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Found 6 results

  1. Witam. Zapraszam na jutrzejszą audycję, która odbędzie się w EuroTruckRadio. Jest to próbna audycja. Jeśli się przyjmie to zostanie ona w grafiku. Polish Hour jak sama nazwa mówi, będzie zawierać Polską muzykę i nie tylko, ponieważ będzie ona cała prowadzona po Polsku. Jeśli chciałeś kogoś pozdrowić, jednak nie wiedziałeś jak masz to zrobić po Angielsku, to już masz okazję. Jest to moja wyciągnięta ręka do Polskich słuchaczy radia. słuchaj nas na https://eurotruckradio.co.uk Jeśli nie działa link, to zapraszamy tutaj http://eurotruck.radio.net Tak więc co tutaj dużo mówić. Zapraszam Nadchodząca audycja:
  2. Is this an end of an era or a brand new beginning? How about we let you decide. Either way it is a sad time Well after many hours and days soul searching by Rick and Clare who are the original founders of the radio and VTC have decided to leave Trucksimradio and the VTC behind them so they can concentrate on new things. Myself and the other owners would like to thank them for the time and effort they have both put in for the VTC and also done for the community but i know for certain they will be sadly missed. Good new is that Trucksimradio was purchased by a VTC member so I would like to say a great big welcome to Iholby who now owns the Radio station and also the brand "TruckSimRadio" and is now a co owner of TruckSimRadio VTC alongside myself and crumbs. We all wish you great success for the future. Merciful TSRVTC Owner
  3. Firma ETRo (Euro Trans Romania) a fost infiintata in Ianuarie 2015. Momentan avem peste 35 de angajati. Detinem o platforma proprie unde se administreaza cursele, orele de lucru, salariul fiecarui angajat, concediile, si multe altele. ETRo este firma oficiala a comunitatii Truckers Multiplayer Romania. Cererile de angajare se fac pe forumul nostru in sectiunea corespunzatoare. Ne puteti gasi pe: 1. Grupul de pe Steam aici. 2. Forum aici 3. Facebook: aici
  4. TruckSim Radio is proud to announce... TruckSim Radio Driving School TSR Driving School is set out to advance driving skills, show people a few new tricks along the way or hone your skills to a higher level. We have a wide array of skilled drivers who are dedicated to helping the community and improving the skills of everyone who wants to learn. Do you find it confusing and difficult when trying to do certain things on ETS2 or ATS? Would you like some help or tips on how to do so? Then why don’t you come and join the TSR Driving School. With our skilled drivers you can become one of the best drivers around in no time! Whether you use a wheel, controller or keyboard, we can help to improve your trucking experience. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re in a VTC or a solo driver, we offer this opportunity to everyone who wants to take part. As part of your training you will be shown everything from basic driving skills to expert parking, reversing and skilled handling. Courses: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Basic Course Advanced Course --COMING SOON-- Veteran Course --COMING SOON-- American Truck Simulator Basic Course --COMING SOON-- Advanced Course --COMING SOON-- Veteran Course --COMING SOON-- Classes: Tuesday is for Private Classes which take place at 8pm GMT Friday is for Group Classes which take place at 8pm GMT Saturday is for Both Private and Group Classes which take place at 6pm & 8pm GMT Private Classes: Private classes will be held every Tuesday and Saturday, these classes are really helpful to newcomers as it will allow them to get a feel of the game without the pressure of having to worry about other group members. Group Classes: Group classes will be held every Friday and Saturday, these classes can be for a Group of Friends or they can be a Group of Random Drivers. Signing Up: You can sign up quick and easily by filling out this Form or by visiting the TSR teamspeak @ ts.trucksimradio.com When you have signed up you will be issued a PROFILE to match the ADD-ONS of your game (DLC will not be provided), we can show you how to install this profile and how to transfer your controls between profiles by using Teamviewer or guide you over Teamspeak. Instructors: Daveo1996 Seanster Think you can help out? Why don't you join our team to help the community become a better place with fantastic driving experience. Provided by TruckSimRadio - Your number one truckers radio. You can find us on teamspeak @ ts.trucksimradio.com Disclaimer: Applicants are NOT required to join TSR, there are no obligations.
  5. So, what's going on 'ere then? The EuroTruck Radio team have decided that the time has come to do a charity event. We will be supporting one of the biggest fundraising events that are organised by charities in the UK every year. The charity that we have decided to support with our first event is Children In Need. Every year they strive to raise money to support children not only in the UK but in many countries across the world. This was an important factor in the deciding of the charity that we are going to support. We ourselves receive endless amounts of support from the members of the ETS2 community who are based not only in the UK but are based all over the world! We will be holding a monstrous convoy starting at 12:00 midday (BST) on Friday the 23rd of October and finishing on Monday the 26th of October (Time to follow). Sign up by clicking on the ETS2.c preview near the bottom of this page, also stay tuned in to the radio and keep your eye on our Facebook page for more details! And how do I donate? You can donate to children in need by clicking on the webpage preview below or alternatively you can sponsor EuroTruck Radio by texting FRQE83 £1 to 70070. And don't forget to claim Gift Aid to increase your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10! Got anymore details for us? Thanks! ETR Team.
  6. English language ConSec - Convoy Security Invite You to the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONSEC BIRTHDAY CONVOY Details When: Satturday 22th August - 8pm - 20:00 CEST (7pm - 19:00 BST) Start: Hannover Quarry | Destination: Berlin NBFC | Break: Dortmund Quarry Please have a trailer attached and have a full tank Teamspeak Server IP: ts.convoysec.de Please use Teamspeakchannel even you don't have a headset to hear instructions. Please pay attention to the yellow-red ConSec trucks which are on the road, intersections and junctions to show the route from the Convoy (look at indicators (turn signals) and chat). ConSec Truck Route Declaration: Start = Start Ziel = Destination Pause = Break Steinbruch = Quarry German language ConSec - Convoy Security Lädt ein zum ERSTEN INTERNATIONALEN CONSEC GEBURTSTAGSCONVOY Details Wann: Samstag 22. August - 20:00 Uhr CEST (Deutsche Sommerzeit) Start: Hannover Steinbruch | Ziel: Berlin NBFC | Pause: Dortmund Steinbruch Bitte mit Trailer/Auflieger and einem vollgetankten LKW kommen. Teamspeak Server IP: ts.convoysec.de Bitte benutzt den Teamspeakchannel auch wenn Ihr kein Headset habt, um die Anweisungen zu hören. Bitte achtet auf die gelb-roten ConSec LKWs, welche an Straßen, Kreuzungen und Abzweigungen stehen und Euch die Route des Konvois zeigen (Achtet auf die Blinker Zeichen und auf den Chat). ConSec LKW Route ConSec - Certainly to arrive --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ConSec - Mit Sicherheit ans Ziel
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