en anglais posté par @The_Wish. La voiture Scout Skoda est disponible pour tous les joueurs jouant sur le serveur EU#2 ainsi que sur les autres serveurs n'interdisant pas les voitures, et elle peut être acheté chez n'importe quel concessionaire de la map. Puisque les contrôles de cette voiture ne sont pas les meilleurs, je vais essayer de vous donner quelques astuces dans ce guide qui vous permettront de jouer avec les meilleures capacités de cette nouvelle voiture ! Je vais également passer en revue chaque fonctionnalité et chaque option de cette voiture, alors restez à l'écoute. Maniabilité Actuellement, la maniabilité de la voiture n'est pas des meilleures, mais si vous avez un volant, il vaut mieux mettre la sensibilité de direction à 0, si vous utilisez un volant à 270 ou 900 degrés en plus d'un clavier (pas vraiment testé pour un volant de 90 degrés). Faites attention à bien ralentir lorsque vous arrivez dans des virages serrés, sinon votre voiture basculera probablemen, car elle fonctionne de la même manière qu'un camion au niveau du handling (= tenue de route). Freinage Depuis que j'utilise le clavier pour contrôler ma voiture ou mon camion, je mets l'intensité de freinage autour de 75%, et ça fonctionne plutôt bien jusqu'à présent. Faites attention à bien contrôler votre vitesse lorsque vous arrivez à un intersection ou un carrefour à sens giratoire, car vous pouvez perdre le contrôle de votre véhicule (cela est déjà arrivé). Si vous avez des pédales, je vous conseille de laisser les paramètres par défaut. Vitesse La voiture ne peut pas aller au-delà de 150km/h, mais à grande vitesse (+ de 100km/h), la voiture devient plus difficile à contrôler et vous devrez vraiment faire TRÈS attention lorsque vous dépasserez quelqu'un. Acheter et customiser la voiture Comme Clarkinator a dit dans le sujet Police & Public Car Update, la voiture peut être acheté chez n'importe quel vendeur de camions au prix de 50 355€. Par défaut, elle possède un moteur 170cv TDI, une boite de vitesse manuelle à 6 vitesses (vous pourrez toujours conduire avec une boite de vitesse automatique à partir des réglages), un réservoir de carburant de 360L et l'intérieur "Standard" (en noir). Mais vous pouvez l'obtenir en y ajoutant des options. Premièrement vous pouvez choisir la peinture: soit une couleur personnalisée, une couleur métallique ou le skin Pilot (qui est grandement recommandé pour la gestion de convois, pas une conduite de tous les jours). De plus, vous n'êtes pas autorisé à avoir le skin Police ou les accessoires de police ! En ce qui concerne les options d'intérieur, vous pouvez soit mettre l'intérieur "Standard" soit l'intérieur "Exclusif", les deux sont très jolis ! Pour le moteur, vous pouvez mettre le 1,8L TSI ou le 2,0L TDI, ce dernier ayant 10cv de plus que le TSI ! Pour la customisation extérieure, il n'y a pas trop de choix pour le moment. Vous pouvez choisir d'avoir des feux anti-brouillards qui s'allument lorsque vous activez les feux de route, ainsi que les gyrophares Pilot ! Paramètres Merci à @Spongebloke, j'ajoute ces deux captures d'écran de mes réglages quand on utilise seulement le clavier avec une transmission automatique. Comment utiliser la voiture pilote lors d'un convoi ? Merci à @Ozy, voici son guide pour savoir comment utiliser correctement la voiture pilote. Vous pouvez le voir en cliquant ici. Conclusion et derniers mots C'était l'une des mises à jour que les gens ont le plus attendue, et je pense qu'ils ont pu enfin obtenir ce qu'ils avaient demandé. Une heure avant de créer ce sujet, je jouais sur TruckersMP et il y avait tellement de monde avec des voitures, et ça donnait encore plus un effet réaliste d'avoir des voitures et des camions sur la même route. Oui, il y a encore beaucoup à faire concernant la voiture, j'en suis sûr, mais c'est quand même une excellent ajout à ETS2MP et je suis sûr que les gens l'apprécient autant que moi. PS: Si vous pensez que quelque chose doit être ajouté, n'hésitez pas à me contacter en message privé (@The_Wish) ou bien postez un message à la suite de ce sujet. Merci d'avoir lu ce guide, j'espère qu'il vous aura aidé. Et n'oubliez pas, CONDUISEZ EN TOUTE SÉCURITÉ !
