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Found 107 results

  1. Offizieller ETS 2 Jobbörsen Convoy Einladung am 16.11.19 um 17:00 Uhr 16:00 Uhr treffen auf den TS. Das treffen auf den Simulation 2 Server ist in Florenz (Italien) in der ganzen Stadt verteilt. Am Ende des Convoys in Olbia verteill in der ganzen Stadt. Wir fahren: über: Ancona - Terni - Pescara - Neapel - Cagliari Wir treffen uns auf den TS der ConvoySafeGroup unter: convoy.germantrans.eu Um diese Gruppe geht´s did den Convoy veranstalltet. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1550588678569552/ Anmeldung unter: https://truckersevents.com/convoy/ets2-jobborsen-convoy/ Bitte Informiert mich noch mal via PN über Facebook unter: https://www.facebook.com/Cronka89/
  2. Sziasztok! Rólunk: A Sárga angyalok 2017-ben indult, mint convoy szervező csapat, akkor ez volt a magyarok legnagyobb ETS2MP közössége. A convoyokon 30-40 játékos vett részt, hatalmas aktivitás volt tapasztalható. Sajnos az idő múlásával ez is eltűnt. 2019 nyarán, úgy döntöttünk, hogy újra indítjuk a Sárga angyalokat, Yellow Angels néven, mostmár nem csak convoyokat szervezünk, hanem mint egy cég, jelen vagyunk szinte minden fontosabb jótékonysági eseményen (CiN, Remembrance day, Epilepsy event, Heartbeat UTH). Célunk, ismételten visszatérni a régi kerékvágásba, és tovább fejleszteni a közösségünket. Elvárásaink a jelentkezők felé: Legyen eredeti steames Euro truck simulator 2 játékod. Legyen minimum 30 órád a játékban (steamen). Legyen működőképes mikrofonod. Ne legyen aktív, illetve 3-nál több bannod. Ne legyél más virtuális cégnek tagja. A jelentkezés pillanatában töltsd be a 15. életévedet. A jelentkezéshez csatlakozz a discord szerverünkre! Instagram oldalunk: https://www.instagram.com/yellow.angels.media/ Discord szerverünk: https://discord.gg/SVqvzka TruckersMP oldalunk: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/2656
  3. Good Morning/Evening Everyone! I proudly present to you our public convoy as part of our 24 hour Charity Marathon Event! This is the second charity marathon I have completed! Back in September, we raised a massive total of £296 in what was one of the most thrilling 24 hours I have ever had. This time around, we are putting much more preparation into the event, including a proper public convoy which is something we have always wanted to do. Armed with mistakes and lessons we learned from last time, we are aiming to make a real difference in the gaming community. Cancer is something that many people have unfortunately had to face, including multiple people in my family and it is something nobody should do alone. Macmillan act as someone to go to, someone who is there no matter what the circumstances are. They are an amazing charity and to have already raised the money we have for it is amazing! A Dedicated server isn't planned due to an expected lack of turnout (Low expectations as usual) but it will be on the cards if our ETS2C post gathers pace in the meantime. Condensed Details! DATE AND TIME - 21/12/2019 20:00 GMT SERVER - Currently EU Sim 2 (possibly dedicated) MEETING POINT - Amsterdam Port ENDING POINT - Bylystok Stein Bruch TRUCK & TRAILER - We prefer a green colour for Macmillan Cancer Support however you can bring anything Clicking Yes on ETS2C Will help us possibly getting a dedicated server Links Gameheroes Donation Page Our Website ETS2C Official Discord (Go into #rules and get the Gameheroes Role) Official Twitch
