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Found 8 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Road work lights synchronization Suggestion Description: I think the road work light should be synchronized. I had a few situations when me and another player on the other site of the road work had green light Any example images: Maybe this video on 4:40. Why should it be added?: I had a situation when me and another player on the other site of the road work had green light.
  2. Suggestion Name: A sort of player to player job Suggestion Description: Something like players can work to another player's company, instead of BOTs. Any example images: No. Why should it be added?: Some sort of panel with jobs requests and job offers, so the players can offer and request jobs from another player's company.
  3. Hey mate, So, yesterday i bought a new wheel ( G29 ) whith H-Shifter, ( first time a have to plays with H shifter ), In game i setup my buttons, but my speed Regulator Doesn't work on my keyboard, mousse and my wheel So, Do you know why i can't use my speed Regulator ??
  4. So when i do everything correct on tutorials I was watching and when download finished I'm trying to open my launcher and then nothing happens that circle just loads for 1 sec and then dissapear And yes I have 64 bit Edit:I'll try it at evening 3/03/2018 I don't have time now Edit2:Does somebody have TeamViever so you could help me?Nothing repaired my launcher
  5. Problem connetion on eu2! Let's mention that Europe 1 and Europe 4 are going perfectly
  6. After reinstalling American Truck Simulator and Truckers MP I noticed that my chatbox doesn't work. I can't see what other players say and I can't type to them my self. Everything else works perfectly (Tab Menu ETC.) At this point I don't know what to do. I looked into the settings for ATSMP and I couldn't find anything on the chatbox. Any suggestions?
  7. Hello Guys, Since a few days my ETS2MP doenst work, its the same problem like in this Theard, execaly like this. But i installed Service Pack 1 already and it doesnt work, SinglePlayer works fine but everytime i start ETS2, my graphics settings got resetet, sometimes ETS2MP works but sometimes not and everytime whether i start ETS2MP or Singleplayer it always resets my graphic settings.. I dont installed no mod or anything !! Windows 7 64bit Please help me !! Greez dannyraged
  8. Hallo...a have a prroblem. I wanted to try ETS MP... but I go back to my SG and my driver have been in work 3000+ hours. Yes, I know, ETS MP is beta and have bugs, I had to create another profile. What I need...need any program to open drivers config in documents and overwrite it to 2h back. Or is there any other way to fix this ?
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