  19. Guide traduit en français par @HérissonMan. Cliquez-ici pour voir le guide original en anglais posté par @Takumi Fujiwara 86. Avec la nouvelle mise à jour d'ATS, j'ai choisi de créer ce guide pour vous aider: Le Guide De Survie Essentiel Pour: 1. À propos des feux rouges Si le feu est rouge, vous pouvez légalement tourner à droite, sauf si il y a un panneau "No Turn On Red" (généralement il y a aussi une flèche clignotante si vous avez l'autorisation de tourner à droite au feu rouge). Tourner à gauche au feu rouge est SEULEMENT autorisé si la rue dans laquelle vous vous dirigez est un sens unique allant de droite à gauche. Exemple de panneau "No Turn On Red": 1. À propos du poids des véhicules Les routes (en particulier les routes résidentielles) et les ponts peuvent être restreints par une limite de poids, qui sera indiquée sur des panneaux. Les camions effectuant des livraisons locales (c'est-à-dire quelque part sur la route) sur des routes où il y a une limite de poids sont exemptés. Les ponts qui sont restreints par le poids sont une autre histoire, vous serez averti de la limitation de poids, puis vous aurez un autre panneau directement sur le pont pour vous indiquer la limite. La limite de poids est différente selon la taille de votre camion. Exemple: 2a. À propos des stations de pesage En Amérique, sur les principales autoroutes, il y a des stations de pesage, qui sont généralement ouvertes durant les jours de semaine. Lorsqu'un poste de pesage est ouvert (ce qui est indiqué sur les panneaux LED), TOUS les camions, à l'exception des camionnettes, doivent s'arrêter au poste de pesage. Lorsque vous êtes sur la bretelle de sortie pour la station de pesage, vous recevez l'un des deux signaux. Un signal de pesée qui signifie que vous devez vous rendre à la balance ou bien vous pouvez recevoir un signal de contournement, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez continuer sur la voie d'accès (configuration similaire à celle utilisée pour l'installation de certaines grandes stations-service dans ETS2) et rejoignez l'autoroute sans que votre camion ne soit pesé. Exemple de panneau de station de pesage: ATTENTION: La configuration des stations de pesage dans ATS est différente dans la vie réelle que dans ATS. 3. À propos des panneaux 3a. Panneaux en général Le panneau ci-dessous est similaire à celui qui existe en Europe, sauf qu’il est jaune, plus grand et généralement plus nombreux. Cela indique la hauteur à ne pas dépasser. Le numéro de gauche est en pieds et le nombre de droite est en pouces. Le panneau de vitesse conseillée affiche le schéma de ce à quoi vous pouvez vous attendre ainsi que la vitesse conseillée. Le nombre correspond à la vitesse recommandée dans la courbe (en miles par heure). La vitesse conseillée peut également être indiquée séparément (sous le panneau). Panneau de fin de voie. Le schéma varie en fonction de quelle voie se termine et quelle autre voie elle rejoint. Panneau de convergence de voies (voies qui se rejoignent). Vous indique que une voie rejoint une autre voie (par la droite ou par la gauche). Souvent utilisé pour les entrées d'autoroute. Le panneau de pente dangereuse signifie qu'il y a une pente raide à venir (le pourcentage sur le panneau ou sur un pannonceau séparé en dessous est généralement indiqué). In game, il y a un panneau en-dessous indiquant "Trucks use low gear" (en français, cela signifie que les camions doivent rouler en petite vitesse). 