  4. The BHF Event 2020 The British Heart Foundation was founded in 1961 by a group of medical professionals, who were concerned about the increasing death rate from cardiovascular disease. They wanted to fund extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart and circulatory diseases. It is a major funder and authority in cardiovascular research, education, and care, and relies predominantly on voluntary donations to meet its aims. In order to increase income and maximise the impact of its work, it also works with other organizations to combat premature death and disability from cardiovascular disease. The British Heart Foundation’s main focus is to fund cardiovascular research, aiming to spend around £100 million a year funding scientists around the UK. They are currently funding over 1000 research projects. This charity means alot to me as I lost a family member in April 2019 due to a heart issue. You can donate using this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/the-bhf-event-2020 . Thank you for your generosity Information about the event. Date - 11th January 2020 Meetup Time - 11:30GMT Truckfest - 12:00GMT Collect Trailers - 12:45GMT Departure - 13:00GMT Route 1 - Aberdeen - London Route 2 - London - Le Mans Route 3 - Le Mans - Montpelier Route 4 - Montpelier - Ancona Route 5 - Ancona - Catanzaro Route 6 - Catanzaro - Munich ETS2c - https://ets2c.com/view/82269/ggrayburn333-aberdeen-hotel Discord - https://discord.gg/zjpsex4 Event Rules: Unless changed below, all TruckersMP rules must be followed throughout the convoy - No overtaking the convoy, everyone will reach the destination. - Participants must use trailers throughout the event. Event staff/media are exempt from this rule. - During the truckfest, you must park in the designated slot that your VTC has booked. if your VTC doesn't have a slot, make sure to book one. If not, your VTC must park in the public parking. - ONLY event staff and game moderators have the permission to use cars throughout. - Free roaming is not allowed on the server. If caught, you can be kicked. - You MUST follow what the event staff are saying at all times. ** - providing we get an event server Modified TMP rules (if allowed) §2.3 - Blocking - Event staff are allowed to block with their vehicle §2.4 - Incorrect Way* - Event staff and event media can drive incorrectly down the road §2.5 - Reckless Driving* - Event staff and event media are allowed outside of the map boundaries GM's are allowed to teleport staff if approved by staff member. Connect with us! ETS2c - https://ets2c.com/view/82269/ggrayburn333-aberdeen-hotel Discord - https://discord.gg/zjpsex4 Donation Link - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/the-bhf-event-2020
  5. ♛SWORDUNION COOPERATIVE CONVOY♛ ♛ Hello fellows! We organizing a convoy event for ETS 2 Multiplayer ♛ We waiting your participation! ♛ Server : Going to open ♛ Date and Time: 14 December 2019 UTC: 17:00 ♛ Meeting Point: Graz-Viyana-Bratislava-Brno ♛ End Point: Mannheim-Quarry ♛ Trailer: Free for individuals - Needs save file for The Logistics ♛RULES♛ ♛ All TruckersMP rules apply. ♛ Leave at least 2 lorry spaces for convoy layout and possible problems. ♛ Please don't overtake for convoy layout ♛ Park the area specified. If the participated users clik to the 'Yes, I will be there!' ad the link that I give above it will help us to arrange private server for the convoy. https://ets2c.com/view/83506/arfyuri-graz-hotel
  6. This topic will be updated everyday to share our convoy screenshots with all truckers who are interested in our VTC. For more information and photos, please access to our website https://www.truckersmp.com/vtc/65 China-Chenxi VTC, All Rights Reserved.
