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Found 4 results

  1. Bu Hatayı Bugün Almaya Başladım Ne kadar Çözüm yolu varsa hepsini denedim fakat bir sonuç olmadı truckersmp yetkililerine sesleniyorum çoğu kişi bu hatayı alıyor ve çözüm bulamıyorlar lütfen yardımcı olunuz 2 gün yazılmamış diye hemen çözülmüş forumuna atmayın.Desteklerinizi Bekliyorum
  2. Firewall tarzı progarmı sildim, multiplayerı sildim baştan yükledim,oyunu doğruladım hiç bir sorun yok ne yapacağım? Yardım edebilirseniz sevinirim. I tried several things to solve this error.I deleted my firewall and reinstalled mp mod also i corrected steam that my documents are right.What do i need to solve this ?
  3. Hi everybody! I could play yesterday in TruckersMP. Today I can't becouse of 0x80092013 error. Similar topic: I was looking for solutions. Advices that I have read didn't help: delete folder from $programdata%, delete folder from Program Files, uninstall and install clean TruckersMP - did not work turn off firewall and/or antivirus - did not work cleaning DNS cache, rebooting router - did not work verify integrity of game files in Steam - no problems, did not work launch witch directx 64-bit - did not work run as admin - did not work reinstall whole game ETS2 - did not work new profile (delete whole Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder from Documents) - did not work removing temporary files - did not work compatibility mode - did not work VPN connection - did not work I don't use any mods except TruckersMP ofc. Windows 10 build 17763 Please, help. What else can I do?
  4. Hello, can you help me with that i trying everything from old post about this error.
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