3b. Panneaux d'autoroutes Ces panneaux d'autoroute inter-États (qui traversent les États), similaires à ceux présents en Europe, vous indiquent sur quelle autoroute vous circulez (et généralement, il y a un panonceau au-dessus ou en-dessous qui indique dans quelle direction vous roulez: vers le sud, vers le nord, etc.). Ci-dessous voici un panneau d'autoroute aux États-Unis. Contrairement aux autoroutes inter-États, les autoroutes sont généralement plus petites, mais permettent de se déplacer à une vitesse plus rapide et permettent de sortir d'un État comme les autoroutes Inter-États. Les panneaux d'autoroute varient en fonction de chaque État. Ces autoroutes en question ne vont généralement pas en dehors de leur État. California: Nevada: (Cette section sera mise à jour dès que de nouveaux États sortiront). En ce qui concerne les panneaux de sorti inter-États, j’ai réalisé ce diagramme: 4. Règles de circulation En Amérique, le trafic qui doit tourner à un moment donné n'a pas la priorité sur ceux arrivant en ligne droite. Ceux arrivant en ligne droite NE DOIVENT PAS s'arrêter pour laisser passer ceux venant de droite. Sur les autoroutes Inter-États et les autoroutes, le trafic qui s'apprête à rejoindre l'autoroute n'a pas la priorité. Vous devez vous arrêter pour céder le passage aux véhicules qui se trouve déjà sur l’autoroute (comme en France). AUSSI: Les matériaux dangereux ne sont pas autorisés sur certaines autoroutes ! Il y aura généralement un panneau avant toute voie d'accès menant à l'autoroute qui indiquera "No hazardous materials on US (or state route) XX". En français: "Aucune matière dangereuse sur la route XX" (cependant, cette règle n'est probablement pas simulé dans ATS). AUSSI: Il y a une astuce avec les numéros de sortie, ils indiquent généralement le nombre de kilomètres qui sépare la frontière du prochain (ou dernier) État qu'une autoroute Inter-État traverse. Ce guide sera mis à jour avec de nouvelles informations si je pense que c'est nécessaire. Bonne conduite ! Modifications: 03/02/2016: 1. Le panneau d'autoroute était mal indiqué. Cela a été corrigé. 2. Ajout d'une section sur les panneaux de signalisation spécifiques aux différents États. 3. Quelques mots dans la section de la station de pesage ont été modifié. 4. Ajout de l'info ingame à propos du panneau pour indiquer une pente raide. 07/02/2016: 1. Ajout de la section sur les règles de circulation.
  20. Cruise control is a system that automatically controls the speed of a motor vehicle. I want to tell about somethings how to use this system in ETS 2. 1. Cruise Control Key Settings Firstly we must set the cruise control keys in game settings. For this, stop your truck, press ESC key and open the menu screen. And click options on bottom panel. Now click "Keys & Buttons" button. Find starting with "Cruise Control" and set them primary keys what you want. __________________________________ 2. Using Cruise Control Using cruise control is simple and really comfortable. When you on road press the gas and when the speed you want came press your Cruise Control key. In this example when I'm going in 43 km/h I pressed the Cruise Control Button and my truck engine will try save this speed and I don't need press gas or brake except for emergency. If you press gas or brake on cruise control will cancel. So if you don't want canceling you can use Cruise Control Increase(for Speed Up). In this example when I'm going in 43 km/h I pressed the Cruise Control Increase Button it will changed my speed 45 km/h now when I press this button it will be increase+5 km/h speed. You can change this +1 km/h or +2 km/h increase for every press. Check section 3 in guide. And you can use Cruise Control Decrease(for Slow Down). In this example when I'm going in 43 km/h I pressed the Cruise Control Decrase Button it will changed my speed 40 km/h now when I press this button it will be decrease -5 km/h speed. You can change this -1 km/h or -2 km/h increase for every press. Check section 3 in guide. Cruise Control Resume is remembers your speed when you clicked cruise control button last time. In this example I stopped my truck and click Cruise Control Resume and i get 43 km/h speed because it remembered my last speed. __________________________________ 3. Changing Cruise Control Increase/Decrease Speeds Stop your truck, press ESC key and open the menu screen. And click options on bottom panel. Now click "Gameplay" button. Find "Cruise control grid step"and set this what you want.