  7. Öz Dostlar Lojistik 5 yaşında!!! TruckersMP ortamında kurallara uyarak ve saygılı davranarak ülkemizi en iyi şekilde temsil etmeye çalıştığımız bu serüvende 5. yılımızı geride bırakmak üzereyiz. Bunun şerefine ülkemizin değerli sanal lojistik şirketleriyle beraber bir konvoy düzenleme kararı aldık ve sizleri de aramızda görmekten mutluluk duyarız! Konvoy Tarihi: 27.10.2019 Başlangıç Saati: 20:00 Başlangıç Yeri: Dover Liman Bitiş Yeri: Newcastle Liman Güzergah: https://ibb.co/By3Mwpc Katılmak için: ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/81939/z-dostlar-onat-24-dover-sea-port Detaylı bilgiler ve kurallar için: Discord: https://discord.gg/sw326vY
  8. WWF 6 órás adománygyüjtő convoy Szerver? Arcade szerver Mikor? November 23 18:00-tól Honnan? Travemünde Hova? Salzburg Útvonal? mellékelve Donate? https://adomany.wwf.hu/ 18:00-20:00 20:00-22:00 22:00-00:00 Idén is megrendezi a Yellow Angels a jótékonysági convoyát, amelyre minden játékost vár
  9. #COMPARTILHEM Olá a todos e muito obrigado pela visita ao tópico, alguns de vocês já me conhecem aqui do fórum ou de alguns eventos pelos servidores da TruckersMP, sem mas de longas, venho convidar a todos para o Comboio da GCEE. O que é a GCEE? Fundada em outubro de 2016 a GCEE - Grupo Comboios Entre Empresas e uma organização (não somos uma empresa) que tem como objetivo realizar comboios semanais com várias empresas, cada empresa que é participante da GCEE detêm o direito de organizar um comboio todo sábado, temos uma lista de escalas mensais e toda semana uma empresa diferente organiza o comboio, cria o banner e a rota desejada (dentro das regras da GCEE) e nós da administração temos o papel de manter a organização e fluidez dos comboios e para isso nós temos nosso Grupamento de escoltas GCEE . O que é o Grupamento de Escoltas - GCEE? O Grupamento de escoltas GCEE tem como papel fazer o possível para que o comboio seja organizado e bem fluido. Planilhas, listas de escalas, rotas e pontos de "fechamentos" e frequências nos treinos aos domingos e nos comboios são usados para avaliar os membros e compromissos dos mesmos com a escolta, pois levamos isso a sério quando se trata de carros escolta. Toda terça-feira e domingo temos treinamento feito pelos instrutores qualificados aos membros e membros em treinamento para instrui-los sobre as regras da GCEE, da TruckersMP e também à manejar o carro com segurança. Todo comboio da GCEE tem pelo menos 7 escoltas para auxiliar no trajeto (dependendo do tamanho do comboio), sendo eles: Líder de Comboio (1): Tem o papel de administrar todo o comboio e puxar o mesmo, verificando a velocidade e contatando os intermediários, o fechamento e o meio sobre a situação dos caminhões participantes. Intermediários (5 ou mais): Tem o papel de "fechar" vias para a condução dos participantes na rota certa, impedindo que alguém se perca e erre a rota, as escoltas se posicionam no gramado ou no acostamento (salvo em servidores de evento) e instruem aos participantes por onde seguir, por Rádio PX (10) e Chat no Jogo. Nós trabalhamos com métodos de "saves", impedindo possíveis acidentes entre carros e caminhões. Meio (1 ou 2): Sua função é seguir junto com o comboio para averiguar-lo. acidentes, atrasos ou qualquer empecilho que ocorra no meio do comboio, essa escolta estará lá para auxilia-los e nos avisar do ocorrido. A escolta que fica nesta posição é escolhida com bastante cuidado, pois ela vai ter que dirigir o veiculo entre o comboio, indo para o inicio e voltando ao final (pela pista da esquerda) portanto precisa ter um equipamento bom é um ping que seja estável, além de claro, ter uma alta experiencia com o Scout Car . Fechamento (1): Sua função e seguir atrás do comboio e auxilia-los se algum empecilho ocorrer, contatar as outras escoltas e também faz parte da administração de velocidade com a escolta líder. Um breve resumo de como a GCEE funciona, espero que tenham entendido . Pouco a pouco estamos crescendo e trazendo várias pessoas para nossos comboios que estão em média 70 caminhões em sábados normais. Agradeço a Equipe da