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World Of Trucks


Found 16 results

  1. Всем привет. На сайте SCS есть тема. Где пользователи на сайте WOT помогают друг другу с оценками их скриншотов с игры что бы получить ачивки. Предлагаю и нам такое сделать тут, если администрация не против этого и ссылок с сайта worldoftrucks.com Пишите в комментариях ссылки на свой аккаунт, что бы Вам помогли с оценками. И лучше бы тоже писали кому помогли. Моя ссылка: https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/profile/1266336 Буду рад кто поможет. И буду рад помочь другим. Удачи всем.
  2. Since the last few days that I've started playing, my truck will often clip through World of Trucks trailers that I'm going to pickup. When I get too far, the trailer suddenly becomes solid and glitches out. If the job is suspended and restarted, the result is the same. The only thing I can do is abandon the cargo. Is there any way to work around this issue while still using World of Trucks? YouTube Video
  3. Hey everyone! Whenever I try to register an account on World Of Trucks, it gives me this error message: "THE SPECIFIED STEAM ACCOUNT IS ALREADY ASSOCIATED WITH AN EXISTING ACCOUNT." as well as more details are visible in these 2 screenshots (I've also tried a different email address, username, but that doesn't change anything in my case: Also, I've just registered an account on TruckersMP before trying to do the same on WOT, so maybe that's why it isn't working? But that doesn't make sense to me because these are 2 different platforms ( although they're both ran by SCS & a WOT account can be linked to a TruckersMP Profile ). So, what can I do in order to fix this issue? Or I can use only 1 platform? I'm new to ETS2 so I've never tried to play MP (first time). Thanks in advance! ?
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem about receiving my event gifts. I have an Wot account. As you know there is an event and finally, I have done it. However, when I clicked on the redeem on the steam button an error has appeared. I add a screenshot of it as a file. The error says that I don't have the game but is it possible? Because I have an account, also I have finished the event. Is there any solution for that? I m looking for your reply. Have a nice day.
  5. Hey, As the title says. I can only change the plate on the truck I have currently equipped. Is there a way to change license plate on every single truck I have? WITHOUT switching between like 20+ trucks and setting license plate for each separately.
  6. Hello, my problem is that I have every country-DLC but I don't get any jobs from or to one of these countries. I already try to solve the problem, but I cannot connect my DLCs to WoT. I tryed to LogOut/In from WoT-acc in Ets. I tryed to reinstall the DLCs. I tryed to connect the DLC in ETS/options/Online, but thats the thing I gonna see if I open this option -> Transleted in english, "no connection to new content of Wot, cause the Steam-acc you use isn't the acc which is used from Wot". But I am connected to Wot with this acc/profile in ETS, cause I get external Jobs, but just to the usuall cities, not the DLC cities. Also if I look at WoT, I see my archievments and WoT-event-gifts I got cause I succesfully complete those event-jobs. And I also got these gifts ingame, I can use them. So I hope anyone of you can help me. And thank you. neuJ kun
  7. Poradnik How to: zmiana zdjęcia profilowego w grze Gry: Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator Siemanko! Dziś wam wytłumaczę w kilku krokach jak zmienić swoje zdjęcie profilowe w grze. Może nie każdy o tym wiedział, a nie którym poradnik się może przydać. Krop pierwszy: Upewnij się ze masz zarejestrowane konto na www.WorldOfTrucks.com a zarejestrowane konto jest dodane w grze i są one połączone. (Sprawdź tu: [KLIKNIJ TU]) Krok drugi: Jeżeli już jesteś na stronie World of Trucks - przejdź pod następującą stronę [CLICK] i znajdź "Change profile picture" czyli zmień zdjęcie profilowe. Krok trzeci: Znajdź przycisk za pomocą którego możesz znaleźć swój awatar który byś chciał mieć w grze. Wgraj go na serwer, przytnij i zapisz. Krok czwarty: Uruchom grę i oto efekt: To wszystko! Portugalska wersja: Słowacka wersja: Angielska wersja:
  8. Tutorial How to: customize avatar in-game Games: Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator Hello, today i will show You how change the avatar in-game. Maybe not everyone knows that You can change the profile picture to You own picture. Step one: be sure that You have a registered account on www.WorldOfTrucks.com and the registered account is added in game and they are connected. (Check it here: [CLICK]) Step two: Seems You on the website of World of Trucks - go to the this website: [CLICK] and find "Change profile picture" Step three: Click on the button which You can browse You're PC and find the picture that You want in-game. Upload it, cut it and save. Step four: Run the game and this is the effect: That's it ! Portuguese version: Slovak version: Polish version:
  9. Hey there! I have to play ATS since I want to be a part of the big WOT event "Big Sur". I downgraded the game since the mod didn't support 1.31.2. I started the game and connected my WOT account with ATS and logged in. Then WOT says that I can't play this version of ATS (1.31.1). So what am I supposed to do now? Wait for the TMP devs to update the client just because WOT don't like 1.31.1?