  21. DRIVING SIGNALS NOTE: THIS IS MEANT FOR EUROPE ONLY HOWEVER SOME MAY APPLY IN AMERICA (The reason I have made this is to help with people using these signals incorrectly and not understanding when others use them. These also can apply to real life, however, I do not condone the use of these IRL.) 1. Flashing Headlights Surprisingly, flashing headlights can mean many different things, but they are NOT a greeting in any way. When someone flashes their headlights it could mean one of the following: High beams are on incorrectly Oncoming Lane / Unsafe passing Slow down You can go These are the main meanings of flashing your lights. 2. Honking Horn Horns are used as a safety system in vehicles. They were intended to be a loud tone to warn people, however, can be used as a greeting. How I decide it is based on the length Long Tone - Bad driving (I.e cutting someone off) 2 short tones - Greeting Horns are commonly misused and in some county's it is against the law for "Excessive horn use" 3. Indicating (Blinking) For this section, Blinkers will be referred to as indicators Indicators are used as a signal to other drivers to give them an idea of how you will react when driving. Left or Right indicators mean they are changing lane to that direction or turning that direction at an intersection. An indicator at intersections always means they are turning that direction as it is forbidden to change lane in an intersection by law. Hazard Indicators (Also known as 4-Ways) Hazard Indicators are to be used when pulling over, stopped in the road, or you yourself are a hazard. People may also use a combination of Left, Right, Left, Right as a thank you when they are in front of the vehicle they are thanking. Hazards may also replace this combination
  22. Davranış: Birinci ve en önemli konudan bahsetmek gerekirse, oyun içerisinde birbirinden farklı yaş gruplarında, düşünce yapılarında, kültür seviyelerinde ve ülkelerden oyuncular mevcut. Bunları göz önüne alarak hareketlerimizi yönlendirmemiz neredeyse mümkün değil, bu yüzden kendimize bir standart belirlemeli ve kısaca kendimizi bazı durumlarda frenlemeliyiz. Bunun en basit örneğini şu şekilde açıklayacak olursak, oyun içerisinde; Kendinize nasıl davranılmasını istiyorsanız, karşı tarafa da o şekilde davranın. CCTV: CCTV'nin dilimizdeki karşılığı kapalı devre kamera sistemidir. Bildiğimiz üzre, dünya haritasında bazı noktalarda trafik önemli derecede kalabalık, sıkışık ve hatta tıkanıklık derecesinde durma noktasına gelebiliyor. 10, belki de 15 dakika sonra Europoort bölgesinde mi olacaksınız? O halde buraya tıklayarak önemli noktalardaki, bizdeki tabiriyle MOBESE kameralarını izleyip anlık bilgi alabilir, kendinizi karşılaşmak üzre olduğunuz duruma hazırlayabilirsiniz. Oyuncu Şikayeti: Bu konuda birkaç şeye değinelim. Öncelikle bir oyuncuyu şikayet etmek istiyorsanız, elinizde açık kanıt olması gerekmektedir. Bu konuyu çözüme kavuşturduktan sonra, ihlali yapan oyuncu size ne kadar baskı kurarsa kursun, kişisel sakinlik ve nezaketin iplerini elinizden hiçbir zaman kaçırmayın, haklı iken haksız duruma düşmeyin ve bunun sadece bir oyun olduğunu unutmayın. Buradan truckersmp ana sayfasına girip, sağ üst köşe konumundaki "My Account" sekmesine tıkladıktan sonra "Reports" sekmesine tıklayarak gerekli kanıtlar ve açıklamanız ile oyuncu şikayeti oluşturabilirsiniz. Yasaklanma: Oyun içerisinde başka bir oyuncu sizin hakkınızda oyuncu şikayeti oluşturdu ya da bir oyun görevlisi sizin kural ihlali yaptığınıza tanık oldu. Bu durum muhtemel yasaklanma ile sonuçlanır. Eğer size karşı uygulanan cezanın haksız olduğunu, durum hakkında yanlış anlaşılma olduğunu veya haklıyken haksız duruma düştüğünüzü düşünüyor iseniz bu durumu yetkililer ile görüşmeniz gerekmektedir. Buradan yasaklamanın kaldırılması için talepte bulunabilirsiniz. Ana sayfaya girdikten sonra "My Account", ardından "Appeal ban" sekmesine giriş yapmalı, saygı çerçevesinde gerekli talepte bulunmalısınız. Unutmayın, truckersmp ekibi de sizler ve