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Found 17 results

  1. Hello guys I want to ask why I keep getting this message in EU2 only ? ''You have been banned from TruckersMP network'' and I go offline ? I was banned for 3 days before that problem start happening . Please HELP ! I wrote to the support but the guy told me that - ''We dont deal with ban releated issues . Please do not contact the support about this. ''. I am new to TruckersMP so I need a lot of help ! Please ! Down there is the picture of the support . Thanks !
  2. Before connecting server my speed limiter is off, but when I connect to server (EU2) my speed limiter is turning on and I can't turn it off. On EU2 there's no any speed limiters, isn't it?
  3. Hello there, The thing I wanna bring to you is that it simply has nothing to do with simulation when there is somewhat that pushes your brake pedal to the floor in order to keep you under 150 kp/h. When an (lets call it) "Idiot" wants to go 200 or more by car he should be able to! (e.g. the western coast of italy - it doesn't make fun or even sense for some people to ride the speedway there with about 150) The point is that we want to have a server where you're able to freely drive your truck or car as fast as you want - and for the people who want to drive realistic (safe and slow) would still have all the other servers left - but the way truckersmp is going to take, I think we already can say goodbye to "Funny Moments" Videos on YouTube. Dear TruckersMP-Team, please don't keep this settings! Change it for the other kind of players. Thanks.
  4. Game Crash If you go to Malmö (Scandinavia) Crashes the game
  5. Cześć jest jakiś admin który pojedzie w konwoju na eu2? osiemnascie osob z naczepami plus wymagany teamspeak. ostatnio jak mielismy konwoj to osobowki w nas wjezdzaly wiec prosze o pilny kontakt!
  6. Gdy wchodzę na EU2 po 10 minutach jeżdzenia nagle gracze jakby się zawieszają, i nie ruszają a raz nawet jak się ruszyłem wychodze z gry wchodze na kolejny dzień i ban problem mam od początku zainstalowania truckersmp... Inni ludzie (polacy) mieli też taki problem.. Nie musze dawać screenshotów, dam wam poprostu stare podanie gdzie były screenshoty... Link: linczek EDIT: Na innych serwerach tak nie mam mówie o EU3 i EU1!
  7. Hi, wenn man Ets2MP startet, erscheint nach der Server-Auswahl ''Überlastung oder Serverarbeiten''. Ist das im Moment normal oder ist das nur bei mir (bzw. bei meinem Kumpel)? MfG #felixggru
  8. Crashing on EU2 like mad.... But on EU1, i have ZERO issues.... Screencap of error: Image on Gyazo Attached: crash.log To be attached: log_spawning file..... im prohibited to upload both due to max file size :S crash.log log_spawning_17.04.2017 - Copy.rar
  9. I have noticed over the past week that the server itself is being monitored a lot more and actions also behavioural issues have changed am I the only one who noticing this ??? I do know C-D is still bad and will be for some time but in general I feel the behaviour overall has calmed down a bit.... Yes we get hit by trucks cars sheep cows trailer ghosts but.... I honestly think slowly but surly this is getting sorted.... so people with report tickets and so forth no need to panic if you see what I see things are being done
  10. Hello I'm playing Ets since 2 years now and I have one big question that no one ever could answer. I just can not drive faster than 90 Km/h on EU2/3 I know that I have to chance the MP-Settings as well as the Gameplay settings in the term of Speedlimit and i did this a few times, but it just doesn't work. One strange thing is, that i can not change the setting in the Gameplay-settings, but this should not matter, because speedlimit is already deactivated. Can you help me please PS: made a screen of my settins PPS: sorry for the bad english
  11. novice

    ping issue?

    hello, so this started few days ago, no idea what is happening, im getting random 1000+ms spikes in the game and sometimes even autokick, but my ping is totally fine in cmd, can anyone help me?
  12. Everytime I connect to EU#2 I crash. Its happened to me before in places like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam. And now its happening no matter where I am. I have uploaded my crash logs. http://pastebin.com/264yxvPn Thanks;.
  13. Can't connect to Eu1, 2 and 3. But i can connect with South America and Hong Kong. Why? I have no ban.
  14. Player was "Rakub" (1339)
  15. Guest

    EU#2 Restart Required

    Hi, Recently I've been on Europe #2 server a few times and it has disconnected everybody from the game, meaning we have to restart the game. Is this a bug or is it just general server issues? It is everybody on the server (I'm presuming) who is encountering the problem. Kind Regards, Tom
  16. Guest

    Cant Connect To EU2 Server

    it just says connecting to europe#1 server.... and thats it wont connect nothing more is said
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