TruckersMP também por fazer parte dos eventos, estar sempre presente e ajudar em nossos comboios: @Nataliia @Mike Dragon @ Kayr0 @ LUIG @ David Edson @ chevytime @aluizio ' @[FC-COO] Flindix @OBrasileiro Equipe Administrativa: @Pro Five / G.C.E.E Fabio - Fundador @ThiagoBR_ - Administrador @DJFrontier - Especialista Sênior @VCouto - Especialista @IvanzitoBR - Gerente de Escolta. @guigopierrot - Gerente de Eventos @[L'auto] Claudinho #01 - Desenvolvedor @OBrasileiro - Gerente de Mídia LUIG e Flindix - Moderador de Jogo na TruckersMP Caso queria fazer parte da nossa organização, entre em contato conosco: Meu discord: DJFrontier#3813 Discord Oficial GCEE - https://discord.gg/pZ4dvu6 Comboio Semanais! Leia este tópico Temos outro tópico neste fórum, onde atualizamos com as fotos dos comboios toda semana! DJFrontier - Especialista Sênior | TruckersMP Support
  10. Suggestion Name: Convoy Serwer Suggestion Description: Serwer with the max speed limit 90km/h or 110km/h, Van for convoy serwer (not scout), all the time day on this serwer and fix Any example images: Below Why should it be added?: For that people who like enjoy the Convoys something like before EU1 just with Van
  11. Suggestion Name: Convoy Load Selection Suggestion Description: A option to start up a convoy and invite players around you to join into the convoy. Where the leader of the convoy can then choose a destination for everyone that will find a load or different loads, that all go to the same location for everyone in the convoy. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: While people can still find loads to places along the convoy route to go to instead, most of the time, but not always. Something like this could make things easier and keep convoy events organized better.
  12. Obrigado a todos por visitarem este tópico, aqui serão postadas as fotos dos comboios semanais da GCEE, para vocês ficarem por dentro dos acontecimentos e quem sabe ver se você apareceu em nossas fotos . Estarei editando este tópico, removendo as fotos antigas e adicionando novas, toda semana. Fotos por @David Edson @VCouto @guigopierrot e @[G.ACC]#01FALCON: ~DJFrontier - Especialista Sênior GCEE | TruckersMP Support COMBOIO GCEE - FOTOS OFICIAIS Neste comboio tivemos um total de 85 caminhões e administradores auxiliando no patrulhamento até o final da rota, obrigado a todos! Agradecendo a equipe TruckersMP que sempre nos acompanha em nossos comboios! @LUIG @Mike Dragon @Nataliia @aluizio' @OBrasileiro @[FC-COO] Flindix Fiquem ligados nos próximos comboios por este tópico abaixo que será atualizado toda semana! DJFrontier - Especialista Sênior GCEE | TruckersMP - Support
  13. Поздрави, шофьори на камиони! Ако сте фен на големите американски тежки платформи, ще харесате това, което имаме в магазина този уикенд! Присъединете се към нас Неделя, 29 септември 2019г. в 17:00 UTC (Alternative Timezones) Няма нищо по-американско от стотици камиони, които теглят тежък товар в цял щат! С участието на трансформатори, фрезови машини, булдозери, стекери с дървени трупи и много други вагони ... това е най-доброто изживяване за мултиплейър. Молим всички участници в събитието да донесат ремарке между 25 - 70 тона / 25,000 - 70,000 килограма и пълен резервоар с гориво. Измененията на теглото на ремаркето се приемат. Heavy Cargo Pack и Forest Machinery DLC-тата се препоръчвт! Изпреварването е разрешено само ако; играчът отпред е заседнал, със скорост на обхождане или е спешен случай. Не забравяйте да спазвате голямо разстояние един от друг. Продължителността на конвоя се изчислява на 90 минути. Може да е по-дълго, ако се насочите към задната част на конвоя. Не са предвидени почивки, но вие сте добре дошли на безопасно място, ако се нуждаете от почивка. Моля, чувствайте се добре дошли да коментирате или задавате въпроси по нашата тема във форума! Маршрут на конвоя: https://i.imgur.com/yKZWVr8.png Заминаване: Голяма спирка за почивка, Medford, Oregon Дестинация: Голяма спирка за почивка, Ontario, Oregon Допълнителна информация за събитието: Правила на събитеието | Задължително DLC: Oregon | Сървър: Heavy Haul Convoy Приятно шофиране ! -TruckersMP екип Линк към главният Блог, може да намерите тук: https://truckersmp.com/blog/177