bizler gibi birer insan. Hatalı kararlar alınabilir ya da farklı düşüncelere sahip olabilirsiniz. Rotterdam/Europoort'a Yolculuk: Europoort'a yolculuk ederken dikkat etmeniz gereken birkaç husus mevcut. Biliyorsunuz ki oyunda bulunan, özellikle EU2'de en kalabalık bölgelerden birisi. Europoort'a yolculuk ederken aracınızın yakıtının yeterli olduğuna, hasarsız veya az hasarlı olduğuna(en fazla %10 civarı) dikkat etmenizi tavsiye ederim. %10'dan fazla hasarlı araçlar Europoort gibi dur-kalk yapılması gereken bölgelerde diğer oyunculara ve size tatsız anlar yaşatabilir. Europoort'a Giriş: Bir çok sorunun yaşandığı bölgeye geldik, peki şimdi ne yapacağız? Aslında durum basit, sadece kurallara uymalı, sabırlı olmalı ve diğer oyunculara karşı empati yaparak nezaket çerçevesinde ilerlemeliyiz. Karşıdan gelen bir araca yol vermek bunun en basit örneği. Atalarımızın da dediği gibi geç olsun güç olmasın. Europoort'a giriş yaparken kullanabileceğiniz iki yol mevcut. Bunlardan birincisi girişten sonra sola dönmek, ikincisi ise direkt devam etmek ile. Bu iki yoldan herhangi birini kullanmak tamamen sizin tercihinize bağlı bir durumdur. Ancak yolun kalabalık olduğunu düşünürsek, direkt devam etmek sizin için çok daha mantıklı olacaktır. Ayrıca sola dönüp girişe devam etmekten daha hızlı ve rahat bir şekilde Europoort'a ulaşabilirsiniz. Araç Kamerası: Araç kamerası, Amerikan polislerinin Youtube üzerindeki kovalamaca videolarını izleyen arkadaşlara yabancı gelmeyecektir, kısaca Dashcam. Peki nedir bu Dashcam? Aslında bunu şu şekilde açığa kavuşturabiliriz. Dashcam, siz aracınız ile keyifli bir yolculuk yaparken, bu keyifli yolculuğu sabote etmek isteyen oyuncuları kayıt altına alacak yardımcımızdır. Bilgisayarınızın özelliklerine ve ekran kartınıza göre kullanabileceğiniz farklı programlar mevcuttur. Yolculuk boyunca video kaydında olmak size karşılaştığınız ihlalleri kayıt altına alma ve yönetim ekibine bildirme şansı tanır. İleride size karşı ya da başka oyunculara karşı oluşabilecek mağduriyetleri engellemenizi sağlar. Bunun için OBS, Bandicam, Camtasia Studio, Plays.tv ve Shadowplay(Sadece Nvidia GTX serisi ekran kartlarında mevcuttur) programlarını kullanabilirsiniz. Temel Tavsiyeler: Artık rehberimizin sonuna gelirken, hem sizin hem de diğer oyuncuların lehine sonuçlanacak, oyun kalitesini arttıracak ve yaşanması muhtemel sorunların önüne geçmenizi sağlayacak birkaç temel tavsiyeyi sıralayalım. Gerekmedikçe uyarı ışıklarını gecikmeli alanlarda yakmayın, bu hem size hem de karşı tarafa faydalı olacaktır. Eğer aracınızla kaza yaptınız, bir yere sıkıştınız veya motorunuz tamamen işlevsiz hale geldiyse hiç vakit kaybetmeden F7 tuşunu kullanarak en yakın tamirhaneye çekici yardımıyla gidin. Bunu yaparak diğer oyuncuları engellemenin önüne geçebilirsiniz. Eğer kaza yaparsanız öncelikle oyuncudan özür dilemeyi ihmal etmeyin, bu hem karşı tarafın size karşı olan tavrını yumuşatır, hem de iki taraf açısından empati yapmaya olanak sağlar. Ayrıca vakit kaybetmeden yolu açmaya çalışın ki diğer oyunculara da engel olmayın. Eğer oyundan çıkış yapacaksanız, mümkün olan en uygun bölgede sağa çekin ve takiben çıkış yapın. Oyuna tekrar giriş yaptığınızda yolun ortasında başlamanız, arkadan gelecek olan diğer oyunculara karşı ciddi problem yaratacaktır. Korna kullanımına özen gösterin. Önünüzdeki oyuncuya karşı bir veya birkaç kez korna çalabilir, sonrasında tepki vermesini bekleyebilirsiniz. Eğer size herhangi bir şekilde tepki vermezse ne kadar korna çalarsanız çalın yine aynı sonuçla karşılaşacak olmanızın bir sinyalidir. Kısaca düğün konvoyu tarzı bir kullanımda bulunmamanız hem sizin, hem de karşı tarafın kulak sağlığı ve oyun kalitesine katkı sağlar. Takip mesafesini mutlaka koruyun. Ani gelişen durumlarda fren yapabilecek kadar mesafede olduğunuza emin olun. Oyun içerisinde herhangi bir yetkili gördüğünüzde peşine takılmak, çarpmak veya video/ekran görüntüsü alma yarışına girmek gibi bir davranışta bulunmayın. Eğer herhangi bir işlem yapıyorsa, yaptığı