  10. Hi there, Simple question: are the Start your Engines' rewards already working on Multiplayer? T.I.A.
  11. hello, I have a problem after updating 1.31 with a connection to WOT - external orders. I have version 1.30 of the multi player on the steam, but I do not have the option to choose external orders, the muzzle pops the message, the incompatible version of the game, upload the patch, what to do?
  12. Salut à tous les truckers, J'ai un soucis avec World of Trucks et la synchronisation des DLC de mon compte Steam. ETS2 refuse de me faire acceder à la page en ligne dans les options, pourtant mon compte Steam est bien celui relié à WoT et c'est bien le compte lié à cette sauvegarde Merci d'avance de votre aide et bonne route
  13. There seems to be a huge bug going while using WoT-trailers. When you're using "/Fix" while driving a WoT-trailer you will be reset back to the [WoT] known location within 500 meters with 100% damage! This need to be fixed or players need to watch out before using "/Fix" while driving/using WoT-Trailers.
  14. Mod Version: Controllers Used: Thrustmaster T150 Description of Issue: When I try to use the paintjob you get for completing the Christmas-Event I get kicked from the server because of "Invalid accessory set detected". I just want to use the cool paintjob and I don't understand why I get kicked. How to reproduce: Try to use the "Crystal Dimension" - paintjob after completing Tier 2 of the event. Screenshots / Videos: As you can see, I got kicked for using the paintjob.
  15. Witam! Posiadam takowy problem, iż nie mam dostępnych żadnych ładunków z World of Trucks - WOT. Konto mam połączone, odświeżam itp. ale i tak nie działa.... Natomiast gdy wchodzę już w grze w zakładkę Online - widnieje coś takiego: "POŁĄCZONA ZAWARTOŚĆ WORLD OF TRUCKS - Nie można połączyć nowej zawartości do World of Trucks, ponieważ obecnie używane konto Steam nie pasuje do konta Steam używanego z profilem World of Trucks" Takie coś jest niemożliwe, gdyż tylko na tym jednym koncie używam WOT, także nie byłoby żadnych szans, aby gra była przypisana do jakiegoś innego Steama. Normalnie do WOT mogę się zalogować, zmieniać nazwy tablic itp. ale nie ma żadnych tras, no i dodatkowo ten komunikat w grze w zakładce online. Liczę na pomoc! Z uszanowaniem NoName
  16. A maioria do pessoal da SCS Software estava de férias na semana passada, e nós não atualizamos nosso blog tão frequentemente como costumamos fazer, por causa disso. Vamos tentar compensar isso com algumas mensagens informativas nos próximos dias. Primeiro, porém, gostaríamos de lhe perguntar sobre algo. Temos notado que quase 1/5 dos trabalhos, feitos por contratos externos do World Of Trucks, acaba sendo abortado. Estamos perguntando: por que isso? É possível que exista algo acontecendo e não sabemos, mas deveríamos saber. Este tipo de feedback pode nos ajudar a melhorar o World Of Trucks para você. Enquete: Você abandona contratos do World Of Trucks? Veja o artigo completo (Tópico oficial aqui)
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