  14. AtGlobal We are a small Virtual Truck Company primarily on Euro Truck Simulator 2, We focus on TruckersMP and Base game. Since 2017, Members have come and gone but we have traveled hundreds of thousands of Kilometers delivering hundreds of trailers annually. Why Choose us? We dedicate all our time to our Virtual Trucking Company, Our management team has been active from the beginning and focusing on improving the company. We use automatic logging and provide dispatch through trucksbook. Here is what we have to offer: + Easily Join & Leave using our bot commands, NO Registeration Forms! + No Unrealistic Monthly Driving Quota + Monthly Convoys + Focus Management, Great Community + Support for English Speaking Players + Turkish Speaking Players + Minecraft Server, other smaller gaming communities within our VTC Community. NO FORMS, SIMPLY JOIN AND LEAVE THROUGH OUR DISCORD BOT Apply https://www.atglobal.xyz/ More Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atglobalcommunity
  15. Hello everyone, First i want to thank you all for clicking on our convoy. I can announce that Dutch Players exist for 1 YEAR en we need to celebrate that! Here is some informatie that can be usefull Information Route 1 Server Simulation 2 (With enough people an Event Server) Start location Route 1 : Aberdeen Destination Route 1 : Köln Information Route 2 Server Simulation 2 (With enough people an Event Server) Start location Route 1 : Köln Destination Route 1 : Bratislava We have 19 parking places to reserve for VTC's, You can reserve them at our Discord that is listed down here. For more information, Parking places, and exact starting location. You can find that on our Discord https://discord.gg/NTvEcdc I hope we see you there Kerstman114 Truckfest: https://ets2c.com/view/82833/dutch-players-kerstman114-aberdeen-nbfc Route 1: https://ets2c.com/view/82835/dutch-players-kerstman114-aberdeen-nbfc Route 2: https://ets2c.com/view/82840/dutch-players-kerstman114-koln-itcc
  16. Поздрави Играчи, Време е да обявим предстоящия ни августовски конвой! С нашите събития през юни и юли, които се проведоха в Щатите, ние знаем, че нашите европейски фенове на камионите ще бъдат развълнувани да разберат за конвоят през Август, който планираме да направим в Скандинавия! Присъединете се към нас-събота, 31 август 2019г. в 17:00 UTC Алтернативни часови зони. Срещайки се в столицата на Норвегия, ние ще пренесем цялата страна, за да преживеем мили от нейните спиращи дъха планински вериги, мостове и тунели. Нашият път ще доведе до дестинацията на един от големите градове в Швеция, Гьотеборг. Продължителността на конвоя се изчислява на 90 минути. Може да е по-дълго, ако се насочите към задната част на конвоя. Не са предвидени почивки, но вие сте добре дошли на безопасно място, ако се нуждаете от почивка. Приветстваме използването на двойни ремаркета в конвоя, но моля, уверете се, че използвате разрешени комбинации. §3.4 - Комбинации на Ремаркета. Моля, чувствайте се добре дошли да коментирате или задавате въпроси по нашата тема. Отпътуване: Polar Lines или Container Port, Олсо, Норвегия Дестинация: Гьотеборг, Швеция Маршрут на конвоя: https://i.imgur.com/3cNNM3j.png Допълнителна информация за събитието: Правила на събитието | DLC: Скандинавия | Сървър: Официален конвой Приятно Шофиране ! -TruckersMP екип Оригиналният Пост може да намерите тук:
  17. Suggestion Name: Area 51 convoy to 'storm it' on Sept 20 Suggestion Description: Truckers MP to create a convoy to drive to Area 51, at Rachel Nevada, US, at 3am Nevada time the morning of September 20th. Any example images: https://imgur.com/NAkEUi3 https://imgur.com/DaldWxC Why should it be added?: There is a Storm Area 51 meme on Facebook and other social media, where people are actually claiming they will physically go there at this time. Not a great idea IRL, but fine online. Would be popular for US as well as other players and good visibility for TruckersMP in the US.