işlem bitene kadar sabırlı bir şekilde bekleyin. Sonuç olarak onların, sizin oyun kalitenizi arttırmak için zamanlarından gönüllü olarak fedakarlık ettiğini, onların da bir insan olduğunu unutmayın. Aceleci davranmayın, gereksiz sollamalardan kaçının ve diğer oyuncuları tehlikeye atacak davranışları harekete dökmeyin. Eğer yazılı iletişim yöntemini kullanmak zorunda kalırsanız mutlaka aracınızı uygun bir yerde durdurup öyle kullanmaya özen gösterin. Buna imkanınız yok ise 50 ile 55 kilometre hıza düşün ve yol ilerleyişini iyi takip edin ki kazaya sebebiyet vermeyin. Bazen ikinci kamera açısını kullanmak(2 tuşu) size fazladan FPS kazandırır. Ayrıca F11 tuşuna basıp oyuncu isimlerini kapatarak fazladan FPS kazanabilirsiniz.(Genellikle 3-7 FPS) Ülkeler arası geçiş yaptığınızda, doğru şeritte olduğunuza emin olun. Yavru vatan Kıbrıs'ta olduğu gibi, İngiltere'ye geçtiğinizde trafiğin sağdan aktığını, Avrupa'ya döndüğünüzde soldan aktığını aklınızdan çıkartmayın. Tünellerde aracınızı park etmemeye, durmamaya özen göstermelisiniz. Eğer normalden daha uzun yükler taşıyorsanız, ikinci kamera açısını kullanarak dönüşlerde arkanızdaki yükü iyi takip ederek açı almaya özen gösterin. Her zaman GPS'in belirlediği rotadan gitmek zorunda değilsiniz. M tuşuna basarak haritadan isteğiniz doğrultusunda farklı rotaları takip edebilirsiniz. Rotterdam, Calais, Paris, Duisburg ve Milano gibi şehirlerde yükleme süresi uzayabilir, bu yüzden çıkış yapacaksanız kazaya elverişsiz bölgelerde(no collide) oyundan çıkış yapmaya özen gösterin. Aksi halinde oyuna giriş yaptığınız anda bir başkasının oyununu istemeden de olsa sabote edebilirsiniz. Kural değişimi: Kalabalık alanlarda gereksiz trafik yaratmak Kick ve Ban ile cezalandırılacaktır. Dipnot: Bu rehberde bulunan bilgiler, @Kravatie 'ye, Türkçe çevirisi şahsıma aittir. Rehberde bazı bölümleri kendi dilimize uyarlama amacıyla anlaşılır biçime dönüştürdüm ve öznel eklemelerde bulundum, bu yüzden sade bir çeviri söz konusu değildir. İlginize teşekkürler, umarım sizlere yardımcı olur. Saygılarımla, iyi eğlenceler!
  23. Hey fellow adventurer! I see you have stumbled across some lagg on the TruckersMP servers! You might be thinking... "Oh my PC is a potato and its slow again." or "Oh my GPU is burning.". Well my friend maybe its not these reasons but maybe if you peek around you might be entering a convoy! That is right a convoy. A bunch of people organized a group "Drive" or "Convoy" for the simple way of saying it. This guide will guide you on how to make the best convoy out there! This version is 3.0 updated 1/1/2017 (New Year huh? xD). Les Table of Contents 1. What is a convoy? 1.1 Newbies 1.2 Network 2. Examples 2.1 Twitch Streamers 2.2 Rules 3. Preparations 3.1 Basic Route 3.2 Requirements (Truck Skins, DLC's, VTC etc) 3.3 Organizations (Virtual Trucking Company's. Group of people) 3.4 Convoy Leader & Supervisors 3.5 Posting it online! 3.6 Meeting up with the participants 3.7 General tips 4. Software 4.1 Teamspeak 3 4.2 Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer Client 4.3 American Truck Simulator Multiplayer Client 5. Other Helpful Guide's 6. Changelog 1. What is a convoy? 2. Examples 3. Preparations 4. Software 5. Other Helpful Guide's Changelog 1/1/2017 Happy new year! Version 3.0 released! Totally new name and banner! - 3/21/2016 Version 2 of this guide is released! I had to re write the guide so it fits with the new name! TruckersMP. Added custom banners/seperators - 12/17/2015: Added Changelog, Other helpful guids, software. Added more text to the sections. Added MrsArsenic in Twitch Streamers. Added TS3 Sections. Added Software Section. Added General Tips.
  24. HI @Drivers I'd like to give you some instructions for the console. First,Activate the Developer Model g_flyspeed goto -44831.8;112.729;-40232.4 goto berlin g_set_time 15 g_set_weather 1 The above instructions are the basic instructions. I hope you drivers will supplement them.
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