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Found 5 results

  1. jacoblovekw

    ETS2 Scandinavia Company Logos

    ETS2 Scandinavia Company Logos Hey guys, I've noticed that there already is the base company logos on the ETS2MP forums but there is no Scandinavian Company logos, so I thought I would get the images from the games files and upload this pack on here just in case anyone wanted them. Hope this helps some of you Download Link: http://sharemods.com/t7xdioq77if1/Scandinavia_Companies.rar.html Cheers - jacob.lovekw
  2. StuartD

    ETS2 Company Logos

    ETS2 Company Logos Hello, I've recently compiled a load of images from the game files in order to use for the ST website however I noticed there are quite a few other VTCs and people using those low res images, so I thought why not release the pack so everyone can enjoy and use them. Version 1 - Base companies logos Download link; http://dev.stuartd.co.uk/ets2db/
  3. twitch.tv/mrjohndowe

    ATS Company Logos{Updated 06/09/2016}

    Hello, I've recently compiled a load of images from the game files in order to use for the SHVTC website... Our whole company here at seahaventrucking.com has been beta testing for ATS and are now able to release these images. You are welcome Small Images - http://seahaventrucking.com/downloads/ats.zip Large Images - http://seahaventrucking.com/downloads/ats_logos.psd [UPDATE] Added the new logos from Arizona
  4. Tool Name ETS2 and ATS all companies and truck manufactures logos Tool URL http://agromex.info.pl/CompaniesLogos/ Tool Description The package includes 180 companies logos and 9 manufacturers logos from the Euro Truck Simulator 2 (basic version, DLC Scandinavia, DLC Vive la France, DLC Italia and DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea) and American Truck Simulator (basic version, DLC New Mexico and DLC Oregon) games in very good quality. The size of all companies graphics is 512px x 256px and manufacturers graphics is 512px x 128px in PNG format with a transparent background! Screenshots
  5. twitch.tv/mrjohndowe

    ATS City Coordinates(rescale)

    I have found all the coordinates for ATS rescale.... i dont kno if anyone can use it or want but i use it for the GPS on my site Link to Coords