  18. Ich fahre als Pilot und suche Leute, die Bock haben, mit mir zu fahren/evtl. auch in unsere Spedi kommen. letzteres ist aber nicht so wichtig. Es wäre echt cool, wenn sich ein paar Leute sammeln würden, mit denen man beispielsweise am Wochenende schön ein paar stunden zusammen ETS2 zocken könnte Unsere Spedition hat auch einen TS in dem ihr euch auch zum reden und zocken treffen könnt. Bitte meldet euch LG Florian
  19. Do you prefer team work or individual work? I feel that the team has the fun of the team and the individual has the fun of the individual. What do you think?
  20. Epilepsy Awareness Event Epilepsy is one of the most common serious neurological conditions in the world. It affects around 600,000 people in the UK. This means that almost 1 in 100 people in the UK have epilepsy. Around 87 people are diagnosed with epilepsy in the UK every day. Epilepsy is a condition that is defined by multiple seizures. Epilepsy is a seizure disorder. ... When there is a sudden excessive electrical discharge that disrupts the normal activity of the nerve cells, a seizure may result. Seizures cause a change in function or behavior. Most seizures end on their own and don't cause serious problems. During some seizures, people can injure themselves, develop other medical problems, or have a life-threatening emergency. The overall risk of dying for people with epilepsy is 1.6 to 3 times higher than for people without epilepsy. On the 28th March, 2020 12:00pm BST holding a truckfest then a 24hr convoy on ETS2 to show support with people that has epilepsy that they are not alone VTC to book a slot for truckfest: Here is the booking form: https://tinyurl.com/y4hynsrl Discord: http://discord.epilepsyevent.com/ ETS2C: https://ets2c.com/view/81940/thrvtc-owner-yamyam-tartue-baltic Donation Page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rainbowtrust2020
  21. Hello TruckersMP community, the company Ausser Der Norm organizes a birthday convoy, and we invite you to do so. The event will take place on the 15th of November 2019 and we will meet in Budapest at 7pm. We want to meet at the company NBFC. The start of the birthday convoy is scheduled at 8pm. The place of our break is Salzburg in the quarry. The goal will be in Szczecin at the company ITCC. If you have questions about the birthday convoy, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you are just as excited about the birthday convoy as we are and hope to see many of you there. Best regards and happy trucking. Ausser Der Norm Sign up here: https://ets2c.com/view/82233/adnsttzi1988-budapest-hotel TS IP: ConSec Server: Event Server
  22. Anyone who is new/old player would like to convoy and have nice time driving around Europe or want to meet nice player please post below thanks. with steam link please and name which you would be preferred to be know as.
  23. Merhabalar Oyuncular, Son güncellemeyle 1.35 desteğini eklenmesi ve Washington US State'in de yayınlanmasıyla beraber bir topluluk olarak hep beraber yeni yolları keşfetmek için çok iyi bir şansımız oldu. Washington'un en büyük şehri olan Seattle'da başlıyor - Eyaletin unutulmayan ormanlarına ve dağ yollarına gireceğiz. Ek olarak, turumuzda, Eyaletin bir kaç şehirlerinden ve aralarında başkent olan Olympia'dan da geçeceğiz. 29 Haziran 2019 Haziran 17:00 UTC (Alternatif zamanlar)de ilk uzun ölçekli konvoyla yeni yolları deneyimlemek için bize katıl. Her zamanki gibi, konvoyun süresi tahmini olarak 90 dakikadır. Konvoyun arka taraflarındaysanız daha fazla sürebilir. Hiçbir ara planlanmadı, ama dinlenmeye ihtiyacınız olduğunda güvenli bir yere aracınızı çekmeniz memnuniyetle karşılanır. Lütfen memnuniyetle forum post'a yorum yazmaktan çekinmeyin. Konvoy Rotası: https://i.hizliresim.com/jq5dnj.png Kalkış: Seattle, Washington Hedef: Port Angeles, Washington Sunucu: Official Convoy Geçiçi Resmi Etkinlik Kuralları: Buraya tıkla! Mutlu sürüşler! -TruckersMP Takımı Post'u anasayfada görüntüleyin Orijinal post
  24. Hallo, die Facebook Gruppe "ETS2 Jobbörse" macht ein Gruppen Convoy. Die Gruppe behaltet über 500 Mitglieder alledings fehlst Du und deine Spedition noch in der Gruppe und beim Gruppen Convoy. Vorraussetzung für eine telinahme am Gruppen Convoy ist die Mitgliedschaft in der Gruppe. https://www.facebook.com/events/564636880685268/ Wir hoffen aus dieser externen Werbung noch mehr Mitglieder in der Gruppe so wie Convoy Teilnehmer. :-) Zur Gruppe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1550588678569552/ Lieben Gruß Cronka
  25. بازیکنان عزیز سلام این چند هفته اخیر مصادف با سالگرد 5 سالگی تراکرزام پی، هفته‌های بسیار شلوغ و همچنین موفقی بود که به خوبی پشت سر گذاشته شد. اما هرچه که ما به انتهای ماه میلادی نزدیک‌تر می شویم؛ وقت آن می رسید تا زمان برگزاری رویداد بعدی را اعلام کنیم شما می توانید در یکشنبه این هفته به تاریخ 26 مه 2019 میلادی مصادف با 5 خرداد 1398 از ساعت 17 یو تی سی در این رویداد شرکت کنید. همچنین از طریق لینک زیر می توانید ساعت شروع این رویداد را مطابق با ساعت کشور خود ببینید (Alternative Timezones) ما این رویداد را از کشور بسیار زیبای ایتالیا و از شهر بندری آن تحت نام جنوآ آغاز می کنیم؛ وجود بندر و همچنین وجود شرکت های بزرگ در این شهر، این اجازه را به شما خواهد داد تا از پارکینگ‌های وسیع به منظور آماده شدن برای آغاز این رویداد استفاده کنید سپس از آنجا، صدها کامیون از مسیر بسیار زیبایی با چشم انداز کوه های آلپ به مسیر خود ادامه می دهند. علاوه بر این، رانندگان از بعضی از زیباترین مسیرهای کشور فرانسه و المان نیز عبور خواهند کرد این کاروان بسیار هیجان انگیز خواهد بود؛ به طوری که به هیچ عنوان تمایلی به از دست دادن آن نخواهید داشت همانند گذشته، مدت زمان کاروان 90 دقیقه تخمین زده شده است. اما در صورتی که در انتهای کاروان قرار بگیرید ممکن است که این زمان برای شما طولانی تر گردد. در این کاروان هیچگونه توقفی به منظور استراحت برنامه ریزی نشده است؛ اما با این حال شما می توانید در طول مدت زمان برگزاری آن در مکان های امن و پارکینگ ها توقف کرده و به استراحت بپردازید لطفاً نظرات خود را در رابطه با این کاروان در انجمن تراکرز ام پی با ما در میان بگذارید مسیر رویداد محل شروع Genoa, Italy مقصد Stein Bruch (Quarry), Mannheim, Germany اطلاعات اضافی در رابطه با رویداد Event Rules سرور Official Convoy از رانندگی در این رویداد لذت ببرید تیم تراکرز ام پی
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